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Simão v Seitaridis

Posted by atleti on August 2, 2008

This may or may not be significant, but…according to AS, there was a heated argument between Simão and Seitaridis over a strong challenge by the Greek during a training session. Forlán, Miguel, & Cléber prevented the argument from escalating by pushing the two players away from each other.

Predictably, the rumour is that Seitaridis is frustrated with his current situation. He knows that he doesn’t figure into Aguirre‘s 08/09 plan, but he has yet to receive an acceptable offer out of the club.

In any case, we seem to have a reputation, especially in recent seasons, of internal conflicts, whether it be player versus player, player versus manager, manager v president, manager v sporting director, or president v supporters…

Remember last season?
Reyes v Aguirre
Reyes v Forlán
Maniche v Aguirre
Aguirre v Pitarch

And those are only the ones we know about. There could very well be more tension between other players that hasn’t been exposed to the press.

Do I expect everyone to get along famously? No. That’s unrealistic.  Should they at least put their differences aside and RESPECT each other? Yes.

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Jornada 33: Atlético de Madrid v Real Betis

Posted by atleti on April 18, 2008

#4 Atleti 54 points.
#13 Betis 41 points.

We played Betis in their stadium back in December and won them (0-2).

Now we must play them at home…

Here’s Aguirre’s starting 11:
STARTING 11: Leo Franco; Seitaridis, Pablo, Perea, Antonio López; Cléber, Raúl García, Maxi, Simão; Agüero & Forlán.

SUBS: Abbiati, Eller, Pernía, Luis García, Reyes, Miguel, Camacho.

New faces in the starting 11: Cléber & Seitaridis. Any predictions on how this will affect our play?

06/07 season: 0-0 draw.
05/06 season: Betis were in the second division.
04/05 season: 1-2 loss for us.
03/04 season: 2-1 win for us.
02/03 season: 1-0 win for us.

Betis will be without injured Edu & Caffa. Plus, their Argentine striker Pavone will be serving a suspension.

Betis’ recent five results:
Betis 0 Levante 1
Zaragoza 0 Betis 3
Betis 3 Barcelona 2
Osasuna 0 Betis 1
Racing 3 Betis 0

Fairly inconsistent run for Beticos, which explains their position in the league table.

Here’s a likely lineup:
Ricardo (or Casto), Ilic (or Damiá), Juanito, Melli, Fernando Vega; Arzu, Capi (or Juande), Odonkor, Xisco (or Babic); Sobis & Fernando.

Biggest threats, I think, are Sobis & Odonkor.

A win is crucial for us to secure a Champions spot! I don’t care how we do it… let’s just collect the three points.

In other news, it looks like Abbiati is set to return to Milan at the end of the season. A good long-term decision, I would say.

Meanwhile, Jurado could be headed to Mallorca as the club seek to improve and offload several players ahead of the 08/09 season.

Anything missing? Share!

Saludos y Aupa Atleti

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It’s still Tuesday!

Posted by atleti on March 25, 2008

It’s been a busy few days for me– that time of year– you know how it is! But here’s a new entry with some of this & some of that.

Firstly, Jornada 29: Sevilla 1 Atleti 2.

Not much to say except that it’s a massive boost for our goal of securing a Champions spot!

Abbiati; Antonio López, Pablo, Perea, Pernía; Camacho (Jurado 90’), Raúl García (Cléber 51’), Maxi, Simão; Forlán & Kun Agüero.

18′ Maxi (good work by Forlán)
57′ Agüero (assist by Antonio López)

You’ve seen it already, but it’s worth posting it up here, as a reminder:

1 Real Madrid 62
2 Barcelona 58
3 Villarreal 56
4 Atlético 50
5 Racing 47
6 Sevilla 45

A 3-point cushion– let’s not lose it, for the love of God! As Raul said, “We’re in the driving seat” now.

Next five fixtures:

-away to Villarreal
-home to Almeria
-away to Real Valladolid
-home to Real Betis
-away to Getafe

Not a bad set of games coming up. In fact, I fancy our chances against all of these teams. The Yellow Submarine and SuperGeta are the toughest of them all, I think.

