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Jornada 23: Abel’s 1st Home Game

Posted by atleti on February 14, 2009

Atlético de Madrid v Getafe

A Madrid derbi against neighbouring Getafe.

No word on our starting 11 until Sunday morning, as stated on the club’s official website.

This is a must-win game. Here’s the table as of this moment:

1 Barcelona 60
2 Real Madrid 47
3 Valencia 38
4 Sevilla 38
5 Villarreal 37
6 Málaga 36
7 Atlético 35
8 Deportivo 35


60 Responses to “Jornada 23: Abel’s 1st Home Game”

  1. mohammed said

    Valencia are losing it. We must take advantage of their bad run of results.

  2. day1star said

    we’ve slipped to 7th must win to get back up there. Has the line-up been announced yet?

  3. RojiBlanco said

    Nope, Resino never gives the line-up away.

  4. atleti said

    1-0 FORLAN.

  5. atleti said

    If we win, we’ll be #4.

  6. mohammed said

    Some people just don’t learn, EVER!!! DAMN IT!!!

  7. day1star said

    Why take off Aguero when we’re only 1-0 up and there’s over 30 minutes to go? Why not take off Forlan or Maxi or Simao, none of whom played particularly well. I’m really pissed, we should have won this game.

  8. atleti said

    One step backward…

  9. RojiBlanco said

    …is sometimes needed to make two steps forward? Atletico always forget to make the steps forward when they’ve moved backward (like today)…

  10. fernandez said

    i was so pissed that we lost but possitivly thinking atletico plays a faster pace, pushes up more i mean honestly i think we played pretty good except for the 2000 shots we missed. stay calm its not as if atleti played like when they faced valladolid or bilbao, seitaridis was like a mini alves,even pablo seemed pretty good until the penalty, defense wasnt too bad im so sure were gonna beat sevilla and i see atletico as a brand new team

  11. Colchonero de Corazon said

    Different coach same result. We got lucky we did not lose the game because of the missed penalty. Still commiting the same errors in the back. Looks like Resino can now feel Agguire’s pain.

  12. mohammed said

    We can’t say that Resino defensive method is wrong.With the bad defenders we have, I think it needs time to work.

    Also, why the hell do coaches think Pernia is any good?!!! Resino wake up man!!!

  13. Armon said

    pernia is absolute trash but the game as a whole was definitely an improvement from our last days with aguirre, we had chances we just didnt take them well or their goalie had miracle saves. i do wish we had one more average opponent before our string of hell with sevilla, but time to see how resino deals with aguirre’s (and my) october

  14. fernandez said

    also i think sinama plays so much better as a winger even when hes playing as a forward you can see hes more comfortable at the flank, maybe put him in the right and maxi as a centerm mid

  15. Pr3 said

    typical of us to throw the game away like that, when we should have won it comfortably. And i was just starting to hope we might get into CHL places again.

    On a side note; I’m a Dane and Treasurer of Penã Atlética de Dinamarca (danish atletico fanclub), who staying in New York for a few months, and i was wondering if you know of any places, bars or something, to watch the CHL matches against Porto? i’m really anxious to see them.
    I found this blog while searching for: atletico de madrid new york, but i haven’t been able to locate any spanish sportsbars.

    thanks in advance guys

  16. gf said

    PR3 – the problem is that the game isn’t on ESPN2 which is the main network that shows games in the US. It is on ESPN Deportes – their spanish language station but that will be tough to find. A good place to watch games is the Kinsale Tavern – on 3rd Avenue between 93rd and 94th street. A little out of the way but a good place for sports.

  17. Pr3 said

    i’m actually living on 96th, so this would be perfect for me. Probably gonna drop by later to check if they show the match.

    Thanks a bunch

  18. fernandez said

    i lived in va my whole life not once have i ever, ever met anyone who likes atletico alittle let alone charish them the way i do, im thinking new york has a nice fan base

  19. day1star said

    Pongolle is out of the match against Sevilla, he’s been given a one match ban.

