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Catching Up Entry

Posted by atleti on November 25, 2008

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging! In the US, this Thursday, there is Thanksgiving Day. Basically, a day to give thanks and eat turkey, potatoes, and pie…good times! My favourite American holiday!

So, what has occurred since my last blog entry?

Copa: Atleti 0 Orihuela 0
Well, we made it to the next round, but the scoreline is just embarassing. We drew 0-0 against Ori-WHO?!

Jornada 11: Atleti 4 Deportivo 1
We bounced back with an emphatic win against a very poor Depor.

Jornada 12: Numancia 1 Atleti 1
One step backward. Dreadful. Earned point for Numancia. 6 points away from a Champions spot. Discouraging, to say the least.

What’s next?
26-Nov, Champions: Atleti v PSV

This one will be played behind closed doors, no thanks to UEFA. A victory would ease us into the next round. Aguirre will only be without Antonio López, who is nursing an injury.

30-Nov, Jornada 13: Atleti v Racing
7-Dec, Jornada 14: Sporting v Atleti
9-Dec, Champions: Marseille v Atleti
14-Dec, Jornada 15: Atleti v Betis
21-Dec, Jornada 16: Espanyol v Atleti.

This is a good set of games to get back on the winning track and make up for recent bad results, yes? 

We take our holiday break until 4-January.

What’s been in the news since my last entry?
-Talk of Aguirre, whether he should be sacked or not. And his tactics.

-Talk of the poor quality of our game recently.

-Talk of UEFA’s absurd ruling against us.

-Banega wants to play more.

Anything missing?

(Thanks to all those who leave their comments & thoughts! Much appreciated, as always!)

8 Responses to “Catching Up Entry”

  1. Buenas,venimos ya unos partidos sin perder,pero hay que ganar fuera de casa,y los del pasado domingo no tiene que volver a suceder,hay que controlar el balón y que el rival no la coja,además el penalti es inexistente,y sobre el calendario,de lo que viene,es asequible,hay que sacar muchos puntos de los que vienen para estar más arriba,saludos!

  2. atleti said

    And, Kun won GQ Best Athlete of 2008. He’s accumulating a lot honours this year! :)

  3. atleti said

    Only 75 supporters from each club will be allowed in tomorrow’s Champions game.

    OUR STARTING 11: Coupet; Seitaridis, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Pernía; Raúl García, Maniche, Maxi, Simão; Forlán & Kun Agüero.

  4. day1star said

    Not bad line-up, would rather Leo was in goal, but i suppose Coupet needs to play too.
    We have to go for the win, and raise the level of our game, on Sunday we were awful, we need to get into a winners mentality and carry it into subsequent games. We must win the next 5-6 matches in a row and build up some momentum, and the less Aguirre fiddles about with the team the better.
    I just hope Aguero finds his form because he was a little off in the last 2 games. He didn’t have even one shot on goal in either of those games.

  5. Willen said

    2×0 for us?

    great. =)

  6. atleti said


    Top in our group.

  7. Jared said

    Thank GOD!
    Why can’t we hold on in all our la liga games? We need to use this momentum for league play! great game, and thank god for live commentary

  8. atleti said

    I should try that sometime. I’ve never listened to GOAL.COM commentary!

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