Meanwhile, DUTY CALLS!

Maxi & Agüero
GREECE: Seitaridis
U-21 SPAIN: Raúl García & Jurado

Key players will be playing for their countries. Here’s hoping everyone returns uninjured.

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Back from the dead.

Posted by atleti on March 12, 2008

When Atleti lose, it demotivates me…a lot. All I want to do is sing their praises here, but when they lose against the likes of Zaragoza in such a disgraceful manner, it’s, well, discouraging…to the point where I can’t even bring myself to blog about the mayhem.

Hence, the blog-laziness.

/rant over.

Moving on…

It’s short. Motta is still in the USA recuperating from his latest knee operation while Valera continues to recuperate from the knock he picked up against Zaragoza.

Maxi left the latest training session early because he had a bit of pain…precautionary decision.

Seitaridis has been participating in training sessions after nearly three months out with injury. Same goes for Leo Franco, but I doubt the Argentine will play much.  Should Abbiati continue on as 1st choice keeper or should Leo Franco reclaim his spot? I’d stick with Abbiati at this point.

Word is we’re looking for a club for Reyes, easily the worst signing of 07/08. …12 million euros down the drain, but thank goodness he’ll be shown the exit at the end of the season.

Anyway, next up? #20 Levante at home…

…be back with an entry on that.

Anything missing? Share.

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Midweek Hodgepodge/Talking Points

Posted by atleti on March 4, 2008

A bit of a busy few days for me recently- I apologise for the lack of entries and commenting on other blogs. I hope to get back to my normal routine soon enough.


Ever since his performance against Barcelona, the press have been gushing about him- and rightly so. KUN is world-class and arguably one of the best strikers we’ve ever had at the club.

Meanwhile, Maradona on our defence after the Barcelona game:
“How did I see my ‘son-in-law’ against Barcelona? When Ronaldinho scored early on, I thought Barça were going to run all over them, but then Sergio awakened…He showed his quality and began to make life hard for Milito and Puyol…However, of course, the Atletico defence is like that of Flandria, but in the end everything went well.”

OK, I know what you’re thinking: Who cares what Maradona thinks. I normally don’t pay much mind to his press talks, but this is Atleti-related so I had to include it.

Leo Franco
has officially recovered from his injury. He’s back to full training with the squad. I don’t expect him to play right away, but his return to 100% match fitness means the eventual end of Falcón’s time as second choice goalkeeper. I wonder, then, What will become of the promising young goalkeeper this summer– Will we keep him? Or…?

Seitaridis is nearing the end of his recuperation and is expected to re-join the team during training sessions soon.

Simão seems to have picked up a slight knock and trained lightly recently– nothing severe, thankfully.

Motta? Well, he’ll be out for the rest of the season. It’s a shame we didn’t sign him on a pay-as-you-play contract during the pre-season…

Zaragoza v Atlético
Atlético v Levante 
Sevilla v Atlético
Villarreal v Atlético
Atlético v Almeria

Not a bad schedule, all things considered. Sevilla & Villarreal away will be the toughest of the bunch.

Simão on the rest of the season:
“All of the twelve games left are important, and we must start with a win against Zaragoza, who are having a difficult time at the moment, but have a lot of quality and do not deserve to be in the position they currently occupy. It will be a difficult encounter, but we come into it in good spirits and must continue a positive run.”

Fiorentina’s Czech defender Ujfalusi has once again been linked to us.

AS also reports that we might be ‘fishing’ for talent at Liverpool this summer: Benitez, Xabi, and Reina. Xabi, in particular, appears to be a player that has fallen our of favour at Liverpool. Reina’s father played for Atleti many years ago, so he would be more than welcome to the club.

Anything missing?

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Final Blog Entry of 2007

Posted by atleti on December 30, 2007

Back to work for Los Colchoneros! The squad–including Maniche— had a light training session today (Sunday) after a week off for the Christmas holiday. 150 supporters showed up to see the team in action.

Leo Franco & Maxi didn’t participate due to injury. Maxi’s knee injury seems minor, he should be fully fit in time for our Sunday game.

