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Jornada 8: Villarreal v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on October 25, 2008

(It will be available (en vivo) for those of us in the US, thanks to channel GolTV!)

There’s a lot at stake in this game. We cannot afford to drop anymore points:

1 Valencia 19
2 Sevilla 17
3 Villarreal 17
4 Barcelona 16
5 Real Madrid 16
6 Almería 11
7 Málaga 10
8 Atlético 9

To pile on even more pressure, Getafe, Espanyol, & Deportivo also have 9 points.

To make matters even worse, we have a dismal record at El Madrigal. Our most recent win was in April 2007 thanks to a goal by Eller. Besides that, Villarreal have either beaten us or we’ve drawn– for us, more losses than draws.

For their part, as of this very moment, The Yellow Submarine are currently unbeaten in all competitions and are sitting very pretty in the league table.

Their most recent five results, in all competitions:
6-3 home win against AaB in Champions.
0-0 away draw against Espanyol.
2-1 home win against Betis.
1-0 home win against Celtic in Champions.
0-1 away win against Sporting Gijon.

Agüero might start on the bench, as he did against Liverpool. Kun is understandably fatigued– the Argentine has been playing nonstop since the Olympics and is in desperate need of a rest.

Coupet & Ujfalusi are injured while Perea will serve a suspension for this game. Maxi is back into action as is Assunçao while the young canterano Domínguez is expected to be chosen in the squad list again.

Of note, Forlan returns once again to his ex-club.

Will a loss mean the end of Aguirre? To be honest, I don’t care much for the Mexican and I had been hoping for his departure for a while now– you guys know this. At the same time, we can’t afford to drop anymore points and we have just experienced a very tough string of games.

In any case, here’s hoping for a positive result–


20 Responses to “Jornada 8: Villarreal v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. atleti1903 said

    Buenas,partido dificil el que mañana,el Villarreal aún no ha perdido y nosotros,que seguramente no juegue Agüero,se nos da mal jugar contra el Villarreal en El Madrigal,hay recordar que en Liga llevamos 3 derrotas de seguida,y si perdemos ante el “Submarino Amarillo” sería muy malo ya que estariamos lejos de los de la cabeza,saludos!

  2. atleti said

    partido complicado…hay que ganar como sea, saludosss!

  3. atleti said

    I’m going to tape it, but I hope to be home in time to catch the second half live!


  4. john said

    Simao!!!! What a great start!!!

  5. Mohammed said

    My God!! what a stupid thing to do by Banega, so naive!!!

    The ref is an SOB. He kept rationalizing himself to the crowd on our account because he didn’t give them a penalty.

  6. danny said

    2-1, Banega is an idiot. Franco should have stopped that, right at him. Goalkeeping error.

  7. john said

    It’s 2-2! What the f@#$!

  8. danny said

    2-2. :o

    5 minutes into second half and Villareal equalise, Defence tried to steup and let them in

  9. danny said

    oh my god….2-3. What is going on? Atleti have crumbled in the space of fifteen minutes.

  10. Mohammed said

    What a son of a bith. two offside goals !!!!!

    the second one was so clear!!! my God what a piece of crap of a ref.

  11. john said

    4-2, this is crazy!

  12. danny said

    Simao!!! 4-3 10 mins to go

  13. Mohammed said

    4-4 i’m dreaming ?!!

  14. danny said

    get in my son!!!!! absolute cracking game this. Atleti really raised their heads last 15 minutes

  15. john said

    Final score 4-4. Did Atletico wasted their moment for 3 points? 3 crucial points you might say?

  16. Mohammed said

    I can’t believe it. I almost shut the TV off.

    Simao saved us again. He is worth every penny and more.

  17. fernandez said

    i dont think dominguez should be playing 90 min. whats wrong with camacho

  18. day1star said

    The defence is WRONG. Heitinga is a right-sided defender why the hell is Aguirre playing him as a central defender? Perea is a central defender and Aguirre plays him on the right when he is a crap distributor of the ball. In the games against Brcelona, Real and Liverpool Aguirre did this. At the start of the season our defence was pretty solid and then his rotations are killing us. The defence should not be rotated unless we have injuries, look how there is a lack of understanding between our defenders, it’s costing us points.

  19. Armon said

    ultimately i wouldnt say that we wasted points, I was actaully extremely proud of our team to finish with such heart and determination without the presence of aguero. Nice to see simao really take his chances, and seeing raul garcia subbed on without the slightest look of worry on his face was good to see as well. in the end, it wasnt the refs or leo franco’s fault that we tied, but rather young, naive banega. Leo more than made up for his error with a few unbelievable saves. one thing that did worry me though was domingez and how clueless he was at times. the goal that their defender (i forget his name) had was because he was so slow w/ the offside trap and played 3 people onsides. THREE PEOPLE! that’s unacceptable! but at the same time he is young and I fully support us using more cantera players, though I think using camacho who has proven himself would be best

  20. atleti said


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