  20. fernandez said

    wat for

  21. day1star said

    i think he picked up a fifth yellow card, which is an automatic one match ban.

    Aguero has had a baby boy, he is now a father!

  22. jose said

    Argh! lost 1-0 against Sevilla. I watched the last 30 min. Hadn’t had a chance to watch atleti w/the new coach. Though we lost again, the team seems to be more relaxed, more offensive than before… why didn’t Kun start?


  23. mohammed said

    It wasn’t a bad loss. We played allright. We didn’t convert our chances, and when you don’t score, you’re bound to concede.

  24. day1star said

    The defence is playing a lot better, but Aguero should have been brought on earlier. The reason he didn’t start the game is because Benjamin was born on Thursday, and what with all the worry and celebrations and so on he’s not had much rest, plus CL game during week as well.
    I still think though that we could have won this game.

  25. day1star said

    If Deportivo beat Valencia today, then we’re going to finish in 8th place.

  26. mohammed said

    The goal was a controversial call I think. The player who passed the ball meant it for Kanoute and Kanoute was going to take it in an offside position until Navas came and cut the ball. Now does it count as an offside since Kanoute was going for the ball in an offside position or as a goal since Navas was onside?!

  27. Armon said

    I thought it should’ve been offside. Although navas was onside, kanoute being offside affected the play because it affected leo franco’s positioning, pero asi es la vida

  28. Armon said

    1-0 maxi after 3 minutes against porto!!! vamos atleti!!!

  29. fernandez said

    do u have a link

  30. Armon said

    i did but it just broke and i need another one pleeease!!!

  31. fernandez said

    im listning to it on marca and apparently porto had a goal but was wrongfully called offside.

  32. Armon said

    tied up now, i think because of pablo but i didnt see it

  33. Pr3 said

    im watching it on this one

  34. mohammed said

    That goddamn Seita”fuc@ing”ridis is a piece of trash. All Porto’s plays are going through his flank. Bring Heitinga in PLEEEEASE!!!

  35. mohammed said

    Fuc#ing Seitaridis!!!

  36. mohammed said

    The ref is a biased retard!

  37. day1star said

    we played crap, apart from the first goal, we were crap.
    Simao was awful and should have been subbed at the start of the second half as should have Raul Garcia and the defence played pretty poor. Pablo made a mistake for the first goal to be scored, and Antonio Lopez made a mistake for the second goal to be scored. But, overall the midfield couldn’t keep the ball, Maniche should have started this game, Aguero should never have been subbed off, so many crap decisions by Resino.

  38. Colchonero de Corazon said

    The match was horrible. It hurts me to say that Atletico deserved to lose. The midfield was lost and the defense was pitiful. The team did not look at all organized. It was sad. Resino looks like he is in over his head. How a tie was reached I have no idea. I dont think Aguero will stay long if this is how things will go. I new coach is needed. For this they should have just kept Aguirre.

  39. day1star said

    I’m hearing that Aguero is not happy and has fallen out with Resino, is it true?

  40. Colchonero de Corazon said

    I am hearing the same thing and I here they are talking to Diego Simeone as a pontential coach candidate. I dont think Resino will get the best out of the players on the team. It will be a tough go for the rest of the season.

  41. Luiz Pereira said

    My 2 cents:

    Aguero, often compared to Romario, is the type of player that can make a difference in just 1 or two plays per game even if he doesn’t do much throughout most of the time. He made the pass to Maxi for the first goal, and who knows what he could have done with more time in the second half. He is our only superstar. We should try to play him as much as possible now because he will DEFINITELY not be here next year. Plus, the only reason we are playing in CL today is because what he did last year.

    On that note, when is this coach going to realize that, with this defensively weak Atleti, we cannot afford to NOT have our best offense on the field for the full 90 minutes? With this team, our best defense is our offense. If we go up 2-1, we should try to go up 3-1, because we all know that we’ll get scored on eventually.