Some good news in terms of injuries: Motta & Seitaridis trained in the gym, separately. On the road to recovery…

Tomorrow they’ll train again in preparation for Wednesday’s Copa home clash (2-January) against Granada 74.

Reminder: we won the away leg, 1-2.

Anyway, the transfer window will be open soon enough, but it won’t matter much to Atleti since the club have said over & over again that there won’t be any winter signings. Still, the transfer window is something I look forward to, from a general footballing point of view.

Enough of my rambling, have a safe New Year everyone!

I can’t wait for Liga to resume!

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Moving on…

Posted by atleti on December 18, 2007

Two more days (the 20th) until our final UEFA game, home to Panathinaikos. A win will mean finishing #1.

Today, Antonio López rejoined the team after taking time off to mourn the recent death of his sister. Best wishes to him & his family.

Agüero was back from his trip to the  FIFA World Player Gala, where he won the award for best player of the U-20 World Cup. He had an opportunity to mingle with the likes of Kaká, his good friend Messi, Ronaldo, et al. Congratulations to him!

Maniche seems to have recovered from that slight injury he picked up a few days ago; he trained with the rest of his teammates. Hopefully he’ll be back to good form in time for Thursday.

Meanwhile, Jurado & Seitaridis seem to be recuperating well from their respective injuries. Both trained in an alternative session with the physical therapist.

Motta, Leo Franco & Pablo (gastroenteritis) didn’t participate in today’s session.

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One More Hodgepodge

Posted by atleti on November 21, 2007

Thankfully, Liga returns this weekend!! :)

International Break…almost over!
Pablo & Pernia played 90 minutes for Spain (against Northern Ireland), sealing top spot in their EURO group.

Maniche played 90 minutes for Portugal while Simao remained benched– Portugal qualify for EURO, too.

On Tuesday, Maxi played about 15 minutes for Argentina while Kun didnt play at all. Unfortunately, Argentina’s winning streak came to end as they lost to Colombia. I won’t elaborate on the loss, except, well, these things happen. Upwards & onwards, Albicelestes!

 In terms of Atleti, Kun and Maxi won’t be physically exhausted since they didn’t play much. I suspect they will be given some time to rest when they return to Spain (due to the time difference).


Injury News
AS suggests that Forlán & Jurado are nearing the end of their injury spells. They may or may not be fit for Sunday’s game, though.

Seitaridis out….Valera in…
With Seitaridis recuperating from surgery (not to mention Perea also nursing an injury), it looks like Valera will be included in this Sunday’s starting 11 against Valladolid.

“I’ve really been looking forward to this moment, even though it’s due to a teammate’s injury. We hope that everything goes well, that we win and that we continue with our good streak”

“I feel really good. My knee is responding perfectly to all the work. I’m lacking rhythm, but I hope to get there little-by-little.”

It’s good to read that last bit– that he’s realistic in that he lacks ‘rhythm’ with the team. Let’s hope for a smooth return to football for Valera.


Just a few things that caught my eye these past few days.

The club are keen on renewing Maxi‘s contract (& clause) with his agency IMG since clubs (namely Inter) might be interested in his services. It’s said that he has been a mentor & good friend to Kun since the little Argentine’s arrival to Spain last season. The club are also keen on increasing Kun’s clause as well. I think this is more fact than rumour. 

I hope everyone has enjoyed in some way, shape, or form, their international holiday break!

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More Midweek Hodgepodge

Posted by atleti on November 14, 2007

Investing in the the future; the next Drogba…?
The club have reached a pre-agreement to sign 18 year old Ghana striker Sadick Adams in January. Brilliant signing for the future, no? He had an excellent U-17 campaign with Ghana.

“I wanted to play in Europe and to be here at Atlético de Madrid is a dream…I liked Atlético because of Fernando Torres and I still continue to follow his career at Liverpool.”

Adams will be incorporated into the B team, so his dream of training & playing with Kun and Forlan will have to wait a bit.

Welcome aboard!


