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Champions: Atlético de Madrid v Liverpool

Posted by atleti on October 22, 2008

I’m going to keep this short & sweet…let’s just win or, at the very least, draw.

This current losing streak has been unbearable- something out of this game would make us feel a little bit better.

[Update from UEFA site] STARTING 11: Leo Franco, Seitaridis, Antonio Lopez, Forlan, Luis Garcia, Sinama, Maniche, Simao, Perea, Camacho, Joshua.

SUBS: Bernabe, Pernia, Heitinga, Raul garcia, Assuncao, Miguel, Aguero.


Thoughts on the game are much appreciated! I’ll be out of work early today, so I’ll be watching it en vivo on the Internet.

30 Responses to “Champions: Atlético de Madrid v Liverpool”

  1. Frosty said

    C’mon Atlético!!!! 3 points would be nice. no return for Torres though, good or bad? I heard that Aguirre will rest Kun or include him on the bench.

  2. atleti said

    I hate our starting 11!

  3. atleti said

    STARTING 11: Leo Franco, Seitaridis, Antonio Lopez, Forlan, Luis Garcia, Sinama, Maniche, Simao, Perea, Camacho, Joshua.

    SUBS: Bernabe, Pernia, Heitinga, Raul garcia, Assuncao, Miguel.

  4. atleti said

    Kun is also a sub. I was typing so fast I failed to include him in my previous comment.

  5. willen said

    Great start…

    Robbie Keane scored the first.

  6. willen said

    15′ – Atlético 0 x 0 Liverpool.

  7. willen said

    As we say in Brazil, Reina is kind of a privileged spectator. Atlético is trying.. passing the ball.. but Reina could be drinking some tea or stuff..

  8. atleti said

    Crap. Crap. Crap.

  9. willen said

    Nice shot now from Forlán… great move..

    Reading on Marca’s website I got that Keane goal was on offside…

    Reina is having some work now… not the amount I’d expect when playing away.

  10. willen said

    I’d say it was a penalty on Maniche… but he got a card due to it.

    end of first half..

    I’ll get a TV to watch the goals of the games..

  11. Mohammed said

    Fruitless, just fruitless, our game that is!!

  12. willen said

    Disallowed a goal for Liverpool…

    now, it should be allowed.. No offside..

    We can’t complain anymore…

  13. willen said

    Ridiculous offside marked on Forlán… he was very far from the last defender..

    And more ridicuous offside again! disallowed goal for us! Ridiculous!!!!

    Simão just kicked a ball in the post..

    The team is playing nice now… Aguero is in!

  14. atleti said

    Crap ref!!!

  15. willen said


  16. willen said

    As we could expect, it was not a nice play… someone kicked the ball to attack… Forlán got it.. and passed to free Simão which placed a nice shot on the net..

    Simão isn’t the best player in the world but he tries to help.. asks for the ball.. is always participating..

    now, nice cross from the left and kick by Miguel de las Cuevas.. great save by Reina..

  17. atleti said


    Fantastic atmosphere in the stadium.

  18. willen said

    Go atleti!!

    corner kick.. 90′

  19. willen said

    That’s it… It’s interesting how we don’t know how to create plays.. but we also do not cross the ball in the area.. it’s very complicated… it could have been worse. A draw at home..

    Please, Aguirre no… the team always plays the same way… no matter who is in the other side…

    Even though we don’t have a playmaker, I don’t think we have a bad team to suffer like we do.
    Maybe a change of coaches could help.

    Next game will be?

  20. Mohammed said

    Reina saved them. We should’ve won!
    The second half was a different story. The goal was lucky in my opinion. We still can’t create attacks.

  21. fernandez said

    where was dominguez playing?

  22. Luiz Pereira said

    I have 3 things to say:


  23. Ram said

    Change of attitude is what is needed. The team, in the last few matches, fail to show up from start. They wake up after 30 minutes and start playing. I hope that the recent results have thought them this and they apply themselves more in the following matches.

