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Champions: Marseille 0 Atlético de Madrid 0

Posted by atleti on December 10, 2008

Well, we didn’t deserve to win, but at least Marseille didn’t win either. Their supporters have been incredibly rancid since the incident at our stadium.

The result doesn’t bother me much. Yes, we didn’t top our group, but we still qualify for the next round of Champions.

Positives: Strong defensive performances by Coupet & the defence. Stand-out moments by Banega. Kun continues to impress with his brilliance, and the overall teamwork in a foreign environment.

Negatives: The draw itself. No goals scored. De Las Cuevas and Camacho continue to warm the bench. Sinama–hello… yoo hoo!

Anyway, Looking Ahead:
The draw for the First Knockout Round will be on 19-December in Nyon.

So far, we could draw Roma, Panathinaikos, Barcelona, or Liverpool. More games to be played tomorrow (Wednesday),  of course, so we shall see who else we could play against. (I hope we avoid Liga clubs…) Who would you prefer?

Reminder: First knockout Round Dates
24/25 February 2009
10/11 March 2009

So, that’s that.

We’re apparently interested in Betis’ Juanito. Not a bad player, in fact, he’s a better player than a couple defenders we currently have, but…he’s also 32 years old. Not exactly a long-term signing, if it happened.

Agüero is still linked with a move to Manchester City.

Anything missing? Thanks to those who left comments on the game! Ace.

11 Responses to “Champions: Marseille 0 Atlético de Madrid 0”

  1. Ram said

    I don’t think we will meet up with Liverpool since we played them in the group stages.

  2. Peter said

    Or Barça,I think you can´t meet teams from your own country or group until the quarters(I may be wrong)

  3. Ram said

    peter– I think you are correct.

  4. Armon said

    as do i gentlemen

  5. Mohammed said

    I think drawing Panathinaikos would be a great for us.

  6. atleti said

    Ah! Thanks! I forgot that.

    The Greeks would be a decent draw!!!

  7. Ram said

    The Greeks are in demand team..everybody wants them

  8. atleti said

    Thankfully, El Clasico AND our game will be televised LIVE over here, thank goodness!!!

  9. day1star said

    Barca have beaten Real, so if we beat Betis tomorrow and Villareal beat Sevilla, we will end the weekend in fourth, which is where we want to be.

  10. day1star said

    We won 2-0 thanx to Maxi and Aguero and we’re in fifth.

  11. Willen said

    Yeah! nice to have these 3 points… but I don’t think we desearved it.. The second hald was almost all of Betis.

    Whatever… I don’t care… we got the 3 points.. and we’re ahead of Real..

    Aupa Atleti!

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