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Archive for August, 2007

Jornada 2: Atlético Madrid v RCD Mallorca

Posted by atleti on August 31, 2007

Just a brief reminder: Atleti host RCD Mallorca this Sunday. For those of us outside of Spain, it’s unclear (at least to me) on whether it’ll be available on our football channels because of the ridiculous TV rights dispute (over here, I get GolTV and they only have Zaragoza v Racing confirmed). I don’t think I can suffer through another non-Atleti-viewing weekend- bleah!

In any case, RCD Mallorca come off of a convincing 3-0 home win against Levante and will no doubt hope to come away with a point(s) this Sunday. Atleti want to win the first home fixture of the season and prove to their supporters (and the rest of Liga for that matter) that we are indeed top contenders. On paper, we’ve added some incredible talent, now it’s time to walk the walk. The 1st round against M*drid was always going to be a tough way to start the season. Now that we’ve got that behind us, let’s move forward.

I would go with this starting 11:

———-Leo Franco————-
 ———–R Garcia————

Maniche has proven in past performances that he does quite well going forward (and works well with Maxi, kun, Simao, Forlan), hence I put him up front. He also does quite well in the central midfield with Raul Garcia, too. That’s another option for manager Aguirre.

And, of course, I trust that Aguirre will once again play Kun and Forlan up front, ‘with guns blazing’, as the saying goes.

Here’s hoping for a win!

Aupa Atleti!

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Goodbye Luccin, Hello Motta!

Posted by atleti on August 31, 2007

After three long seasons with Atleti, Frenchman Peter Luccin has joined Real Zaragoza after both clubs agreed to a fee of around €2.8 million. THANK YOU, ZARAGOZA! He joins ex-Atleti midfielder Gabi, who joined the Aragon club earlier in the transfer window.


Atleti have replaced him with Barcelona’s Thiago Motta on a season-long contract. It’s official, too: the club’s website says so. The more I think about it, the more I think the 24 year old will play an important role this season– he can play both as a defensive midfielder and as a defender. More details and official photo as it becomes available. He’ll be officially presented on Monday, according to Sport.

Meanwhile, the Riquelme situation is on ‘Stand by’ apparently (with no official announcement on the club website yet). To be honest, the more I think about it, the more this possible transfer move bothers me. If he doesn’t join the club, I won’t be heart-broken. Riquelme is easily one of my favourite players and an Argentine to boot, but if he’s unhappy with his surroundings he cannot (and will not) perform to the best of his ability. I don’t know the specific details on Villarreal, except that he had a falling out with management over there and refused to play anymore. I’d hate to see the same thing happen at Atleti. I hope for the best, either way.


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UEFA: Atleti draw 2nd Division Turkish Club

Posted by atleti on August 31, 2007

Kayseri Erciyesspor finished 16th place in the Turkish League last season and were relegated, but they will still play in the UEFA Cup since they reached the Turkish Cup Final. Considering the other clubs in the mix, we’ve been handed a fortunate draw. I’m not underestimating this opponent, I’m just saying there are much tougher clubs out there…

Important Dates
Home leg: 20 September
Away leg: 4 October

Mark your calendars.

Aupa Atleti!

[A few more hours until the transfer window closes- stay tuned!]

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FK Vojvodina v Atlético Madrid: The Goals

Posted by atleti on August 31, 2007

Click here for the YouTube video. (For some reason it’s not loading up properly on the site).

Gols by two of my favourite additions to the club, Luis Garcia and Raul Garcia.

Thanks to blog reader, lara, for providing the link!

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Speculation: The Confirmed & The Unconfirmed

Posted by atleti on August 30, 2007

For 30-August.

Word is that Barcelona’s Thiago Motta will complete his medical tomorrow morning (Friday). A defensive midfielder. Just what we need…I guess. I don’t know what to make of this, to be honest. I see him as occupying a spot on the bench– essentially the reason Peter Luccin decided to leave to entertain an offer in England. My condolences to the poor English club that want him– Birmingham City– I believe. If that’s the case (re replace Luccin), then it’s not a bad transfer move. It’s not, however the move I was hoping for. We need to improve our defence, for goodness sake.

