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Jornada 8: Villarreal 4 Atlético de Madrid 4

Posted by atleti on October 26, 2008


 Madness at El Madrigal

Leo Franco; Seitaridis (Antonio López 46’), Heitinga, Domínguez, Pernía; Assunção (Raúl García 60’), Maniche (Miguel 75’), Banega, Maxi, Simão, & Forlán.

There has been some interesting commentary about this game on Atleti blogs written in Spanish.

Here are a few snippets for non-Spanish speakers (my translation):

RESERVA INDIA wrote in an entry titled “Leo & Banega sentence a good Atleti”: “The team continues to depend on three players, who are the only ones of Champions League quality […] The draw was a gift, Aguirre was resigned to lose as he did not bring in Sinama or Kun. Seeing that we were losing 4-2, he preferred to rest Agüero. This is what continues to [ruin] this team, a manager without ambition, one that is certain that we had a perfect game […]”

SENTIMIENTO ATLETICO wrote: “In short, Atlético rescued a meaningless point […] A bittersweet point. The Colchoneros are far from the top spots in the table and continue to play without heart. Simao saved Aguirre’s head. The team needs a change of course.”

POBRE ATLETI wrote: “Why didn’t Kun play? If there was ever a game for Kun to play, it was this one […] Aguirre, [assuming we’d lose the game],  decided to use Raúl García & Miguel as subs […].” He then goes on to write that people will soon forget about this disastrous string of results once we win a game. And that the club will soon say that our objective is to win the Copa and the oh-so-elusive Champions League because we are so off pace in the league table. In other words, the cycle continues.

If there was ever a time to sack Aguirre it’s now– sooner rather than later.

Last but certainly not least, another inspiring performance by SIMAO.

16 Responses to “Jornada 8: Villarreal 4 Atlético de Madrid 4”

  1. Ram said

    I don’t understand when the coach should have got Kun on the pitch. Wthe first 15 minutes of the second they went 4-2 up. Bringing a tired Kun with a question who would have been replaced would have made no sense. Villareal was rampant in the second half and adding another striker would have made us concede more.

  2. atleti said

    We were losing already, so some supporters feel that Aguirre wasn’t as proactive as he could have been.

  3. Mohammed said

    I think sacking Aguirre now may cost us dearly. Looking at the choices we have and the timing, it’s obviously not the time to sack him. There aren’t any good coaches who are available at the moment which makes this decision more complicated.

  4. Willen said

    Following Mohammed’s comments.. Who would fill Aguirre’s place?
    Someone sad Quique Flores, which I liked, but is doing in Benfica being the only unbeaten team until now there..

    Who else? If not Aguirre…… who?

  5. Colchonero de Corazon said

    I agree. Aguirre needs to stay. I think the team needs to be a little deeper. Once the top caliber players the rest do not pick up the slack. Look at the defense. They still need better players. They ate our lunch in 15 minutes. It did not help that Banegas was thrown out

  6. Billie said

    Thanks to mention my web-page and my opinions in your article. I think if Kun is not ready to play, then he must stay in Madrid and not travel with the team. Yes, the cycle continues, if the team finishes the championship in sixth place, everybody will be happy, but not me.

  7. Ram said

    I am sure Kun would have made an appearance if not for the red card of Ever. Before we could realise that the second half has started, they had scored 4 goals and then it was more a damage control since we were already seen the 6 goal demolition by Barca. I though Aguirre did a nice job by throwing more steel into the midfield, as that was needed rather than throwing in attacking players. If you had seen in earleir games, he is not a coach who had been afraid to thrown in and play with 3 strikers also at a single time.

  8. peter said

    Aguirre is doing OK under the circunstances.Coupet,Ujfalusi and Heitinger looked great until Barca,they weren’t mentally prepared for Messi,Xavi,Henry et al and took a big hit on their confidence.Then there was the Internationals and the injuries that ensued and the run of games from hell.Now he must concentrate on the League and an easier run of games to get his squad settled and playing like we did in September.If we beat Mallorca,Osasuna and PSV,and put up a decent fight at Anfield Aguirre will be back on track to achieve our objectives.He deserves the chance.

  9. Deadline: 9th of December.

    On this date Atleti will play the last CL Group Stage match against Marseille. If we get our qualification to the Knockout rounds, and we get to reduce distance between us and La Liga “Top-4”, then we can speak about the Atleti renewed hopes. If not, though we get our CL pass, if we keep our poor position in La Liga, then Aguirre should be fired, sacked, defenestrated,….whatever but keep him up with us.


    Un abrazo. miguel

  10. day1star said

    Juande Ramos is available if Atletico choose to go that way, but i think at this point it might be detrimental.
    As to Aguero, it’s good that he didn’t play, he really needs a rest, and we can’t afford for him to get injured. As to why did he travel with the squad, maybe just in case it was a tight match there was the option available, but it was an option that Aguirre didn’t really want to use unless he absolutely had to.
    As to Dominguez he actually played the Villareal players onside on both the second and third goal, this was a crucial game and not one in which we should have played someone with so little experience, especially when Pablo was on the bench. We need to strengthen our defence and stop fiddling about with it.

  11. atleti said

    I don’t understand that either. If Kun was clearly injured, why the hell did Aguirre include him in the squad list? It doesn’t make any sense.

  12. Armon said

    Kun would’ve made sense to play had we been down 3 2 or tied 2 2 and still had 11 players. We need our best player as an option no matter how tired he is for dire situations. but when we’re down to 10 men and have a back line as bad as ours, that is hardly the situation to bring on our best player. it was an impossible situation that we were able to pull out because some players did play with heart (although some of ur comments disagree) and because villareal was overconfident and lacked focus. it wouldve been a shame to bring kun on w/ 10 people down 2 and have him get injured for multiple games only because we wanted to save one game. i was actually happy with aguirre’s subs and decision making except possibly the use of dominguez against such a strong team, and i think had banega not been such a moron then we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now

  13. peter said

    Well said Armon,Kun played 90 mins against Chile with a muscle problem then was needed against Pool.It was right to have him on the bench for the last 20 mins if needed in a tight game,but it was right not to use him under the circumstances.Banega was not used against Pool and deserved his chance which he wasted with stupid,unnecessary tackles.But for Banega we would have 3 points.Not Aguirre’s fault.

  14. day1star said

    We’re winning against Orihuela 1-0, goal was scored by Forlan. Second half is about to start.

  15. atleti said

    Yep. Good to read that we scored before half-time.

  16. day1star said

    We’ve won 1-0.

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