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Posted by atleti on March 10, 2009

Life got in the way of blogging again.

I might have to recruit a person or two to help me maintain this blog during those busy times.

105 Responses to “Apologies!”

  1. john said

    Hey there, I’ve just uploaded my version of the first knockout stages. Please do check it out and let us your views on the matches today.

    I’m sure may will have their eyes on the Liverpool/Real or the Man Utd/Inter game.

    But let me tell you that the FC Porto match against Atletico Madrid is equally a big clash considering how did both played out in the first leg.

    Porto will need the inspiration of Lucho Gonzalez and the goal scoring exploit of Lisandro Lopes. Playing at home will not be tough job ahead of them but let me remind you what happened last season against Schalke.

    Atletico will always be dangerous no matter what the circumstances may be. In Kun Aguero and Maxi Rodriguez there is plenty of fire power available for them.

    Overall a match not to be missed. So what is your view on this match?

  2. day1star said

    atletico will win and go through to the quarter finals, that’s my view

  3. Wellcome back, Atleti. I was wondering whether the lack of your-blog updatings was because of other commitments or,….you had changed your team colours,…in the worst moment, of course.

    We enjoyed a lot, and missed sharing our thoughts with our colchonero mates beyond the ocean.

    The Porto Drangons Stadium is waiting for this new Atleti, plenty of self-confidence, which, if they play just similar to they did it against both Barça and Madrid, no doubt, we will get an unforgetable win.

    I hope you keep your blog up, either recruiting some fortune soldiers or some NGO´s members, but, please, keep us on the loop.

    Vamooosssss, Atleti, a por ellooossss!!!!

    un abrazo. miguel

  4. mohammed said

    It’s difficult to tell if we would go through. I hope we do. If not, please let it be with pride.

  5. fernandez said

    does anyone have a link to the game

  6. Montreal Atletico Fan said

    this is the site that I am using:

    so far it works for me

  7. mohammed said

    Guys you can try to download P2P TV programs. It’s better than justin tv. It doesn’t break. Here’s the link

    Try Sina tv it’s in english

    then go to rojidirecta site and choose the match and hit the link of Sina Tv.

  8. mohammed said

    Resino is betting it all on the 2nd half. Let’s we can snatch that winner.

  9. Armon said

    my streaming isnt smooth enough to know how everyone’s playing, anyone want to comment?

  10. jared said

    well…we seem to be more aggressive..since we have no choice.
    meanwhile barca is kickin major lyon ass

  11. Armon said

    our passing is disgusting, wheres the unity and heart we showed against barca and real mierda

  12. Willen said

    Things seem to be bad..

    8 minutes to go…

  13. Armon said

    i dont get how we can be so stagnant after being so potent as of late

    oh ya, because we’re atleti
    cuando vamos a parar sufriendo?????

  14. mohammed said

    We blew it in el calderon. Porto’s defense was so organized.

  15. Luiz Pereira said

    Forlan should always start. Shame on Abel for this, and for taking out Aguero on the ida. Camacho would have helped our passing in the midfield, as he did against Real Madrid. Let’s break the submarine on sun and get back into CL!

  16. day1star said

    bad tactics from resino
    should have played our natural game like we did against Real, was a disgraceful game, aguero was isolated up front, no-one to play off. Pongolle was mediocrity personified, and y did he sub off Maxi who wasn’t playing badly? I didn’t like this game we played shit.

  17. Willen said

    I completely change of teams from the derby to something they had never played before against Porto. I guess it was totally unnecessary. The team played nice against R__l Madrid. Why this insane change?
    Abel was going nice.. he didn’t need it.

  18. mohammed said

    He said he didn’t want the team to concede a scandalous defeat. I think he has a point. We played defensively and we almost conceded 3 goals, I wonder what would have happened if we played offensively?!

  19. day1star said

    but we could have matched them get a 3-3 /2-2 draw we could have been on an equal footing, wat’s the point of not conceding when we’re the ones who needed to score. So, basically we weren’t going to try and get to the quarter finals we’d already bloody conceded defeat.
    We didn’t even defend that well, we just played rubbish.

  20. Luiz Pereira said

    When you’re behind by 1 goal, you need to put your offensive power in. This game was like the beginning of the 2nd half and you’re behind by 1 goal. That’s when you put all of your firepower in from the start. The starting line-up against Real Madrid was exactly what we should have had against Oporto. Aguero’s words after the game said it all –something like “being alone up there is impossible.” Referring to the lack of Forlan. When you think about it, since we don’t have a pure playmaker on the team, Aguero’s best passes for goal typically come from Forlan (and vice-versa). Aguero seemed to have about 3 guys all over him in the first half. With Forlan in there . . .