Oh, and he’s not exactly leaving Barcelona on a positive note, ahem.

There’s also some minor talk that Rafael Marquez might be presented tomorrow as well-somehow I doubt this, although I do hope it’s true, for the sake of our backline.

Unrelated, Re*l M*drid C*stilla’s Javi Garcia will NOT be moving to El Estadio Vicente Calderón And thank goodness for that; we don’t need another damn midfielder! Instead the young prospect is on his way to Osasuna.

Meanwhile, Atleti youngster & left-back Julián Vara has joined Celta Vigo on a season-long loan deal. He joins two other Atleti players on loan: Mario Suarez and Diego Costa. Best of luck to the trio.

In other news, José Ignacio Zahínos has rescinded his contract with Atleti to join Recreativo Huelva– a move that benefits both him and the club. The 29 year midfielder (rojiblanco through & though) will never earn a spot and would prefer to begin a new chapter of his footballing career without going on another loan deal. Best of luck, Jose, I hope you have plenty of opportunities to play at Recre. Try your best to stay injury-free…

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Atlético Madrid Enter UEFA!

Posted by atleti on August 30, 2007

After SEVEN long years of no UEFA action, we finally qualified today after winning Serbian club FK Vojvodina, 1-2 (1-5 agg)! I didn’t follow this as carefully as I could have because I’m at work, so I can’t offer any firsthand insight on specific performances. The important thing is that we’ve officially qualified.

We went down towards the end of the 1st half due to poor defending (Eller & Ze Castro, a poor duo). In the 2nd half, we came back and scored two very good goals to see off Vojvodina.

Vojvodina were (rightly) awarded a penalty due to a collision by Abbiati and a striker– thankfully, he solidly blocked it. So far, Abbiati has proven to be a much better penalty taker than Leo Franco, no?

54′: gol by Luis Garcia, assist by Antonio Lopez (very good)
74′: gol by Raul Garcia, assist by Jurado (this was a cracker)

I’m glad to see both Garcias on the scoresheet.

Abbiati; Eller (Seitaridis, 61 min); Perea; Antonio López; Zé Castro; Raúl García; Cléber Santana; Luis García; Reyes (Simao, min 53); Mista; Forlán

Aupa Atleti!

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Transfer News: Riquelme Officially transfers to Atlético Madrid

Posted by atleti on August 30, 2007



 I first talked about this in mid-July when the rumour first surfaced and a little over a month since then, it has finally happened. Brilliant signing as we lack a playmaker. I don’t want to speak about the true genius of Riquelme (we all know about his abilities and vision on the pitch)– but I will discuss how his arrival will affect us, los rojiblancos, from a technical standpoint- formations and such.

At this point, I don’t think Aguirre has a clear idea of how he will form a squad around the Argentine without sacrificing Atleti favourite and fellow countryman, Sergio ‘kun’ Aguero. I’ve discussed a teeny bit of this in the below entry (check out the comment section). If we use a 4-2-3-1 formation, Aguirre will have to bench Forlan or Kun. With Forlan and Riquelme having played together at Villarreal and forming a dynamic pair over there– I think Aguirre will create formations based around them. Again, my main question mark surrounds KUN. I want to see the little Argentine in the starting 11– he’s in form, energetic, and I’d hate to see spend most of his time on the bench (like last season)– I want to see him play alongside Riquelme. Is it possible?

If anyone out that can come up with a formation that can incorporate Riquelme and Forlan without sacrificing Aguero, please share!

Another issue: one too many wingers without any guarantee of a starting spot now: Maxi, Simao, Reyes, Luis Garcia.

