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Copa del Rey:Orihuela 0 Atlético de Madrid 1

Posted by atleti on October 29, 2008

It would have been nice to win by a large margin against a 2nd-B division club, but…a win is a win is a win.

THE SQUAD: Leo Franco, Antonio López, Perea, Pablo, Pernía, Camacho (Álex Quillo 84’), Raúl García, Luis García, Miguel(Banega 59’); Sinama & Forlán (Keko 88’)

Our one goal was scored by Forlán, thanks to a pass by Antonio López.

A Few Notes/Comments
*This is the second game that Agüero has not played– clearly resting and recuperating from aches & pains.

*It seems odd to me that Aguirre did not rest Forlán sooner– it’s ridiculous to wait until the 88′ to rest the Uruguayan and give Keko his Atleti debut.

*Why didn’t he play Banega in the starting 11? It would have been a logical decision, yes? After all, The Argentine will be serving a suspension on Saturday when he play Mallorca.

*Unfortunately, Camacho injured his ankle towards the end of the game.

The home leg of this game will be played 12 November.

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Jornada 8: Villarreal 4 Atlético de Madrid 4

Posted by atleti on October 26, 2008


 Madness at El Madrigal

Leo Franco; Seitaridis (Antonio López 46’), Heitinga, Domínguez, Pernía; Assunção (Raúl García 60’), Maniche (Miguel 75’), Banega, Maxi, Simão, & Forlán.

There has been some interesting commentary about this game on Atleti blogs written in Spanish.

Here are a few snippets for non-Spanish speakers (my translation):

RESERVA INDIA wrote in an entry titled “Leo & Banega sentence a good Atleti”: “The team continues to depend on three players, who are the only ones of Champions League quality […] The draw was a gift, Aguirre was resigned to lose as he did not bring in Sinama or Kun. Seeing that we were losing 4-2, he preferred to rest Agüero. This is what continues to [ruin] this team, a manager without ambition, one that is certain that we had a perfect game […]”

SENTIMIENTO ATLETICO wrote: “In short, Atlético rescued a meaningless point […] A bittersweet point. The Colchoneros are far from the top spots in the table and continue to play without heart. Simao saved Aguirre’s head. The team needs a change of course.”

POBRE ATLETI wrote: “Why didn’t Kun play? If there was ever a game for Kun to play, it was this one […] Aguirre, [assuming we’d lose the game],  decided to use Raúl García & Miguel as subs […].” He then goes on to write that people will soon forget about this disastrous string of results once we win a game. And that the club will soon say that our objective is to win the Copa and the oh-so-elusive Champions League because we are so off pace in the league table. In other words, the cycle continues.

If there was ever a time to sack Aguirre it’s now– sooner rather than later.

Last but certainly not least, another inspiring performance by SIMAO.

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Jornada 8: Villarreal v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on October 25, 2008

(It will be available (en vivo) for those of us in the US, thanks to channel GolTV!)

There’s a lot at stake in this game. We cannot afford to drop anymore points:

1 Valencia 19
2 Sevilla 17
3 Villarreal 17
4 Barcelona 16
5 Real Madrid 16
6 Almería 11
7 Málaga 10
8 Atlético 9

To pile on even more pressure, Getafe, Espanyol, & Deportivo also have 9 points.

To make matters even worse, we have a dismal record at El Madrigal. Our most recent win was in April 2007 thanks to a goal by Eller. Besides that, Villarreal have either beaten us or we’ve drawn– for us, more losses than draws.

For their part, as of this very moment, The Yellow Submarine are currently unbeaten in all competitions and are sitting very pretty in the league table.

Their most recent five results, in all competitions:
6-3 home win against AaB in Champions.
0-0 away draw against Espanyol.
2-1 home win against Betis.
1-0 home win against Celtic in Champions.
0-1 away win against Sporting Gijon.

Agüero might start on the bench, as he did against Liverpool. Kun is understandably fatigued– the Argentine has been playing nonstop since the Olympics and is in desperate need of a rest.

Coupet & Ujfalusi are injured while Perea will serve a suspension for this game. Maxi is back into action as is Assunçao while the young canterano Domínguez is expected to be chosen in the squad list again.

Of note, Forlan returns once again to his ex-club.

Will a loss mean the end of Aguirre? To be honest, I don’t care much for the Mexican and I had been hoping for his departure for a while now– you guys know this. At the same time, we can’t afford to drop anymore points and we have just experienced a very tough string of games.

In any case, here’s hoping for a positive result–


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Champions: Atlético de Madrid v Liverpool

Posted by atleti on October 22, 2008

I’m going to keep this short & sweet…let’s just win or, at the very least, draw.

