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Amsterdam Tournament: Dirty Lazio Bastards

Posted by atleti on August 5, 2007

During yesterday’s game against Lazio, quite a few Atleti players were victims of extremely physical challenges:

Simao received a tackle that left his shoulder heavily bruised.

Ze Castro received a nasty knock (muscular pain) that has prevented him from a post-Tournament training session.

Luis Garcia was nastily lunged at by Massimo Mutarelli and had to be subbed off (after coming in as a sub for Simao). Fortunately, a week of no training should do the trick (muscular pain), according to the club’s doctor.

Reyes was carried off because of a nasty tackle on his ankle- it doesn’t seem too serious, I think. I’ll re-check a few sites to make sure.

This was a damn pre-season tourney, not a rugby scrum, for christ’s sake.


UPDATE (Good News!): Both Simao and Reyes were deemed fit enough to participate in today’s non-strenuous training session. Luis Garcia, Ze Castro, and Seitaridis, however, were left out due to injury.

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Amsterdam Tournament: Lazio 1 Atletico Madrid 3

Posted by atleti on August 4, 2007

Atletico Madrid eased to a 3-1 win over Lazio thanks to goals from Braulio, Luis Garcia and Jose Antonio Reyes.

I didn’t have an opportunity to watch the entire game. I did catch a bit of the first half (10 minutes or so) and the entire second half. It’s great to see Atleti win…convincingly and not simply scrape by!

Here are some very brief, random notes and observations:

-After much digging through the Atleti forums, it’s clear that I didn’t miss much, in terms of the first half: overall, it left much to be desired. The second half, however, was excellent (in terms of possession and pressure on the Lazio defence, plus two goals)

-Eller (lacks pace) and Ze Castro as a centre-back unit do NOT work well together at all; the defence was incredibly shaky (as per usual). I hate to sound like a broken record, but something must be done or the defence will be our demise. Personally, I think a solid centre-back would sort things out.

-Julián Vara and Braulio (from the B squad) had fairly good games. Vara is a defender and if used in the main squad, would most likely be a sub for left-back Seitaridis. Braulio took his goal well; quality finishing by the youngster.

Stand-out performances of the game? Luis Garcia and Jose Antonio Reyes were absolutely excellent- not only did they score two golazos, but they add an abundance of creativity to a squad that has lacked ideas for such a long time. Both were eventually subbed out to prevent injury, which is perfectly fine with me. I want them to be in tip-top shape for Derby Day.

-Another great performance by Simao (his second with the club, by the way).

-Costinha and Mista: I hope both are shown the door this summer. If he’s not raking up cards, Costinha is practically non-existent on the pitch. As for Mista, another non-existent performance by him. He’s passed it, doesn’t add anything to the attack, and should leave the club before the start of Liga.

-Raul Garcia, impressive game for the midfielder- very active and spot-on passing during most of his time on the pitch.

-Leo Franco: in general, a reliable keeper, but he can be poor at times. Case in point: he nearly directed a goal into the net by not accurately punching it properly. Thank goodness it hit the post.

-Maxi- another hard-working performance, but still no goal to show for his efforts, still struggling to find his razor-sharp form (the form prior to the horrific injury he suffered in 06/07).

The best is yet to come!

Leo Franco; Vara, Zé Castro, Eller, Pernía; Reyes (Antonio López, 73), Luccin (Raúl García, 61), Maniche, Simao (Luis García, 46 (Costinha, 80); Maxi Rodríguez (Mista, 62) and Braulio.

Goals: Braulio (38), Luis Garcia (65), Reyes (69)

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Amsterdam Tournament: Ajax 2 Atlético Madrid 0

Posted by atleti on August 2, 2007

No one likes losing, even if it’s a meaningless pre-season friendly. That said, I did come away with some thoughts (both positive and negative). 

Brief, random notes (I watched some of the 1st half & all of the 2nd half):

-I’m actually a bit torn between Eller and Perea. If the club don’t plan to change the defence (as in bring in a more reliable centre-back), I honestly don’t know who should pair up with Pablo.

-Raul Garcia and Maniche should pair up in the central midfield (no rubbish Luccin, please). Good game, overall, for Raul.

-Maxi still needs to find his rhythm on the pitch (like most players during pre-season, of course); he’s lacking that extra bit of sharpness. That’s not to say he hasn’t been hard-working.

-Antonio Lopez has so much potential and yet he often has such poor performances.

-Costinha: ship him out already, for goodness sake!

-Braulio is growing on me and I’d like to see him as 3rd choice striker (with aging Mista as 4th, if he stays); decent passing by the youngster and plays with much more desire than Mista.

-Simao– fantastic first performance for the Portuguese winger as a rojiblanco- excellent technical skills, passing, creativity, impressive on free kicks– truly a class act and a much needed addition to the squad.

-Luis Garcia-  true vision and creativity; t’s a shame he wasn’t able to score a goal in the 2nd half-  there was a clear opportunity. He still needs to fine-tune his game.

All in all, the best is yet to come, remember: Aguero, Forlan, and Cleber will not be participating in this tourney.

