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Jornada 3: Atlético de Madrid 4 Recreativo de Huelva 0

Posted by atleti on September 20, 2008


Another masterful, comfortable victory in front of the Atleti Faithful

Coupet; Seitaridis, Ujfalusi, Perea, Antonio López; Maniche (Éver 68’), Raul García, Simão (Luis García 56’), Maxi; Sinama-Pongolle & Kun Agüero (Miguel 60’)

8′ Agüero, set-piece taken by Simao.
52′ Maniche, incredible effort.
77′ Sinama-Pongolle, sublime run by Miguel.
88′ Sinama-Pongolle, superb pass by Luis.

Solid performance all around, particularly by Maniche.

Kun continues to impress me again and again and again. And again!

Sinama is more than capable of playing in place of the injured Uruguayo. Oodles of talent, pace, and an eye for goal.

Simao— a total class act and set-piece genius. Always threatening and clever when he has the ball at his feet.

Ujfalusi— the strong Czech centre-back. What did we do without him?!

Coupet— the experienced Frenchman. Rock solid performance today.

Substitutes, Miguel and Luis in particular, continue to prove that we have depth on the bench. 

My one worry at the moment are the fullbacks.

All in all, though, I couldn’t be happier with our recent performances and style of play– fairly solid defence and attack-minded. Is this our season to achieve great things?

Our next three fixtures:
Wednesday, 24 September: away to Getafe.
Sunday, 28 September: home to Sevilla.
Wednesday, 1 October: home to Marseille.


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Champions: FC Schalke 04 v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on August 11, 2008

[UPDATE] SUPPORTERS IN THE USA: The first leg will NOT be shown live. ESPN Deportes channel will show it delayed at 8.00pm (Eastern Time). Watch it LIVE (en vivo) on the Internet!               


 The 08/09 Premier League season will start up this weekend and undoubtedly many of us will be keeping an eye out on that, in terms of build-up…but don’t forget our FIRST LEG OF THE CHAMPIONS THIRD QUALIFYING ROUND!


Here’s the squad that will be traveling to Germany:

GK: Coupet, Leo Franco.

DF: Seitaridis, Antonio López, Pernía, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Perea, Pablo, Valera.

MF: Cléber, Raúl García, Luis García, Maxi, Assunção, Miguel, Simão, Camacho.

FW: Diego Forlán, Sinama Pongolle.

MOTTA is still recuperating from his injury and MANICHE was omitted by technical decision. In other words, we are still in search for a club for him. KUN is still participating in the Olympics, of course.

According to AS, all of our summer signings will play in this first leg, with the exception of Coupet.

Here’s what they say our starting 11 will look like:

Leo Franco, Antonio López, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Perea, Simão, Assunção, Raúl García, Maxi, Forlán, & Sinama Pongolle.

Not bad at all. The only important piece missing is Kun.

Anyone know what might be Schalke’s starting 11?

Let’s hope for the best result possible…and always:


[I might update this entry with more info as it becomes available.]

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The Midfield

Posted by atleti on July 26, 2008


I read recently that Maniche is trying to ‘patch things up’ with Aguirre, his teammates, and club officials for his wreckless behaviour that led to his loan spell last season. Of course, we all know why he is humbling himself: He’s not attracting worthwhile offers!

I am motivated to return to work. I want to be at my best physical form so that I can have a good season.

Can we trust that he won’t act out again? I’m not so sure. Do we even need his services? He’s not in top shape at the moment and we do have Camacho, Assunção, and Motta as holding midfield options.

Meanwhile, we have less than a month before the season starts and an even shorter amount of time before Champions qualifiers begin…I worry that we still have not signed a decent playmaker.

What’s more, we still have Cléber in our ranks– I thought he would have been one of the first to make his way out of the club. I read a rumour that the club received offers for him, but nothing became of that.

Anything missing?

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Catching Up Entry

Posted by atleti on June 9, 2008

Lots of players on international duty for EURO and WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS.

Ujfaluši played a full 90 minutes for the Czech Republic’s opening game against Switzerland.

Simão played 83 minutes for Portugal against Turkey.

Seitaridis & Heitinga have games this coming week. Speaking of Seitaridis, I do recall reading that the Greek might leave the club this summer.