    As I’ve said before on this blog, our best defense is our offense. We were incredibly lucky that they didn’t score on us in the 2nd half. The sad thing is that we hardly even tested their shaky goalkeeper.

    I think this was a “lessons-learned” situation for our new coach. It’s too bad he had to learn in this situation.

  21. day1star said

    no, luiz his inexperience cost us the game. We have one of the best offences in europe, and yet he put forward a defensive line up in a game which was a must win. It was a disgrace.
    Maxi, Maniche and quite a few other players r not happy, and Pongolle plays good as a sub but is inadequate as a starter in a defensive formation.
    I’m sorry but Resino sucks. This is not the first time he’s used the wrong tactics and put out the wrong team.

  22. day1star said

    i could have accepted going out if we had actually played good, but the performance was an absolute disgrace.

  23. day1star said

    all the hard work the players did last season to get into the CL has been ruined, and i’m so pissed off, and i’m not the only one, aguero, maxi, forlan, maniche and some others r really pissed too.

  24. Luiz Pereira said

    Yeah. Agreed. Abel’s mistakes are inexcusable.

    However, after watching the game for a 2nd time, we were EXTREMELY lucky they didn’t score in those last 20 minutes of the game. It was like shooting practice for them. Leo Franco and the post x2 avoided any scoring. Of course, with Forlan in there the 1st half (and Aguero in the whole 1st game), we would have given ourselves more of a chance.

    Abel’s gotta go, even if we make it to CL (which looks highly unlikely right now). The following commentary said it best in notas de futbol (Abel Resino: los ataques de entrenador son inadmisibles):

  25. day1star said

    y’s maniche not even in the squad list for the villareal match?

  26. fernandez said

    i feel like resino has something pesonal against maniche or something

  27. day1star said

    i think he’s trying to bring spanish players back into the team, only problem is that raul garcia has hardly been playing all that well. And Maniche who was relegated to the role of sub, now looks like he’s not even in the squad.

  28. Armon said


  29. mohammed said

    WOW!! What a game!! A very hard faught win.
    3-2 doesn’t even scratch what should’ve been as a result. Although he scored, Forlan was awful, . He missed 6 easy chances, not to mention a 1 on 1 with the keeper. Banega was a breath of fresh air for the team. Aguero, as always, great.

    Great performance.

  30. fernandez said

    man im so pissed i missed the game. i heard forlan missed a penalty

  31. Armon said

    not his fault, it was well taken but their goalkeeper was playing out of his mind today

  32. mohammed said

    Simao is a penalty specialist, why not let him take the penalties?!

  33. day1star said

    no, it wasn’t a good penalty, it was at goalkeepers height,
    anyway, it was a good match, but our defense on their 2 goals was terrible, aguero had a great game, there was another penalty where he was brought down and the ref didn’t give it.

  34. Leivinha said

    I’m the first one to knock Abel for the benching of Forlan against Oporto at O Dragao (and his game plan in general) but one must admit that the team is playing a lot different under him than under Aguirre. The team is much more organized (yes, we have lapses on defense but that’s because our defenders aren’t very good defenders not due to a flaw of the system). 7 points against Barsa, R Madrid & Villareal (Aguirre would have gotten 1 point out of those 3 matches). I will reserve judgement on him for now…..the R Madrid game should have been a goleada in favor of Atleti (not Abel’s fault). He’s playing our canterano Camacho, Assuncao looks like a player (he looked horrible under Aguirre), even Banega looked like a creator today.

  35. Ram said

    Forlan had a dreadful game, but managed to score that equaliser and that one on one miss at the last minute was the shocker than the penalty. The good thing is the character shown by the team though we need to be consistent now as the tough matches are out of the way and keep pushing for CL places.

    Raul Garcia played excellent yesterday. Was present everywhere and recovered balls wonderfully. Assuncao was caught in possession couple of times but did OK. Ever was at his best yesterday. He held the ball well and impressed with his passing and distribution. A much needed win especially against a direct CL spot rival like Villareal.

  36. mohammed said

    Hopefully, we can continue this run of good form till the end of the season. We have to keep pushing for the CL place.

  37. Willen said

    Great to read the game review of you guys..
    I’m a big fan of our attack players… I just think that Aguero and Forlán are really really great..

    Atleti, get your helper to the blog! we have a great group here it wouldn’t be good to lose it.