Luis Garcia: still mildly injury-prone and has been used more in Intertoto/UEFA games, I’ve noticed. He occupied a spot on the bench in round 1, but remain unused. Overall, I think he’s the least effected by the arrival of Riquelme, although it might mean less appearances in Liga games (unless there’s a significant injury).

Maxi: a great player and I’m quite excited that he’ll be able to work with Riquelme on the club-level. I think he’ll grow even more as a player.

Simao and Reyes: Manager Aguirre has used them interchangeably; if one is starting, the other will sub for him and vice versa. I can’t see this changing much. At this point, it appears Aguirre prefers Simao over Reyes, in terms of starting 11. We certainly can’t say we don’t have attacking options on the bench.

Today’s our final leg of the UEFA Qualifier against FK Vojvodina in Serbia (see entry below for details).

Surf in for details on our progress.

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UEFA Qualifier & Rumours

Posted by atleti on August 29, 2007

First and foremost, my thoughts are with Antonio Puerta’s family, friends, and teammates. Best wishes to them during this time. Click here for photos of the funeral. Here’s a video of some of the events. 

Secondly, thanks to blog reader Thomas for his contribution & input in a previous entry. Your comment was sent to my spam filter, for some weird reason, but I de-spammed it.

Did you know…the largest officially-formed group (aka ‘peña’) of Atleti supporters outside of Spain exists in Serbia? According to AS, there are over 1000 of them. These supporters are in for a treat this Thursday (30th): they will have an opportunity to see their favourite club against FK Vojvodina in the final leg of the UEFA qualifier.

I don’t know if it’ll be available via the Internet, but it won’t matter much to me since I’ll be at work and following via Internet radio.

As a reminder, we’ve won the first (home) leg, 3-0. Let’s do the same as we did at home: keep a clean sheet and score a few goals!

Maxi to the press:

We want to win and dedicate the victory to Puerta.

GK: Abbiati, Leo Franco,

Defence: Antonio López, Seitaridis, Zé Castro, Pablo, Perea, Eller,

Midfield: Jurado, Maniche, Raúl García, Luis García, Maxi, Reyes, Cléber Santana,

Forward: Mista, Forlán, Simao.

Confirmed Starting 11: Abbiati; Perea, Eller, Zé Castro, Antonio López; Reyes, Raúl García, Cléber Santana, Luis García; Mista y Forlán.

Who’s missing?
Kun, Luccin, Pablo, Pernia,

Maniche has been called in to replace originally chosen Luccin— it appears that he is closer to a move out of the club and to the EPL, most likely Birmingham City.

This brings us back to the Thiago Motta rumour– if you recall, the Brasilian midfielder is linked to the club. AS claims that the Italo-Brasilian broke off negociations with Inter and is closer to signing for Atleti.

At the same time, remember that Riquelme link? Well, it’s back. There’s a story featured on AS, El Pais, and MARCA claiming Riquelme is on his way to the club within the week (possibly signing tomorrow); there has been an agreement between Atleti and Riquelme’s representatives. This would link him up with ex-Villarreal teammate Diego Forlan. Of course, this also brings into question the Foreign Factor. Atleti have three extracommuntarians at the moment: Kun, Eller, and Cleber. Not to mention squad formation.

While we’re still at it– there’s still more speculation in the press- Mista has been linked with a move to Espanyol. If you recall, he has expressed his desire to stay at the club (bleah!), but there are still a few days left in the transfer market, so who knows what’ll happen!

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Transfer News: Goodbye Braulio, for now.

Posted by atleti on August 29, 2007

The 22 year old striker has officially signed for suburban neighbours Getafe on a season-long loan. I’m a bit disappointed that he was not chosen as 3rd striker. Hopefully he’ll come back to the club in 08/09 as a top prospect.

Best of luck, Braulio.

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RIP Antonio Puerta

Posted by atleti on August 28, 2007

(26 November 1984 – 28 August 2007)

My heart goes out to his family, in their time of need.

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