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Jornada 15: Atlético de Madrid 2 Real Betis 0

Posted by atleti on December 15, 2008


Two quality goals and only two points away from a Champions spot.

We haven’t been ahead of Real in the league table since the 98/99 season! Precisely a decade.

Good first half for us with plenty of goal-scoring opportunities. Maxi scored our 1st goal– a beauty. Betis were hardly lying down, though: they had enough quality up front to equalise at any moment. Good goalkeeping by Leo Franco kept us alive.

Leo Franco; Perea, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Pernía; Assunção (Raúl García 72’), Maniche, Maxi (Luis García 83’), Simão; Forlán, & Kun Agüero (Banega, 81’).

We play Espanyol on the 21-December and then there’s the much-needed holiday break!


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Champions: Marseille 0 Atlético de Madrid 0

Posted by atleti on December 10, 2008

Well, we didn’t deserve to win, but at least Marseille didn’t win either. Their supporters have been incredibly rancid since the incident at our stadium.

The result doesn’t bother me much. Yes, we didn’t top our group, but we still qualify for the next round of Champions.

Positives: Strong defensive performances by Coupet & the defence. Stand-out moments by Banega. Kun continues to impress with his brilliance, and the overall teamwork in a foreign environment.

Negatives: The draw itself. No goals scored. De Las Cuevas and Camacho continue to warm the bench. Sinama–hello… yoo hoo!

Anyway, Looking Ahead:
The draw for the First Knockout Round will be on 19-December in Nyon.

So far, we could draw Roma, Panathinaikos, Barcelona, or Liverpool. More games to be played tomorrow (Wednesday),  of course, so we shall see who else we could play against. (I hope we avoid Liga clubs…) Who would you prefer?

Reminder: First knockout Round Dates
24/25 February 2009
10/11 March 2009

So, that’s that.

We’re apparently interested in Betis’ Juanito. Not a bad player, in fact, he’s a better player than a couple defenders we currently have, but…he’s also 32 years old. Not exactly a long-term signing, if it happened.

Agüero is still linked with a move to Manchester City.

Anything missing? Thanks to those who left comments on the game! Ace.

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Jornada 14: Sporting de Gijon v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on December 5, 2008

Yes, Sporting have gone on a very good run recently, but I believe we have enough quality to leave with 3 points tomorrow. Historically, we have a very good record against Sporting in their home stadium. There’s still a little piece of me that worries about fixtures like these, though– this is the type of club that could complicate our lives if we don’t keep our guard up…

Here’s our Starting 11: Leo Franco; Seitaridis, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Pernía; Assunção, Maniche, Maxi, Simão; Forlán & Kun Agüero.

Here’s hoping for a positive result!

Unfortunately, this game won’t be available (en vivo) in the USA.

Anything missing?

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Jornada 13: Atlético de Madrid 4 Racing Santander 1

Posted by atleti on December 1, 2008


Leo Franco; Seitaridis, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Pernía; Assuncao; Maxi (Banega 85′), Maniche (Raúl García 85′), Simao (Luis García 85′); Kun Agüero 7 Forlán.

A crucial three points which helps us climb the table and keeps our European dream alive (5 points from a Champions spot).

Heitinga: Good God, man, STOP conceding penalties.

The dynamic three saved us from a home defeat: Simao, Forlán, Agüero.

Agüero, in particular: Ended his goal drought. Hopefully this will reignite his goal-scoring form.

The Forlán Show: He scored two and assisted the other two goals.

Defence: Any thoughts on our weakest links?

Aguirre, why: He didn’t make any substitutions until the 85′. Three of our key starters received yellows in this game.

All in all, I’m happy with the 3 points, but the performance, particularly when Racing had 11 men, left much to be desired.

Next up, in-form Sporting…

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Champions: Atlético de Madrid 2 PSV 1

Posted by atleti on November 27, 2008


Two goals in the first half (Simao & Maxi) were enough to see us into the next round of Champions action…thankfully. And, keep us top of our group, ahead of Liverpool.

In terms of the game, we dominated the first half and played some pretty good football for spells at a time.

A win seemed a likely result once half-time struck. Unfortunately, in typical Atleti fashion, we made our lives difficult and conceded a goal in the 46′. We hung on, though, and bagged the three points and a ticket to the next round of action– as did the other Liga clubs (Villarreal, Real Madrid & Barcelona).