  38. gf said

    The Daily Mail says Atletico will target Deco this summer:

  39. jose said

    easier games are ahead… w/the team’s new and improved attitude on the field (except against Porto!) I think we’ll overtake Villareal in a matter of weeks…


  40. Colchonero de Corazon said

    I think that the victory against Villareal was just what the team needed to change their confidence and attitude. Along with a coach brings a fresh face. I dont think Resino is doing anything different (the defense is still worse than a leaky faucet). It just helps having a fresh face sometimes. He just needs to stop fueding with el Kun in public, but as always, winning solves everything.

    I also saw info about Deco:

    The Daily Star reports that Chelsea’s Portuguese playmaker Deco has already agreed terms with Atletico Madrid for next season. The deal is worth between 5 and 8 million Euros. A decisive meeting between Atletico and Chelsea officials is planned in the coming days.

  41. Willen said

    Definitely a playmaker is something we need and I think Deco can still play high and will fit greatly with Simão and Maniche.

    They can’t forget about the defense. Any rumour about a full back? guess not.

  42. Armon said

    I don’t like the idea of getting deco, he was absolute trash in the last year or 2 w/ barcelona and has done nothing too impressive in chelsea (prior to the injury). he’s one of those players that are still looking to get paid based on his reputation but aren’t looking to put in the work to maintain their (once good) reputation

  43. day1star said

    we r playing shit!

  44. jared said

    wow….embarrassing lost to mallorca

  45. RojiBlanco said

    Atleti, please recrute some bloggers who can blog for you if you have a life! It would be a shame if this nice community would fall away…

  46. mohammed said

    Atleti, C’mon man!! Have some faith in your beloved team.

  47. day1star said

    this is awful, there are no updates, c’mon Atleti.

  48. day1star said

    resino is an idiot!
    where’s our midfield? Raul garcia has been playing rubbish and sinama was useless, the passing has been crap, disgraceful performance.

  49. day1star said

    where has maniche gone, y has resino cut him out of the team? Resino is not good enough.

  50. RojiBlanco said

    Maniche was rubbish when he played, so it is understandable. Today, why not try out a risky midfield of Keko-Camacho-Banega-Simao? Everything is better then what’s on the pitch now..

  51. day1star said

    maniche wasn’t rubbish, when he’s in form, he’s very good and a damn sight better than raul garcia who over the course of the last 3-4 games he’s played has lost the ball consistently.

  52. RojiBlanco said

    Yeah, but when Raul Garcia is in form, he is better than Maniche…could go on and on about this. Fact of the matter is, neither are getting to their top form in the last few months. Something different is needed. And fast.

  53. day1star said

    yep like a new coach.

  54. Armon said

    the noose continues to tighten around my neck

  55. mohammed said

    This blog is doomed. C’mon Atleti, C’mon man for the sake of God!!

  56. day1star said

    villareal lost today, if we win tomorrow we’ll be within 2 points, although had we won last week we would have been in front this week by winning.

  57. mohammed said

    We’re competing with Valencia and Malaga too. It’s going to be tough to get that last spot for the CL.

  58. day1star said

    yes, and we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot every week. We’ve just got to make sure we win all opur games and hopefully some results will go our way too.

  59. Montreal Atletico Fan said

    This is a must win. A loss will drop us to 8th. Very far from where we want to be. A win and we are back very much in the mix-hopefully with more confidence

  60. RojiBlanco said

    Aguero with the opening goal…c’mon Atleti.

  61. day1star said

    well we won no thanx to Pernia, such a poor excuse for a defender, Eight more to go.

  62. Willen said

    Great to see this win. Madrid always lose in Riazor but that’s not a true history for us. My both teams win together and lose together… I’m always twice happy and twice sad.. none covers the other.. =)

    I was thinking with myself… Day1star, why don’t you create a new blog here, called atleti2 ? The idea is not to leave this blog away, but we could keep this group together while the owner of this blog here is away (and I really hope everything is ok with him… it’s very very weird.)

  63. Willen said

    Clarifying, my other team is no Madrid, it’s a brazilian one.

  64. Danny said


    I have a proposal for you, I would appreciate if you could drop me an email.


  65. Willen said

    Who Danny?

    If it’s me, send it to
    When I get the e-mail, I’ll reply from my personal’s.

  66. day1star said

    willen, i wouldn’t know how to do that, and i don’t know where Atleti’s disappeared to? But i’m sure she’ll be back at some point.
    As it is i miss all her updates, plz atleti come back soon.

  67. mohammed said

    She!! all this time I thought Atleti was a guy!! Day1, you sure about that?