Meanwhile, Kun & Maxi continue have played two friendlies so far, all warm-up for Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers.

Forlán will serve international duty for Uruguay in their World Cup qualifiers.

I hope that they all return fully fit by the start of 08/09…


Too many to list, but here are a few.

According to some (albeit dubious) sources, we’re linked with Recreativo’s Sinama, Zaragoza’s Oliviera (on loan?), Getafe’s Uche,  and Paulo Assunçao.

Am I the only one completely underwhelmed by these players?

Then there are the rumours involving Lucho González & Luca Cigarini, which are total rubbish as well.

Meanwhile, the English press claims Newcastle have offered us 10 million euros for Reyes. Of course, even if that was true, Reyes has said many times that he hates England. Another rubbish rumour.

All the while, black-listed Maniche has declared that he will not return to the club if Aguirre continues as manager. Of course, that means he won’t be returning. Good riddance, I say.

Some good news is that ALEX QUILLO, Atleti youth product, has signed a professional contract with the club until 2010.

will hopefully be back to full fitness by the start of the season, having recovered from that persistent knee injury. It’s a shame he’s so injury-riddled because he truly is an excellent player when fit.

New entry will be up later on today (Monday).

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Moving forward…hodgepodge entry

Posted by atleti on February 22, 2008

Firstly, I just want to say it’s snowing A LOT over here.

Just a brief summary of things after yesterday’s disaster: Aguirre & just about every player interviewed by the press have said the same thing– that we will concentrate on securing a Champions spot. If we don’t, we stand the chance of losing our best players over the summer, namely Agüero, and we’ll fail to attract quality talent to replace the current rubbish.

Do we have what it takes? I honestly don’t know.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

In terms of Aguirre, it appears that the club are set to keep him until the end of the season: “I have this job until 30-June. My contract will continue until then.”

Is this the best decision for the club? Again, I honestly don’t know. I hate Aguirre and await the day that he, Gil, Cerezo, and Pitarch are out of the club.

In terms of players:

Motta is on his way to Colorado to see the highly-rated Doctor Richard Steadman…this means, of course, that he won’t play for the rest of the season. Seriously, why did it take him this long into his injury-riddled career to visit this doctor? This is something he should have done two years ago. What an absolute waste of a player.

SUSPENDED for this Sunday’s away game to Osasuna: Agüero, Pablo & Raúl García.

Recuperated from their respective injuries: Simão, Zé Castro & Valera.

Still injured:  Motta, Seitaridis & Leo Franco.

For anyone unfamiliar with Sergio‘s “¿Hasta cuando?” comment (in the below entry), here’s a video with an origin of it (with English subtitles):

There’s a strong, ever-growing movement of Atleti supporters who want to force Gil & Cerezo out of the club.


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Pause for Hodgepodge

Posted by atleti on February 5, 2008

For one very <brief> moment, let’s get our minds away from the string of poor results…

The UEFA commitee have confirmed that Raúl García will serve a suspension for our next UEFA game against Bolton Wanderers. I guess this can be viewed as a sort of a mixed blessing, in a way. On one hand, the Spaniard is such an important, almost irreplaceable player for us; on the other hand, he has played many minutes this season, at one point almost non-stop. The suspension would allow Miguel to receive more playing time in this game, which is a good thing.

MOVING ON…There’s an article on AS that talks about how poorly we’ve played since Maniche’s departure to Inter Milan.

In 13 games, Aguirre has tested six different midfield pairings:
R. García-Cléber (5 times)
R. García-Motta (3)
Maxi-Cléber (1)
Motta-Cléber (2)
Jurado-Cléber (1)
R. García-Jurado (1)

We have yet to see a Motta-Miguel midfield.

MOVING ON….Some international duty coming up for a few players (Pablo, Raúl García, Forlán, Perea– I think that’s it).

And, in closing, Fernando at Sentimiento Atletico asked his blog readers today:

“Win the UEFA Cup or secure a Champions spot in Liga? If given the choice, which do you prefer?”

Four reasons for the UEFA Cup: 1) 12 years since our last silverware triumph; 2) Atleti have never won the UEFA Cup; 3)Secure a spot in next season’s competition; and 4)Pride and Happiness for Atleti’s long-suffering supporters.