In short, enhorabuena por la clasificación!

Now if only we can replicate these sorts of results in LIGA, as someone pointed out in the previous entry…

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Catching Up Entry

Posted by atleti on November 25, 2008

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging! In the US, this Thursday, there is Thanksgiving Day. Basically, a day to give thanks and eat turkey, potatoes, and pie…good times! My favourite American holiday!

So, what has occurred since my last blog entry?

Copa: Atleti 0 Orihuela 0
Well, we made it to the next round, but the scoreline is just embarassing. We drew 0-0 against Ori-WHO?!

Jornada 11: Atleti 4 Deportivo 1
We bounced back with an emphatic win against a very poor Depor.

Jornada 12: Numancia 1 Atleti 1
One step backward. Dreadful. Earned point for Numancia. 6 points away from a Champions spot. Discouraging, to say the least.

What’s next?
26-Nov, Champions: Atleti v PSV

This one will be played behind closed doors, no thanks to UEFA. A victory would ease us into the next round. Aguirre will only be without Antonio López, who is nursing an injury.

30-Nov, Jornada 13: Atleti v Racing
7-Dec, Jornada 14: Sporting v Atleti
9-Dec, Champions: Marseille v Atleti
14-Dec, Jornada 15: Atleti v Betis
21-Dec, Jornada 16: Espanyol v Atleti.

This is a good set of games to get back on the winning track and make up for recent bad results, yes? 

We take our holiday break until 4-January.

What’s been in the news since my last entry?
-Talk of Aguirre, whether he should be sacked or not. And his tactics.

-Talk of the poor quality of our game recently.

-Talk of UEFA’s absurd ruling against us.

-Banega wants to play more.

Anything missing?

(Thanks to all those who leave their comments & thoughts! Much appreciated, as always!)

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Jornada 10: Osasuna 0 Atlético de Madrid 0

Posted by atleti on November 10, 2008


A picture is worth a thousand words, no?

New season, same crap. Strong challengers for Liga? Yeah right.

We didn’t look threatening until the final 20 minutes. Prior to that, Osasuna were the more ambitious team. They failed to score a penalty in the first half, however– one, it must be said, that should not have been given.

In any case, one has to wonder…

Why did Aguirre bench Forlán?

Why does Aguirre insist on using a 1-4-5-1 formation when we clearly play more effectively with two strikers from the start?


We’re still in Champions and, of course, there is the Copa del Rey, but for how long? Tactical blunders abound.

I don’t know what else to say. My faith hangs by a thread. As usual.

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Champions: Liverpool v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on November 4, 2008


A very special game for both clubs and certain players on so many different levels.

*Torres plays against us.

*Forlán returns to England to play against his ex-club’s rival.

*Luis García & Sinama return to Anfield.

*Reina plays against his father’s club.

*Benitez’s mother supported Real Madrid while his father supported Atlético.

*Benitez, for his part, spent a number of years with Real as a manager.

*Oranje Connection: Heitinga, Kuyt & Babel.

*Argentine Connection: Mascherano, Kun, Maxi, Leo, Pernia, Banega.

*Simao plays against the club that failed to sign him on a number of occasions.

Etc, etc.

Here’s hoping for a positive result!


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Jornada 9: Mallorca v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on November 1, 2008

Let’s just win, for the love of God.

We’ve gone too long without a league win.

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Copa del Rey:Orihuela 0 Atlético de Madrid 1

Posted by atleti on October 29, 2008

It would have been nice to win by a large margin against a 2nd-B division club, but…a win is a win is a win.

THE SQUAD: Leo Franco, Antonio López, Perea, Pablo, Pernía, Camacho (Álex Quillo 84’), Raúl García, Luis García, Miguel(Banega 59’); Sinama & Forlán (Keko 88’)

Our one goal was scored by Forlán, thanks to a pass by Antonio López.

A Few Notes/Comments
*This is the second game that Agüero has not played– clearly resting and recuperating from aches & pains.

*It seems odd to me that Aguirre did not rest Forlán sooner– it’s ridiculous to wait until the 88′ to rest the Uruguayan and give Keko his Atleti debut.

*Why didn’t he play Banega in the starting 11? It would have been a logical decision, yes? After all, The Argentine will be serving a suspension on Saturday when he play Mallorca.

*Unfortunately, Camacho injured his ankle towards the end of the game.

The home leg of this game will be played 12 November.

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