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Jornada 22: First 3 Points of 2009

Posted by atleti on February 9, 2009


Unfortunately, I was working this Sunday, so I couldn’t follow the game.

Still, a few things interested me about it:

1- It’s our first victory of 2009.

2- It’s Abel’s first victory as manager.

3- Kun & Forlán scored the goals.

4- Abel’s starting 11: Leo Franco; Perea, Pablo, Ujfalusi, Pernía; Sinama, Assunçao, Raúl García (Maniche 78), Antonio López; Forlán (Banega 80) & Agüero (Miguel 90).

Interesting tactic to use Sinama & Antonio López on the wings.

5- It’s still too soon to tell if we can label this a ‘Resinolution’, but it’s certainly promising, no?

Next up: home to Getafe! The other Madrid derbi. Abel’s first home game as manager.

11 Responses to “Jornada 22: First 3 Points of 2009”

  1. Willen said

    After this terrible January I feel I can get back to comment stuff here.

    Yes and Yes.. interesting tactic with Sinama and López as wingers.. Did it really work out? Sinama gave the pass for the first goal.. I don’t know anything about López.. Any inside on this? =)

    Sevilla lost to Betis.. With a couple wins we can get back to 3rd. But it’s definitely a good bye for the 2nd place dream.

    And.. what’s Barcelona players drinking? please anyone stop them!


  2. day1star said

    Forlan has an ankle injury, so may not be available for the game against Getafe.

  3. @ day1star,
    Forlán sprained his left ankle ligament. For the time being, he has been ruled out for travelling with Uruguay to their friendly match in Tripoli against Libya. In order to speed his recovery up, he is carrying out individual and separate training. However, it is too soon to assess whether he will be available next Sunday evening or not. Probably we have to wait a couple of days for news. Hopefully, good ones.

    @ willen,
    Antonio Lopez tried to do his best but probably he was not born to be a striker. He played a weak game and was not his best day.

    Un abrazo. miguel

  4. day1star said

    From what i was reading he’s unlikely to play against Getafe. I hope you’re right though.

  5. Ram said

    It is the same formation as Aguirre used except that we did not have Maxi & Simao playing. In Maxi’ absence Sinama has been playing the right side of midfield and has done a good job there.

  6. RojiBlanco said

    Sinama did a good job on the right. I’m actually very happy that he’s come to Atleti. Versatile and good player. Lopez on the left was not good, unfortunately. A few years ago he also played as left-midfielder (with the half year injuries of Maxi and Petrov) and he performed pretty good back then, but on previous sunday it just wasnt good enough. I think Miguel should be given more minutes.

  7. In two or three days we can see Forlan’s ankle evolution and then to assess accordingly. Another different thing, however, is that we will not probably need to assume an unnecessary risk with Forlan on the pitch to defeat Getafe.

  8. day1star said

    Aguero’s starting in today’s game against France, here’s 2 good links for anyone who does not have espn2/espn360/espnd:

  9. day1star said

    sorry the first link is:

  10. Leivinha said

    Aguirre would never have tried Sinama and A. Lopez on the wings over
    other midfielders on the bench….so I like Abel’s willingness to experiment with this line-up which one could say worked if measured by results. Heck, I dread Pernia so much that I would try Camacho at outside left back! One criticism I read was that Abel waited too long to make any changes in the 2nd half when he already had a comfortable lead.

  11. Ram said

    To be true, he did not have much better choice other than to field Sinama and Antonio Lopez. Sinama had been starting the last 3 games under Aguirre in the right mid field position, when Maxi was injured. The only surprising thing used by Abel was Antonio instead of Luis Garcia, who would have been crap anyways. Now that we have all important players back we should play more offensive.

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