This current losing streak has been unbearable- something out of this game would make us feel a little bit better.

[Update from UEFA site] STARTING 11: Leo Franco, Seitaridis, Antonio Lopez, Forlan, Luis Garcia, Sinama, Maniche, Simao, Perea, Camacho, Joshua.

SUBS: Bernabe, Pernia, Heitinga, Raul garcia, Assuncao, Miguel, Aguero.


Thoughts on the game are much appreciated! I’ll be out of work early today, so I’ll be watching it en vivo on the Internet.

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Jornada 7: Atlético de Madrid v Real Madrid

Posted by atleti on October 16, 2008

Firstly, some good good news: our home game against Liverpool will be played at El Vicente Calderón. Unfortunately for Liverpool, Torres is out injured, but perhaps he’ll make the journey down with the Scousers. For us, I’m relieved that he won’t be available– nothing worse than having Torres score against us!

So, this Saturday…MADRID DERBI!

Raúl García, Miguel & Sinama returned to training after serving international duty, as will Ujfalusi & Seitaridis. Agüero & Perea will be back in Madrid  tomorrow– long flight from South America.

In terms of injuries, Maniche, Simao, & Forlán have fully recovered from their injuries. On the other hand, Pablo, Heitinga, & Maxi are still major doubts.

MADRID’S POSSIBLE STARTING 11: Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Cannavaro, Pepe, Heinze, Sneijder, Gago, van der Vaart, Higuain, van Nistelrooy, & Raul.

I’ll post up the official starting eleven in this entry once it becomes available.

Games played: 142
Colchonero wins: 35
Draws: 31
Madrid wins: 76

Games played: 71
Colchonero wins: 23
Draws: 20
Madrid wins: 28

Our record against Madrid has been grim, downright ugly, in recent years. Our most recent win in a derbi was back in October 1999.

Is this the season where the pendulum swings the other way? I don’t know, but I do fancy our chances as we will have newly recovered, key players back into the squad list. And, we’ll be playing at home. So, here’s hoping for the best possible result– a victory!


Thoughts & Info about the game welcome in the comment section, as always!

Thankfully, this game will be on channel GolTV (en vivo) in the USA!

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UEFA at it again.

Posted by atleti on October 14, 2008

Thanks for ruining our next two home games and Torres’ return to El Vicente Calderón , UEFA!

From what I’ve read, Liverpool & Atlético are working to have them overturn this decision as it is too short notice. Like Torres, I hope that there can be a ‘solution’ to allow the game.

Sky Sports



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Jornada 6: The Horror Show

Posted by atleti on October 5, 2008


 One of the worst games I’ve seen in my life. Worst than any nightmare I had as a child.

And the worst part in all of this? Our injury list has grown by one more.


Now Maxi will be out for 10 days. Plus, Agüero has been playing non-stop since the Olympics and, despite his age, he is obviously exhausted and in need of rest. He’s also picked up a very minor knock, hence his time spent with the physio.

Grim times & slim pickings.

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Jornada 6: Barcelona v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on October 3, 2008

In the words of my favourite football analyst on this side of the pond:

This game is being billed as Lionel Messi v Sergio Agüero which should not come as much of a surprise. While Messi led Argentina to an FIFA Under-20 World Cup in the Netherlands in 2005, Aguero (he was also part of the 2005 squad but saw limited playing time) matched the feat last summer in Canada.

Both players could be considered as child protégés. Messi was whisked off to Spain and made his Barcelona debut as a 16-year-old; Agüero made his debut in Argentina for Independiente before he turned 16.

The emergence of Messi at Barcelona marginalized the former idol of the Nou Camp Ronaldinho while Agüero took full advantage of Fernando Torres’ move from Atletico to Anfield and is new hero of the Vicente Calderon.

For years Atlético held an uncanny hold over Barca – Torres especially tormented Barcelona – but that came to an end when Barca whipped Atletico 6-0 in the later stages of the 2007 season. Barcelona currently holds a one point advantage on Atlético with league leaders Valencia three points ahead of the Catalan club.

Unfortunately, we are still without Forlán, Maniche, and Simao due to injury. In addition to Pablo and Seitaridis.

We’re bringing three canteranos with us: Keko (midfield), Domínguez (defence) y Joshua (midfield).

Even though Barcelona (and Guardiola) have been riding their luck so far this season, this won’t be an easy game by any stretch of the imagination! I’d be happy with 1 point. I’d scream in ecstacy if we leave with 3 points.


Luckily, this game will be televised (en vivo) on GolTV for those of us in the USA!

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