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Champions: Atlético de Madrid 2 PSV 1

Posted by atleti on November 27, 2008


Two goals in the first half (Simao & Maxi) were enough to see us into the next round of Champions action…thankfully. And, keep us top of our group, ahead of Liverpool.

In terms of the game, we dominated the first half and played some pretty good football for spells at a time.

A win seemed a likely result once half-time struck. Unfortunately, in typical Atleti fashion, we made our lives difficult and conceded a goal in the 46′. We hung on, though, and bagged the three points and a ticket to the next round of action– as did the other Liga clubs (Villarreal, Real Madrid & Barcelona).

In short, enhorabuena por la clasificación!

Now if only we can replicate these sorts of results in LIGA, as someone pointed out in the previous entry…

13 Responses to “Champions: Atlético de Madrid 2 PSV 1”

  1. atleti said

    Is my goal tally up-to-date? I think it is, but I’m not 100% at the moment. Need sleep…

  2. Buenas,lo pondré en español,cumplimos el objetivo y además hemos demostrado que somos una afición ejemplar,que no abandona al equipo ni aunque el partido sea a puerta cerrada,esperemos pasar como primeros,y habrá que ver si la UEFA mide igual al O.Marsella que al Atlético,ya que algun aficionado del O.Marsella lanzó un mechero a Gerrard,saludos!

  3. peter said

    It will be interesting to see what the frogs running UEFA do to frogs of OM for attacking Gerrard.Frog Scum.Aupa Atleti

  4. danny said

    Marseille fans chucked a lighter at Gerrard, will probably get a fine or something.

    On the other side, Marseille looked very good, quick and skillful. Caused us a few problems and probably should have got a draw. I hope PSV don’t turn up and let us score a few goals against them.

  5. atleti said

    Yeah, they seriously need to be punished. They’ve caused enough problems as it is.

  6. fernandez said

    sevilla lost which gives us a chance to catch up to them

  7. atleti said

    Excellent…I saw that game yesterday.

    Meanwhile, Kun hasn’t scored in 390 minutes!!! Hopefully that’ll change today.

    The game will be shown live (en vivo) here in the USA, thankfully!!!

  8. Mohammed said

    Cantalejo is the ref. Need I say more?!!

  9. atleti said


    Great play by Simao.

    We need an extra goal to calm our nerves.

  10. atleti said

    Also:: thankfully, Betis lost against Valencia… that keeps them at 17 points.

  11. Willen said

    From what is written in marca, it seems to be a terrific game of Forlán.. two passes and two goals.

    Funny to see Maniche as a playmaker…

  12. Mohammed said

    Now, that’s what I call entertainment!! as the figure speech goes, lol !!

    Forlan was the man of the match, but it really was a team work in the end. Simao, Aguero and even Maxi to a lesser extent were all in great form.

  13. fernandez said

    now if only we could win away from home. is anyone else alittle worried about gijon

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