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Jornada 13: Atlético de Madrid 4 Racing Santander 1

Posted by atleti on December 1, 2008


Leo Franco; Seitaridis, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Pernía; Assuncao; Maxi (Banega 85′), Maniche (Raúl García 85′), Simao (Luis García 85′); Kun Agüero 7 Forlán.

A crucial three points which helps us climb the table and keeps our European dream alive (5 points from a Champions spot).

Heitinga: Good God, man, STOP conceding penalties.

The dynamic three saved us from a home defeat: Simao, Forlán, Agüero.

Agüero, in particular: Ended his goal drought. Hopefully this will reignite his goal-scoring form.

The Forlán Show: He scored two and assisted the other two goals.

Defence: Any thoughts on our weakest links?

Aguirre, why: He didn’t make any substitutions until the 85′. Three of our key starters received yellows in this game.

All in all, I’m happy with the 3 points, but the performance, particularly when Racing had 11 men, left much to be desired.

Next up, in-form Sporting…

17 Responses to “Jornada 13: Atlético de Madrid 4 Racing Santander 1”

  1. day1star said

    Heitinga and Ujfalsi is not working, might be a problem with language and understanding, also Heitinga is a right-sided defender, so why is Aguirre playing him in the centre, he should put Pablo/Perea in the centre with Ujfalusi, and play Heitinga on the right.
    Nice to see Aguero looking more like himself.

  2. Ram said

    Right side belongs to Seitaridis.

  3. Colchonero de Corazon said

    I agree with Day1star’s assesment of defense. we need another defender for the middle.

    I guess its only Aguirre’s fault when they lose.

    I would like to see them pair Banega with Maniche and play double contencion

  4. atleti said


  5. atleti said

    Maniche & Banega sounds like an interesting midfield pair.

  6. fernandez said

    we need more of raul garcia and miguel de la cuevas who prove themselves and not so much of assuncao

    also maxi is starting to play realy good uptop and not just lagging behind

  7. Ram said

    Amazing how Maniche has turned himself into one of the important players given the fight with the coach last season. He is starting almost every match and now people are talking about hsi contract extension. Good to see that we have an experienced player in the middle of the park and also the fact that both coach and the player have left the past behind and working well together.

  8. day1star said

    I think that defense is not Aguirre’s strong point, we only seem to defend well when we play 4 5 1, which means sacrificing our attack, so he’s either not finding a correct balance, or the player selection in defence is wrong.
    Ram, Heitinga was playing as a DR at Ajax, that’s his natural position, for him to now play as a DC alongside Ujfalusi, will take a long time especially as there is also a problem of language, that’s why i said it would be better to play Pablo or Perea alongside Ujfalusi, they are both DC’s although Perea can also play on the right but lacks the distribution asset to make him a good DR.

    DC= Central Defender
    DR= Right-sided Defender

    There are plenty of games for Seiteridis to play in, but, what is the point of buying Heitinga if you’re not going to play him in the position which he is best at playing?

  9. RojiBlanco said

    Heitinga as a right back is even worse than as center back. He just isn’t good enough for Atletico, lacks concentration. I would love to see him as a player who plays before the defense (a Assuncao role) but he just isn’t good enough als defender. Putting him right back will only make things worse, Day1star. Yes, he plays with lots of mentality and he has an enormous drive, but he doesnt think well enough before he handles, and we all know what happens next.

    Defensively, Heitinga was far from flawless in his last year at Ajax. He scored a lot and played with his hart, which made him a fan favourite, but if you look past that you just can’t help but notice too much defensive errors. He has given enough goals away in his previous season in Holland, and the Dutch league isn’t even that good (and with that, I mean bad).

    My preferable defense: Seitaridis – Pablo/Perea/Ujfalusi (2 of them..) – A. Lopez.

  10. fernandez said

    did anybody here about duda coming at the end of the season

  11. Willen said

    Totally off topic, but I’ve just read about this video in a brazilian blog.

    It was in the Colombian First Division, a game between two famous clubs there.

    I’m behind a firewall here and can’t see the video, but from what I read, it reminds me the Liverpool’s lord Gerrard:

    Is this whe most ridiculous penalty in the history of soccer?

    A typical Gerrard move. :)

    Sorry, I’m not watching the games and can’t comment about Heitinga. From what I read here, I just keep wondering why he was in his country’s team. He used to play there as a side back, right? Shouldn’t we give him a opportunity there?

  12. Ram said

    Think Heitinga was insisting that he plays in the middle before the start of the season.

  13. peter said

    Personally I think Jonny should be given some time to settle.He and Ujfalusi were imperious in the early season games then Barca taught them a lesson and they both got injuries on international duty.It takes time to adjust to a new league,language,city…etc.
    Also I can’t believe that some people doubt Maxi’s contribution to the team.He may not be spectacular but his performances are solid,he rarely gives the ball away and rarely misses a pass while scoring some vital goals and assists.A steady pro,our captain.

  14. RojiBlanco said

    @ Willen:

    The most recent example in which Heitinga played rightback: Euro 2008. Netherlands – Russia. Boulahrouz played as the right back. And he did that superb. Beginning of the second half, Heitinga came in. All balance was lost, he played horrible. Opponents slipped past him all the way and the Dutch right side went from best to worst.

    Anyway, i don’t have any confidence in him. Not in the defense.

  15. atleti said

    I agree with Peter! Heita & Ujfa were solid until Barcelona ripped us a new one. I’m definitely keeping an open mind…as you say, he’s still adjusting to the league and new life.

    I remember his compatriate Ooijer had a tough first season at Blackburn (giving away penalties and whatnot), but settled in eventually. Hopefully the same will happen with Jonny.

  16. atleti said

    I read a report that given the situation with OM, we might fly into Marseille the day of the game for safety reasons!

  17. day1star said

    I didn’t say that Heitinga should’nt be given a chance, i said that it will take time for him and Ujfalusi to form a good understanding, maybe next season b4 they start to really gel, unfortunately we don’t have that luxury, if we don’t win the CL, then we have to finish in the top 4 to qualify for Cl next year, and that could be quite problematic if we don’t sort the defence out soon.
    I know we’re looking to sign a fullback in the January transfer window, whoever we sign they must be able to understand Spanish, otherwise i think it’s a waste of time.

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