Miguel de la Cuevas back in action soon?
In a recent press talk he said that he is 100% recovered from his horrific injury a little over a year ago. He’s ready to start playing again and is happy that we are involved in three competitions this season (Liga, UEFA, Copa), which will give him playing opportunities “My objective is to stay with Atleti, I’m not thinking about leaving.”


UNRELATED: On the official website, Simao said: “Liga is difficult; the UEFA Cup or Copa del Rey are more achievable


Injury News
*Seitaridis will undergo surgery (achilles) in Finland this Monday. He’ll be out of action for the next 4-6 weeks. The injury certainly explains why he had an awful game against Almeria. Now is the time for Valera to step up & take over that position until he’s back.

*Raul Garcia trained a bit today, a week after having nasal surgery.

The training session also included Falcón, Eller, Antonio López, Zé Castro, Valera, Motta, Mista, Cléber, Miguel, and Luis García– in addition to De Gea, Rubiato, Didí and Javi Ruiz of the B team.

Leo Franco, Abbiati, and Reyes all received permission to be excluded from the session.


MARCA claim that we have already reached an agreement with Ajax with Heitinga. Apparently he will sign a 4-year contract at the end of this season.

Although this is not set in stone, Heitanga’s agent says the Dutchman is flattered by the interest & is attracted to the prospect of playing in Liga. His agent has ties in Spain as he is Wesley Sneijder’s agent, too.

In other news, it’s safe to say that we can scratch Lugano off the list of possible defenders that we are interested in. In a Tuttosport interview, made it clear he wants to join Juventus above all other clubs.

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Jornada 12: Almería 0 Atlético de Madrid 0

Posted by atleti on November 11, 2007

Leo Franco; Seitaridis (Eller, 46’), Perea, Pablo, Antonio López; Maniche, Cléber, Simão (Motta, 73’), Reyes (Luis García, 59’) Maxi; Kun Agüero

We had a glorious opportunity to return to a Champions League spot & failed miserably. Instead, we are #6 with only 1-2 points separating us from Racing Santander & Sevilla.

What else is there to say?

Seitaridis had a terrible first half, which included a sloppy tackle in the box. Fortunately, Leo Franco saved us from further misery. The Greek nearly made a mess of a short-range back pass to Leo Franco. His display was so poor that he was subbed out in the 45 minute.

Who replaced him you ask? Rubbish Eller. Another poor performance by the Brasilian– I was literally biting my fingernails every time he had the ball at his feet.

Perea, Pablo, & Antonio weren’t much better. Yes, we didn’t concede a single goal, but the truth is, we were fortunate that Almeria lacked finishing quality to make our visit even more miserable.

In terms of the midfield, I frequently found myself asking, throughout the game, “Where’s Maxi?” He appeared maybe a few times, but it was a very quiet performance for the Argentine. Simão had a rather quiet game as well. I wasn’t particularly impressed with Cleber— he continues to prove he’s a mediocre player (at best) with no real presence in the midfield. Luis had a surprisingly poor game, in terms of passing & overall impact. Reyes, who was fouled quite a bit, was involved in a couple good exchanges, but failed to capitalise on any of them.

In terms of Kun, without a true centre-forward like Forlan, he has a difficult time playing up front. There were a few times where he found himself in a good position, but had no one around him to pass the ball to. Again…”Where was Maxi (who was supposed to play as a support striker)?”

Not much to say about Motta since he came on in the 73 minute. He looked OK, for the most part, but still needs more time to return to good playing form. He hasn’t had much time to gel with the team since his arrival. I just hope he remains injury-free because we’re going to need him more than ever in our next game. 

Why you ask?

Perea & Seitaridis will be serving suspensions in our next game: home against on-the-up Valladolid. Surely this means Valera will receive a starting 11, to replace Seitaridis. In terms of centre-backs, Aguirre will probably pair up Ze CastroPablo. Raul might not be available, which means we might see Cleber or Motta in central midfield with Maniche. Forlan won’t be available. Perhaps Mista will return from injury, by then. Even so, he won’t be 100% match-fit.

Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to the next coming weeks.

These recent results don’t look good for Aguirre either. Will he be sacked? The jury is still out.


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