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Champions: Liverpool v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on November 4, 2008


A very special game for both clubs and certain players on so many different levels.

*Torres plays against us.

*Forlán returns to England to play against his ex-club’s rival.

*Luis García & Sinama return to Anfield.

*Reina plays against his father’s club.

*Benitez’s mother supported Real Madrid while his father supported Atlético.

*Benitez, for his part, spent a number of years with Real as a manager.

*Oranje Connection: Heitinga, Kuyt & Babel.

*Argentine Connection: Mascherano, Kun, Maxi, Leo, Pernia, Banega.

*Simao plays against the club that failed to sign him on a number of occasions.

Etc, etc.

Here’s hoping for a positive result!


34 Responses to “Champions: Liverpool v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. atleti said

    Kun to start on the bench??

  2. gf said


  3. john said

    Not sure why Kun is on the bench, but way to go Maxi!!!

  4. Mohammed said

    The players are not making spaces nor moves. We managed to create only two attacks in the first half. At one time we kept passing the ball in our area for about 3 minutes!!This is really annoying. Thank God they’re not putting any pressure on our defence.

  5. gf said

    wow. how did Gerrard miss that chance?

  6. Willen said

    I forgot the game AGAIN!

    I friend of mine also supporter of Atleti reminded me.

    And I got this:
    Gerrard ha logrado el empate tras un penalti inexistente de Pernía a Gerrard en el minuto 93. El Atlético de Madrid tenía el triunfo en su mano pero se lo han robado en la última jugada.

    So.. UEFA at it AGAIN????

  7. Colchonero de Corazon said

    What a scam. As usual they do the english a favor. Any where else on the field they do not even come close to calling it a foul. Liverpool should not have received the penalty. I guess the ref does not call the 3 hand balls by liverpool in their area either because he cant see.

  8. Mohammed said

    That penalty was from fantasy land. It wasn’t even suspicious!! Laughable display by the ref.

    Anyway, I think the team performed well tonight, and that’s enough for now.

  9. fernandez said

    im just alittle worried about leo franco. he’s just punching it anywhere not even trying to grab the ball. that was abiattis main problem last year, but over all leo franco did very good

  10. It wasn’t a penalty in a million of years.

    UEFA put on the pitch puppets wearing referee’s cloths, and got what they were loocking for: Marcking their territory.

    However, the Aguirre’s coward game had got its right “award”, in recognition of the poorest football displayed the last century.

    un abrazo. miguel

  11. day1star said

    Gerrard is a cheat and a diver! Liverpool claim they had 2 shouts for penalties well so did we when both Mascherano and Carragher handled the ball in the area. The refs and their assistants in both legs need to be struck off they are rubbish.

  12. atleti said



  13. Mohammed said

    We should appeal all those stupid yellow cards that stupid bribed ref gave to our players. Hell, we should appeal that stupid penalty.

  14. One of the worst pathetic dives I’ve ever seen. No Liverpool fan can justify that.

    See and give your opinion to his/her neighbour (because UEFA don’t listen at all)

    un abrazo. miguel

  15. Armon said

    un fucking believable
    funny because i loved torres gerrard and liverpool was my england team until this game. torres broke my heart because he was rooting for liverpool against atletico, but i guess that’s expected. gerrard mr. ‘stay up and never dive, we’re all hardasses’ completely lost my respect. before the game i wouldve been fine with a tie, but after seeing how much we deserved to win after that beautiful golazo, and realizing a win wouldve all but insured classification, i cant help but be purely and utterly disgusted. ugh.

  16. danny said

    Was too tired to post after getting back yesterday.

    Firstly, no liverpool fan thinks it was a penalty, and although Gerrard dived it was the roars and the crowd that got it from a very weak linesman. There was an air of disbelief when we actually got it, fans were looking round at each other in shock. Main point being it made up for Pereas earlier handball.

    Aside from that, I thought in general your defence played magnificently, restricting us to crossing from deep and stifling the centre. There was just no room for Gerrard, Kuyt, Riera and Keane to operate in.

    The Atleti fans were excellent and were involved in plenty of debate after the game. Seems Atleti fans were disappointed because they let slip what they had, like we did against Spurs but over the two legs probably two draws is a fair reflection. I did think when Aguero came on, it was just a matter of time before he went and made it 2-0, he didn’t really see much of the ball though, luckily for us.