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Pitarch’s Press Talk

Posted by atleti on February 1, 2008


Our rubbish sporting director spoke to the press…Here are a few statements he made:

On Aguirre’s Future:
“The continuity of Javier is guaranteed until his contract with the team ends and it will probably be extended by a year…If he qualifies the team for Europe, he will have a year added to the contract.”

In terms of their working relationship:
“Our relationship is good both professionally and personally. Javier Aguirre is the best coach for Atlético.”

He claims the media has created an “artificial crisis”…

On the winter transfer window:

He also claims that Aguirre is not disappointed with the players he has signed for the team. This, I call bullshit.

“Tiago could today have been player of Atlético Madrid, but it was only possible if we equalled the money teams like Tottenham were offering for a permanent transfer. We did not want that, we wanted a loan arrangement.”

This I believe– Spurs wanted to buy Tiago from Juve, which appealed to them more than our loan proposal.

On Summer signings:
He said the club are interested in Johnny Heitinga and Tomáš Ujfaluši, although he did not confirm that ‘talks’ have officially begun.

“They are two players that Aguirre knows… we like them but that does not mean that we have contracts with them or that talks will be forthcoming.”

I like Heitinga. 24 year old Ajax centre-back & right-back and Dutch international. From what I’ve seen, he’s a very solid player.

Tomáš Ujfaluši. I don’t know much about him, except that he has been linked with many clubs. 29 year old Fiorentina & Czech defender (centre-back & right-back).

In terms of Maniche:
He assured the press that there is no problem with Aguirre on Maniche’s departure (bullshit?). With the return of Motta & Miguel from long-term injuries, he said the club decided there was no need to sign a new player.

On Eller, Diego Costa & Cleber:
“You can criticise the signing of Eller, Diego Costa, or Cleber, but I feel totally happy about them…”

When asked about the progression of the team:
“I will not say anything, that’s the job of the manager…”

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Jornada 19: Atlético de Madrid 1 Valencia 0

Posted by atleti on January 13, 2008

Los Colchoneros climb to #3 after another bizarre night at el Vicente Calderón– the final minutes were unbearable! Pure suffering.

Agüero scored the only goal thanks to a shocking error by Valencia goalkeeper Hildebrand.

Abbiati; Perea, Pablo, Eller, Antonio López; Raúl García, Cléber Santana, Maxi (Luis García 91’), Simão; Forlán (Reyes 71’) and Kun Agüero (Valera 93’)

Truth be told, it was another odd game: we went up before half-time as the better side, but allowed Valencia to dominate play in the second half (with Joaquín & Silva causing the most havoc). We played far too much in our own end — up until the dying minutes. Not to mention losing possession in the midfield all too frequently.

SERGIO at La Grada Blog makes a few points that I most definitely agree with: with the exception of Raúl & Agüero, the overall play & attitude of the team leaves much to be desired. That’s not to say that the team (as a whole) doesn’t play well. We’ve all seen them play great football with quick touches and fantastic combinations. It’s just disconcerting that they don’t MAINTAIN that same level of play for the ENTIRE 90 minutes…particularly when they score first.

Switching gears a bit…the sooner Cléber returns to the bench (or, leaves altogether), the better. He is NOT starting 11 quality. Hell, he’s not Liga quality. It’s an absolute shame that a class player such as Raúl has him for a midfield partner. Speaking of which, Raúl has been playing practically non-stop for us. Incredible talent, but I’d hate to see him burn out before the end of the season– or worse, suffer an injury. It’s driving me insane that Jurado is re-injured and Maniche had to act like a dick and get himself banished from the club. Our options are so slim at this point.

Defence looked good, for the most part. Antonio, I think, has proven that he deserves a regular starting 11 spot instead of Pernía. It’s good to see him receiving more minutes of play and proving that it was a tactical error to keep him benched during the early part of the season.

