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The Month of January…

Posted by atleti on January 17, 2009

has been a dismal, downright ugly, one.

Liga: Valencia 3 Atlético de Madrid 1

Copa: Atlético de Madrid 1 Barcelona 3

Liga: Atlético de Madrid 2 Athletic Bilbao 3

Copa: Barcelona 2 Atlético de Madrid 1

Next up…away to Almeria in the league this Sunday…here’s hoping this game doesn’t lead to more misery. I don’t think I can stomach anymore.

Thinking out loud: Mediocrity abounds in our team (certain players, in particular), but, in terms of Aguirre, is the reason why he’s still around because the club can’t find a suitable replacement?

21 Responses to “The Month of January…”

  1. Hello, Atlético has not started the year well, having played 4 matches and lost 4. Tomorrow we must play to the Almería and only worth winning or winning .Greetings!

  2. Ram said

    Starting 11:

    —-Leo Franco—-
    Perea-pablo-Ujfalusi-A Lopez
    —–Assuncao –Ever——–

  3. day1star said

    We drew 1-1. Most of second half we were playing against 10 men, Banega goat a second yellow near the end of the game.

  4. Armon said

    Obviously the result was a disappointment, but the fact that we didn’t score with the 1 man advantage was purely unlucky. we were able to connect with one another and make much better plays with the ball but simply got denied by the post or the fact that we just couldn’t put it away, but the chances were there which is the only pro i can take out of this game. Also, banega did get sent off again but that last card was down to how bad he wanted to win and stop a counter-attack from developing. If I’m honest I gotta say I actually like banega a lot and wish he’d get more playing time. Aside from his sometimes suspect decision-making, which is mostly because he’s still young and experienced, I think he’s actually a fantastic player and deserves more pt

  5. Billie said

    It does not seem easy to improve the situation. The team goes to less. We need a revolution.

    P.D.: Lena, In a few days, I’ll send the questionnaire to you, thanks.

  6. Hello:

    Atlético one cannot fail again, must win to the Málaga on Sunday to remain grasped to the Champions.

    I propose an exchange you of links.


  7. fernandez said

    wow right now atleti is playin really good still 0-0

  8. fernandez said

    and now they suck

  9. mohammed said

    Can’t stop losing points!

  10. atleti said

    Wow, and I thought this couldn’t get any worse. It’s hard to muster up any excitement these past few weeks, huh? Ugh.

  11. day1star said

    it’s unbelievable, we’re still within 2 points of 4th place, thanx to Valencia losing and Villareal drawing.

  12. Peter said

    “It´s hard to muster up any excitement”
    So how did you feel a few years ago?Drawing 0-0 with Nastic?Finishing 13th then 7th?Are you a supporter or what?Thank fuck El Frente aren´t as feeble as you!!
    Atleti till I die

  13. Ram said

    Not a good month I should say and thankfully this Malaga match was the last one for the month. Hope that we have a better month in February. Aguirre also knows who is not performing and we can see that from the starting eleven he chooses (Maniche, Seitaridis, L. Garcia) but he has limited resources when we look at our bench. I still want to stick with Aguirre not only for this season but for the next one too but we need to find a way to dispose of few players.

  14. fernandez said

    i think jurado and ze castro are playing realy well and will help our squad next season

  15. Luiz Pereira said

    I always liked Jurado because he has a lot of the passing/playmaking skills that have been seriously lacking in our club for the last few years. Ze Castro, although young, always showed potential for the future. I’d be happy to get him back.

    Can we give Aguirre away on an indefinite loan? Maybe we could do an upgrade and get Hugo Sanchez, who has recently won the Mexican liga, and has a strong history with our club. From his CV, I can tell that he’s a bonafide winner.


  16. day1star said

    i’d like us to get a younger coach, if we were to change Aguirre that is, someone who makes the players go back to basics, and makes them really train hard a bit like Guardiola.

  17. Ram said

    Jurado is good for a club like Mallorca.

  18. day1star said

    another bad first half performance.

  19. day1star said

    we lost 2-1, don’t have anything else to say other than the club should refuse to pay the players, the performance was awful. Aguirre must go, the players have absolutely no confidence in themselves and the good players will leave if this continues.

  20. mohammed said

    This team has lost the will to win !

  21. Sherrill said

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