  24. danny said

    Well, Liverpool turned up for the first half and disappeared in the second this week :s

    I think maybe a draw is a fair result, given both team were suffering from the officials. You look a different team with Aguero on the pitch.

    The big call was for us to go 2-0 up because I think that would have sapped your morale a lot more. General feeling is that the defence of Atleti was there for the taking, but we done enough to get a draw while preserving most of our key players until Sunday. Riera looked tired which is a shame.

    I thought you played very well on the counter, very pacy and took advantage of Carraghers rare mistake. Most LFC fans are already thinking of the Chelsea game and are quite nonchalant about the 1-1, confident we can beat you at home.

    Personally, I think seeing the way you play on the counter, there could potentially be an upset if we aren’t sharp enough with our finishing. Anyway, good game, honours even – result suits everyone I think. Good luck at Villareal at the weekend – will be watching straight after our game :)

    Simao played really well for you guys and I was impressed with Maniches trust in Camacho.

  25. Colchonero de Corazon said

    I dont think Aguirre is the problem. The team just looks like it has no confidence period against big teams. They play well when they want, but its only when they start to believe.

    The players do not seem to have as much confidence from the start of the game when they are playing a team which is “a big team”. (ex. Real, Barca, Liverpool).

    Atleico can beat these teams easily, its just all about player confidence. You see it in their body language. By the time they realize that they are in the game and its close, they start doing better.

    Also, without their new defensive recruits, the defense will look like last year and we know that was no good. This will be a big problem down the strech.

  26. Luiz Pereira said

    I think we need the followng:

    New Coach –Aguirre’s too hard-headed and set on his ways. It takes him weeks to try something new (ie Camacho)
    2 World Class Midfielders (we can’t pass worth anything)
    2 strong defensive outside backs that can run up & down and pass the ball well, and contribute a little offensively

  27. Mohammed said

    Who’s responsible for mental preparation? is it not the coach? If Aguirre is bad at this area of the game, why not at least bring someone who can help him motivate the players instead of sacking him?! That’s a good alternative in my opinion.

    Our game is known to all la liga teams. They’ve studied us well, and they know we’re not flexible when it comes to changing tactics and dealing with pressure. That’s why we have such a hard time when we have the ball, although we have quality players such as Simao, Aguero and Forlan.

  28. atleti said

    Yes, I read that rumour too….Quique is apparently the top choice to replace Aguirre if we drop more points in the league.

  29. Armon said

    Anyone notice how much we depend on aguero? He didn’t even touch the ball much when he came on but after he came on, everyone (i.e. simao, forlan) tried a lot harder. This is wrong, we should be motivated all the time and although I’ve been a bit of a stickler when it comes to maintaining consistency and keeping Aguirre, I’m definitely considering different coaches now. Just someone who can mainly keep them motivated, but also another problem I noticed which Aguirre voiced out is that our players didn’t believe in their ability in the first half. Defensive pressure shouldn’t be so effective against us and the only reason it is is because our players see it and turn around looking for the pass. Once we took them on in the second half, they realized they could get by the defense effectively since most of them are technically gifted. Honestly I’m surprised that they think like this, it’s what kids think like, you’d think by now they realize they can dominate. Anyways lets hope for a good result against villareal (or maybe not since that would mean we’d keep Aguirre?) but I can’t take another loss…

  30. peter said

    Hold on everyone,let’s keep things in context.2 years ago I remember sitting in the Calderon in minus 3 degrees,watching Atleti draw 0-0 with Nastic in front of only 20,000 fans and when Kun missed an open net in the last 5 mins wondering why I had bought a season ticket.Every season under Aguirre we have improved,sacking managers has been our downfall.It is not Aguirre’s fault that we have a light squad or that we have suffered from the FIFA virus.After Villarreal we have a run of easier games and a chance to rest some players.Beating PSV at home should see us in the next round of the CL and earn us the money needed for a playmaker.Patience boys

    Coraje y Corazon Atleti

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