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Assunçao becomes our 5th Signing

Posted by atleti on July 6, 2008


According to our official website, Paulo Assunçao, 28 year old Brasilian midfielder, has signed a contract with us– details still remain unclear at this moment. It’s been a long process (due to his falling out with Oporto’s management), but it’s finally over, thank goodness.

Assunçao is a defensive midfielder. According to one article I’ve read, his style is very similar to Chelsea’s Makelele. I hope he adjusts well to our team because with Motta still fairly fragile, we’ll need a reliable defensive mid to allow the likes of Raúl García more opportunities to attack.

Has anyone seen him play? Any thoughts on him?

Meanwhile, we’re still on the lookout for a club for Maniche. According to our official website, there are quite a few clubs interested in the Portuguese international.

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