The thing that pissed me off was the substitution of Forlán for Reyes. What the hell? Did anyone else notice Forlán’s reaction? I was watching the game at a bar, so I couldn’t hear what the commentators had to say about it, but he looked rather peeved. Pernía had to settle him down a bit at the bench, it seemed. When I came home, I didn’t notice any online headlines about the outburst. Anyway, I completely understand and sympathise with Forlán, if that was the case. It seemed like an idiotic, risky tactical move by Aguirre, removing the Uruguayo when we’re only 1 up for rubbish Reyes. WHY DOES HE CONTINUE TO USE REYES INSTEAD OF LUIS OR MIGUEL? I will never understand this at all. He got the substitutions all wrong, again, but thankfully it didn’t cost us. A better manager wouldn’t make the sort of decisions that Aguirre makes on a weekly basis.

Aggravations aside (it’s been a day of mixed emotions, as usual), I’m very happy we collected 3 points today. 3 points AND we’re in #3 Champions spot. I’m loving it…suffering, but loving it.

If we play this way against Re*l, we won’t stand a chance.

Here’s our next 6 fixtures:
16-Jan: away to Valladolid (COPA)
20- Jan: at home, MADRID DERBI (LIGA)
27-Jan: away to Mallorca (LIGA)
3-Feb: home to Murcia (LIGA)
10-Feb: away to Racing (LIGA)
13-Feb: away to Bolton (UEFA)

Anything missing?

(Check out all comments on the game in the previous entry, if you haven’t already- lots of good thoughts on it.)

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Copa: Atlético de Madrid v Real Valladolid (home leg)

Posted by atleti on January 9, 2008

Here’s the squad list for tomorrow’s (Thursday) round of 16 game against Valladolid:

Starting 11: Falcón; Valera; Zé Castro; Eller; Pernía; Luis García; Cléber; Jurado; Reyes; Forlán; Mista.

SUBS: Abbiati; Perea; Raúl García; Miguel; Agüero.

RESTED: Pablo, Antonio López, Maxi, and Simao.

STILL OUT INJURED: Motta (could be back in time for the Madrid derbi), Leo Franco, and Seitaridis.

A significantly weakened side, hmm?? I’m always a little worried when we play these second-string sides, but, at the same time, I’m feeling fairly confident that we will do enough to make to the quarterfinals. I also hope that the stadium has more people in it than the previous Copa games. Let’s show the Copa some respect!

Anyway, for Valladolid’s part, manager Mendilibar doesn’t want the team to make the same mistakes that they made in last season’s Copa. Plus, he believes the team are better defensively since their 4-3 loss at el Vicente Calderón early this season.

Excerpts from Aguirre’s Press Talk:
“It’s going to be different from the one we played against them in league. In that match we weren’t good in defense; we were solid in attack, but we finished with ten men. We have to be aware that the qualifying tie lasts 180 minutes”.

“Valladolid is an aggressive team that plays well with the ball and works hard. We know that they’ve made some changes, but not many. It’s a team that plays beautiful football.”

REMINDER: The away leg will be played Wednesday, 16-January.

It looks like Maniche is as good as gone; all reports out at the moment suggest that he’ll be loaned out to Inter Milan for the rest of the season.

We’re heavily linked with Albelda, but it’s unclear on whether he can join us in January or if Valencia will send him on loan elsewhere.

Anything missing?

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Copa: Atlético de Madrid v Granada 74

Posted by atleti on January 2, 2008

First post of 2008! Finally!

Today (Wednesday) the club play the home (and final) leg of this round of Copa. We have a slim lead, 2-1.

STARTING 11: Falcón; Perea; Pernía; Valera; Zé Castro; Miguel; Cléber; Luis García; Jurado; Reyes; Mista.

SUBS: Abbiati, Pablo, Eller, Raúl García, Forlán, Simao.

Rested: Eller, Maxi, Antonio López.

Injured: Leo Franco Motta, Seitaridis.

Suspensed: Agüero

No Maniche! Is it safe to say that Maniche will never play for the club again? I still have mixed feelings on all of this… he has been a key player for us, but his behaviour over the past two years has been unprofessional. (Does anyone know of a similar situation like this? How was it solved? A player that comes to mind is Joey Barton (good player with anger management problems).

Anyway, Aguirre has said this will be a game where the lesser-used players will have an opportunity to start: Falcón, Mista, Miguel, and Valera in other words.

Here’s hoping for a strong victory to kick off 2008.

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