    As for our lame midfield that cannot connect passes or maintain any serious ball possession (ala Barca, AC Milan, or even Villareal), I won’t even go there . . .

  42. day1star said

    Actually, i want to know why Maniche has been replaced by Raul Garcia? It’s going wrong because of Pablo who can’t play in the big games he always makes a big mistake, and Raul Garcia playing in the midfield when Maniche is a much better player. This whole Spanish players must play is rubbish,you should always play the best player in that position. And quite frankly Simao was awful and yet Resino instead of subbing him off subbed off Aguero. He’s a first prize idiot! And if Aguero leaves it will be down to him.

  43. mohammed said

    The management of team icluding mr. Enrique Cerezo and Pitarch are making stupid decisions, Period.

  44. I love your site! :)

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  45. mohammed said

    At last!!! Thank you GOD.

    Our defense is a joke, simply put.

  46. Armon said

    VAMOSSSSSSSSS CHICOS VAMOS, what a game!!!!!!!! Kun took it personal to prove to resino why he should never be subbed off. And the interplay of our forwards and the overall play of all our players (minus pablo) was for the most start outstanding. henry’s goal was sublime and not much couldve been done about it, messi was pablo’s fault, We played a dangerous game focussing on offside traps but overall i was overjoyed, even heitinga played (i thought) magnificently except for the 3rd barca goal where he didnt join ujfalusi in the offside trap. Playing him away from the middle is a good idea, good subs, good everything today. Even assuncao marshalled the midfield well. The absolute only thing i was disappointed by (other than allowing 3 goals, which doesnt disappoint me so long as we score more) was pablo. Especially int he end when we have the lead, leo franco CLEARLY is going to collect the ball and he wrecklessly jumps in front of the ball and almost gets a hand ball. WHAT A GAME BEST GAME OF THE YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR VAMOSSSSSSS CAMPEONNNN PON JUEVOS QUE HOY GANAMOS!!!!!

  47. fernandez said



  48. day1star said

    Aguero is back, he was great.

  49. Adam Bader said

    Hi there,
    My name is Adam Bader and I’m the Realmadrid blogger over at

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in answering a few questions regarding the derby between Real and Atletico.

    I couldn’t find your email address and that’s why I’m leaving this comment. I’ve used my email to post this comment so can you please email me on that one if you are interested?


  50. day1star said

    Atleti, how about an update?

  51. mohammed said

    Atleti, it’s been a long time since you’re last post. I hope things are going OK.

  52. reimon said

    Hi, I arrived to the US three weeks ago, and I have just discovered this website. I live in New Brusnswick (NJ). Does any of you a place either in ther or in NYC where one can go to watch soccer matches such as the one today? Thanks!

  53. Pr3 said

    hey reimon, new to NYC myself, i’ve found that Nevada Smiths (sportspub) is an excellent place to watch football matches. It’s located close to union square on manhattan. their website is

    going there soon to watch Real lose today :)

  54. mohammed said

    Great performance by our team today. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish them when we had the “chances”.

    Like always, we play great and the ref gives them the game.

    Let’s hope we can show the same strength against Porto.

  55. day1star said

    we played great but the finishing was terrible, and the officials gifted them the equaliser, it was offside.

  56. Luiz Pereira said

    Even though we didn’t win, I believe we have a different team thanks to Abel. Much more organized, better passing, more ball possesion, patience, better defensively. Atleti is, after so many years, playing ball that is nice to watch and effective.

  57. day1star said

    yes, we definitely seem to have found some self-belief

  58. fernandez said

    only question is can they keep it up?

  59. Espana es campeone de mundo!
    Viva la Espana!

  60. El Atlético de Madrid es uno de los equipos que más admiro dentro del panorama del fútbol Español, espero que Quique Sanchez Flores dure muchos años más al mando del equipo, aunque ya le están buscando relevo :(, en fin… un saludo y ánimo, ojalá vuelvas a escribir en el blog!

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