Of note, Reyes did not play in this game- perhaps Saturday against Lazio?

Also: A lot of Atleti forums have been  alsightly negative over this pre-season result; if any of you are reading this: have a bit of faith, please. Por favor, confianza en nuestro equipo!

Abbiati; Seitaridis, Pablo, Eller, Antonio López; Maxi Rodríguez, Raúl García, Costinha (Maniche ’58), Jurado (Simao ’46); Braulio y Mista (Luis García ’58).

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Amsterdam Tournament Mini-Update

Posted by atleti on July 31, 2007

Luis García, Simao Sabrosa, and Reyes are expected to debut in this pre-season tourney while Forlán, kun Aguero, Luis Perea, and Cléber Santana will be given this time to rest before the start of the season.

In addition to the above, here’s the rest of the squad taken to the Netherlands:  goalkeepers Leo Franco and Abbiati; defenders Seitaridis, Vara, Pablo, Eller, Zé Castro, Antonio López and Pernía; midfielders Maxi, Maniche, Jurado, Raúl García, Luccin and Costinha; and strikers Mista and Braulio.

It’s a two-game tournament for each club (Atleti, Ajax, Arsenal, and Lazio):

Thursday 2 August: Ajax v Atleti

Saturday 4 August: Lazio v Atleti

Here’s hoping no one picks up an injury! And hopefully it’ll be available on the Internet.

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Reyes Officially Transfers to Atlético

Posted by atleti on July 30, 2007

Well, that’s that. Jose Antonio Reyes finally finds a club willing to take him. He officially transferred to Atlético today after agreeing to a 4-year contract worth about €12 million.

I have mixed feelings on this. Reyes strikes me as a player who was desperate to play anywhere in Spain so as not to return to England.  The fact that he expressed such a strong desire to join Re*l M*drid at the end of the season– not to mention helping them win the domestic league– sickens me to no end.

That said, now that he’s a rojiblanco, I wish him the best of luck and hope that he adds creativity and more goal-scoring opportunities. Hopefully the 23 year old will prove his critics wrong with excellent performances on the pitch. All in all, from a technical standpoint, he’s a very good signing. (I’d love to see him score derby day!)

Reyes will join his new teammates in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Tournament after his official presentation tomorrow (Tuesday).

Surely this means the end of Costinha?! More on possible squad formations tomorrow.

Jose Antonio Reyes joins Atlético Madrid after spending three years with Arsenal, his last year spent on loan to Real Madrid. He’s a versatile player that can play as a left-winger or support striker.

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Ship him out.

Posted by atleti on July 29, 2007

Today, during a training session, Portuguse midfielder Costinha punched Jacobo Ynclán in the face after the 20 year old canterano dangerously tackled him. The fight was broken up by a few players, judging by the photo, Brasilian Diego Costa.  

It just so happens that 50 or so Atleti supporters were watching the training when the incident occurred. Many began chanting ‘Dedicate a jugar al fútbol!’ to Costinha, who is not a fan favourite and has fallen down the pecking order. Ship him out now.

Atleti will have a day of rest tomorrow (Monday), before traveling to Amsterdam on Tuesday to continue their preparations for the Amsterdam Tournament, which I have discussed here. Their first game will be against Dutch giants, Ajax.

In other news, there’s an outrageous rumour circulating in the Spanish press that Jose Antonio Reyes– the on loan Arsenal player at Re*l M*drid, the one who lead them to league glory in 06/07– is on his way to becoming a rojiblanco. I won’t discuss this  at this moment because I have extremely mixed feelings on it. It’s better to wait and see if this is true or false, anyway!

Stay tuned.

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Atlético Madrid Pre-season Happenings

Posted by atleti on July 5, 2007

Intertoto (click here for official site)
Since Atlético didn’t qualify for UEFA (ugh- don’t remind me) through their league position, they hope to reach it via the Intertoto route. As such, the club will begin training sessions next Monday for preparations (newly signed Forlan, Perea, and Aguero are excluded due to international duty). Los rojiblancos will face the winner of Maccabi Haifa v Gloria Bistrita (in Romania) on 21/22 July.

[Note: Copa America ends 15 July and U-20 World Cup ends 22-July]

More on this as the date approaches, of course.

Amsterdam Tournament (click here for official site)
In early June, Atlético, Arsenal, Ajax, and Lazio were invited to play in this summer tournament. Los rojiblancos will face Ajax on the 2nd of August and Lazio on the 4th. I view this tournament as an ideal way for manager Javier Aguirre to test the squad prior to the season- indeed, it’s a perfect opportunity to allow the players to develop a ‘rhythm’ together.

I find this excerpt from the main website very interesting:

As usual there will be a unique point system at the LG Amsterdam Tournament, with extra points given for each goal scored, which makes it possible for a team which loses its first game, still to win the tournament on Saturday. This system encourages attacking and spectacular play.

Again, not an important tourney, but a perfect opportunity for the squad to play together  against other clubs before the start of the season. Plus, they have an incentive to work on putting goals in the back of the net.

Back tomorrow for official transfer news (or otherwise), if any.

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