    The more pressing concern for me is that as a Liverpool fan we hear how tactically inept Aguirre is and bad Atleti’s defence is, yet we laboured to score and Aguiree, if I’m honest set out the best to get the result he wanted on the counter which almost worked. Anyway, good luck with the rest of the campaign, it was always going to be us two that qualified from the group; the only point of interest is the #1 and #2 – however, even #2 doesn’t guarantee weaker opponents as we’ve found out in the past.

    Was also brilliant Luis got on and got a brilliant reception.

    I think it shows what influence poor officials can have over two legs of a European game though.

  17. day1star said

    WE deserved to win both legs. Gerrard is a CHEAT! Poor Pernia, Heitinga and Aguero they all got yellow carded. We have been robbed and Liverpool supporters are offering us crumbs? Keep them you’ll find you are much more needy than we are.

    Hey, everyone here’s the address of UEFA, i’ve already e-mailed them with regards to Gerrard and the non-penalty, i hope you guys do the same:

  18. danny said

    sorry, you’re wrong. We would have went two nil up in the away game if our goal wasn’t wrongly disallowed and your heads would have dropped.

  19. Armon said

    as far as the penalty making up for perea’s hand ball, there were 2 handballs atleti had that werent called that were balanced out with 2 handballs that liverpool had that went unnoticed, so ultimately, the ‘penalty’ doesnt make up for anything, it just exposes the incompetence of the shitty refs, along with gerrard being a diving cheat in dire times. and i liked gerrard sooo much too, but have now lost loads of respect for him…

  20. danny said

    Gerrard has always been ‘clever’ about when he goes down. Most of the times he does it’s not really a bad foul against him, he’s just impeded. Some refs buy it, some don’t – it’s the way it goes. No one has a team full of angels, and if that was Simao going down and winning a penalty in the reversed circumstances I’d be pretty angry too.

    The only handball that was a dead cert though was pereas which wasn’t given. I think given the chances we created against the chances Atleti had – a draw is a fair result, albeit handed to us by a dodgy linesman decision. N’Gog could also have gone down under the challenge and got a penalty but he stayed on his feet and had a shot. But the he’s not the captain and it wasn’t the 94th minute.

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much ot be honest, just gets you all bitter and angry – take a look at the penalty decision we got against us at Anfield for Chelsea in the league for example.

  21. day1star said

    Gerrard has always been ‘clever’ is that a new term for DIVING CHEAT and HYPOCRITE?
    There were also goals chalked off for us and decisions that went against us in the first game, so i suggest you stick to the present one.

  22. Ram said

    Did anyone notice Torres’ reaction after the penalty was scored?? I am sure that he would have kissed Liverpool’ badge if he had scored against us. I am happy that he left us.

  23. peter said

    Oh behave ladies,if Torres was not 100% behind his employers there would be something wrong.He was born into an Atleti family in Carabanchel,he will always be a rojiblanco.But he wants to win the CL with his club and he is receiving 100,000 a week to help achieve it.

  24. Ram said

    I have seen players showing respect to their previous clubs..for me he is another Solari.

  25. day1star said

    The referee said today that it wasn’t a penalty, and that he discussed it with his linesman and so gave it, what a load of crud! I’m sure we will all feel so much better now that we know this!
    Mascherano says that Aguero should move to the prem and play alongside him, with a bunch of cheats, i suggest Mascherano leaves Liverpool before he becomes a cheat and a diver too!

  26. day1star said

    Another rubbish ref!

  27. day1star said

    We are playng poor!

  28. Armon said

    our midfield cant keep the ball if their life depended on it

  29. Mohammed said

    It’s not the ref, it’s that stupid Pernia. He’s a diver’s greatest wish come true. He could’ve avoided that challenge.

  30. peter said

    any live streams??

  31. Armon said

    what a boring display of futbol.

  32. day1star said

    We were poor, played better in the last 20 minutes, why were we playing 4 5 1 against a team that has not won a single game?

  33. Mohammed said

    Because we have a stupid coach.

  34. Willen said

    Agree with Mohammed.

    Why Aguirre make the team play in the defense whoever is in the other side when we’re playing away?

    Our team is (almost fully) good. I’m tired of Aguirre… but… who?
    we’re 6 points behind Sevilla, the 5th… very very far from Champions…

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