  68. Willen said

    hehehe yeah.. me too…

    I took a look at the next games of Valencia:

    Liga Valencia-Sevilla 31ª jor
    Liga Betis-Valencia 32ª jor
    Liga Valencia-Barcelona 33ª jor
    Liga Espanyol-Valencia 34ª jor
    Liga Valencia-R. Madrid 35ª jor

    3 tough matches.. all of them at home..
    we could get a help from the top 3, why not?

  69. day1star said

    yes, i’m sure atleti is a she.

  70. Colchonero de Corazon said

    I think Atleti was sold to another club during the transfer window. we have been abandoned

  71. day1star said

    hahahahahaaha, maybe, that’s funny.

  72. mohammed said

    3-0 Win

    Shaky defence but we got the job done and that’s what counts in the end.

  73. day1star said

    It was a good second half performance, now maybe that we have won 2 games in a row, we can put in a good run, til the end of the season. Banega played really well, i wish he would get more playing time. And i hope Atletico buy him.

  74. Willen said

    great win.. We slept in Champions this last night and it seems that we will continue…
    Valencia and Villareal are really helping us this round. Hope they continue.

    Valencia is losing at home to Sevilla and Villarreal dropped 2 points in Valladolid.

    Valencia 0 1º Parte
    Sevilla 1

    Valladolid 0
    Villarreal 0

  75. day1star said

    valencia won 3-1, so we’re in fifth. Sevilla very unlucky the ref was shit.

  76. willenjs said

    Hey Day1star,
    Can you please drop your e-mail here or send me a message?

    Thank you,

  77. Armon said

    i am utterly disgusted. it would be difficult to be this bad at defense even if you tried, i am convinced that i would do a better job

  78. Armon said

    we’re fighting for champions league and we lose 5-1 to a team that’s beneath our level, with our one shot being a penalty, and after all that i have to stomach watching our team joke around with racing and put their arms over their shoulders as if nothing happened, i am at a loss of words

  79. RojiBlanco said

    Now I understand why Atleti has left…

  80. mohammed said

    They are Shameless!! What a disgrace!!

  81. day1star said

    That game was a joke, and our midfield was pathetic, they can’t keep hold of the ball. Resino is an idiot, i’m sorry but he has to go, the defence were a disgrace.

  82. day1star said

    well we won 3-1, but the defence was woeful in the second half. When Sporting scored who was marking the goalscorer, no-one he had a clear shot. There’s no understanding between the defenders. No-one to lead, it’s pitiful.

  83. mohammed said

    I’ve seen street teams defend with more organization and passion than these lazy bunch. God!! Let’s hope they come back to their senses against Betis, or else we’re out of the CL for good.

  84. RojiBlanco said

    Besides the defense, there is another problem. The wings for the next game. No Simao. Maxi is drama. SP is not a winger. Lopez neither. Miguel isn’t an actual winger either. Luis Garcia is dreadful. What next?

  85. day1star said

    the signing policy of this club is a bit of a joke.

  86. day1star said

    good 2-0 win over Betis. We’re within a point of Valencia, we’re in 5th.

  87. mohammed said

    Don’t get your hopes up just yet. If I have learned something about this team, it’s that we always blow the chance when we have it, and wait for others to help us.

  88. fernandez said

    our only advantage rite now is valencia having to face real madrid, villareal and us so if we just can get by espanyol numancia bilbao and almeria which on paper shouldnt be a problem we got champions spot

  89. RojiBlanco said

    Espanyol will be hell.

  90. willenjs said


    I created a blog here in wordpress also to try to keep us together and with fresh posts. I don’t wanna keep it by myself neither want to compete with this one ( if the Atleti come back some day. The name and the appearance is on purpose:

    I think we can move for a while to there and I’d need someone here to help there with posting.

    Any of you guys would like to help on this? I just can say it’s VERY VERY easy and fast to post stuff with wordpress.

    Day1star, Rojiblanco, Fernandez? let’s join?

  91. RojiBlanco said

    Good plan!

  92. day1star said

    nice plan, willenjs.

  93. mohammed said

    Nice plan. I’d like to join too. Although there is a forum for atletico fans:

    Hopefully Atleti will come back with the new season :)

  94. willenjs said

    Mohammed and everyone,

    on the air:
    With its first post.

    Instructions in the comments there. :)

  95. fernandez said

    sounds good

  96. Mohammed said

    Is it not the time for you (Atleti) to come back?!!

  97. Atletiboy said

  98. zkam said

    we will win the champions league in madrid this season inshallah

  99. Garymadrid said

    We have started a new blog

  100. Forlan is the Puto Amo said

    Hey, where can I watch Atleti games in New York City?

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