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Champions: Mission Possible….?

Posted by atleti on April 29, 2008

Or, will we throw it all away in the final games of the season?

I don’t think I can take much more of this, to be honest.

Our next fixtures:

-home to Recreativo Huelva

-away to Espanyol

-home to Deportivo la Coruna

-away to Valencia

This will be the longest four weeks of our lives.

Meanwhile, we are linked with Oporto’s Argentine left winger, Lucho Gonzalez. What’s more, he has expressed interest in the speculation by saying that we’re a great club with two top Argentines in the squad (Kun & Maxi).

This is a rumour, but it got me thinking about our current wingers:

Will he stay or will he go? He has been rather disappointing this season, I think. I only hope returns to a more consistent form soon.

Untouchable as far as I’m concerned! Easily one of the best additions to the midfield.

Luis García.
Surplus. Better suited as a sub coming off the bench than as a starting 11 player.

He is linked with a move out of the club, it seems. Mallorca?

More negative news on him than positive news when it comes to him. He claims he wants to stay at the club, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was shown the door.

14 Responses to “Champions: Mission Possible….?”

  1. Alvaro said

    Jugadores que se irán jugadores que vendrán pero lo que necesita el Atleti es una plantilla más extensa si va a disputar la Champions con 4 delanteros y no 3 por no decir 2.

    Un fuerte abrazo.

  2. Billie said

    When the sport situation is dificult, always, people speak about new players. Are we preparing the sport failure? Poor Atleti! Greetings from Spain.

  3. Mohammed said

    I agree with Billie. They always do this kind of publicity to divert the pressure put on the team and management by the fans. I think pressure is needed. Without pressure, there’s nothing pushing you to do your best.

    On the Lucho subject, Lucho can play as a left winger or as a defensive midfielder, and I think the management are thinking of employing him in the latter position.

  4. Ram said

    Lucho is a CM and not a left winger. So I dont think it is going to put pressure on any existing winger and he is a type of a player that we need. ANyways…any transfer rumour should be after these 4 matches.

  5. atleti said

    I forgot he also plays as a defensive mid! And you’re all right– these sorts of rumours pop up during times of crisis or bad results. Typical media stuff.

  6. day1star said

    Lucho is a cm, he can play both attacking and defensive roles, Argentina sometimes use him as a creativce midfielder in place of Riquelme, or when Riquelme plays then as left-sided midfielder, but at Porto he plays in the centre. He’s a good player.
    But, right now, all these links are an unnecessary diversion. We have to get through the next four games and try to get at least 7 points.

  7. Mohammed said

    Maaan, Barca just got knocked out of the CL. I guess they had it coming.

  8. day1star said

    Have been thinking about how badly we’ve been playing in the last couple of games, and i think we are lacking creativity in the midfield big time. This is my solution to the problem:- play a 4,3,1,2 formation, If reyes is fit then something like this:

    Leo Franco

    Lopez Pablo Perea Pernia

    Reyes/Maxi Raul Garcia luis garcia


    Forlan Reyes/Maxi

    If Reyes is not available then Jurado/Miguel in place of Maxi in the midfield and Maxi up front with Forlan.
    By playing Aguero just behind Forlan and Maxi/Reyes we will create a lot more goalscoring opportunities and Aguero will be on the ball more and able to cause havoc.
    What do you guys think? I know that the players we have can play in these positions, also if you then want to go more defensive just swap the left/right sided midfielders with Camacho or Santana.

  9. Ram said

    Like that formation, but would stick Luis Garcia upfront with Forlan rather than Maxi. Maxi should be in the 3 man midfield and bursting upfront whenever needed.

  10. day1star said

    That would work as well, i reckon Aguirre has made us too predictable and our midfield is constantly under pressure, but, if we play this formation it’s much more attacking, and as the saying goes the best form of defense is attack.

  11. I hope that Atletico manages to enter the Champions because the opposite would be very sad.
    Maxi and Simao must remain in the team, undoubtedly.
    I would give another opportunity to Reyes and to Luis García and would yield to Jurado.

    Atletico is 15º in the second round. Speak about this in my blog.


  12. atleti said



    Paulo Assuncao?


    The rumour mill is on overdrive.

  13. day1star said

    Yeah, we’re being linked with just about anyone and everyone.

  14. Billie said

    If we will not win on Saturday and the next Thursday. We will not have any possibility. Greetings from Spain.

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