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Jornada 7: Atlético de Madrid v Real Madrid

Posted by atleti on October 16, 2008

Firstly, some good good news: our home game against Liverpool will be played at El Vicente Calderón. Unfortunately for Liverpool, Torres is out injured, but perhaps he’ll make the journey down with the Scousers. For us, I’m relieved that he won’t be available– nothing worse than having Torres score against us!

So, this Saturday…MADRID DERBI!

Raúl García, Miguel & Sinama returned to training after serving international duty, as will Ujfalusi & Seitaridis. Agüero & Perea will be back in Madrid  tomorrow– long flight from South America.

In terms of injuries, Maniche, Simao, & Forlán have fully recovered from their injuries. On the other hand, Pablo, Heitinga, & Maxi are still major doubts.

MADRID’S POSSIBLE STARTING 11: Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Cannavaro, Pepe, Heinze, Sneijder, Gago, van der Vaart, Higuain, van Nistelrooy, & Raul.

I’ll post up the official starting eleven in this entry once it becomes available.

Games played: 142
Colchonero wins: 35
Draws: 31
Madrid wins: 76

Games played: 71
Colchonero wins: 23
Draws: 20
Madrid wins: 28

Our record against Madrid has been grim, downright ugly, in recent years. Our most recent win in a derbi was back in October 1999.

Is this the season where the pendulum swings the other way? I don’t know, but I do fancy our chances as we will have newly recovered, key players back into the squad list. And, we’ll be playing at home. So, here’s hoping for the best possible result– a victory!


Thoughts & Info about the game welcome in the comment section, as always!

Thankfully, this game will be on channel GolTV (en vivo) in the USA!

34 Responses to “Jornada 7: Atlético de Madrid v Real Madrid”

  1. jared said

    I cannot wait. I’m really lookin forward to seeing forlan back in action, and to see just how healthy he is. madrid’s lineup is daunting, but hopefully we can squeak one out. also i hope Ujfalusi doesnt look like a chicken running around with his head cut off, as he did against barca. prediction…3-2 good guys

  2. atleti said

    I like that prediction! I hope everyone remains composed in the backline.

  3. Last news: Heitinga, recovered, is available for Aguirre. Pablo & Maxi definitively will not be Saturday evening at El Calderón.

    My prediction 3-1. AUPA ATLETI !!!!

    Un abrazo. miguel

  4. Ram said

    Let us fight for the pride.

  5. Billie said

    This year, I hope we will win. Greatings from Spain.

  6. atleti1903 said

    Buenas,ya nos toca ganar al Real Madrid,que desde que descendimos a 2º división no les hemos ganado,yo creo que mañana será el día,mi pronostico es de 3-1 para el Atlético,saludos!

  7. Seven years without Europe and we returned.
    Eleven years without Champions and we returned.
    Nine years without victory are too much.
    This night it is necessary to return again.

    Un grande sin memoria

  8. John said

    Hi there, here a good luck to your team today. What a game it is going to be. On one hand there is Kun and the other will have Gago and Higuain.

  9. Mohammed said

    The moment of truth!

  10. Mohammed said

    Stupid Perea makes it mission imposiible with his stupid move. These are dark times for us.

  11. Ram said

    Perea is the ideal defensive partner for Pablo…both should be in the bench

  12. John said

    Half-time score is 1-0 to Real. Scorer was Van Nistelrooy. Both teams down to 10 men. I wouldn’t say Atletico played badly. There is still hope in the 2nd half….

  13. Mohammed said

    The score line doesn’t reflect whaat’s going on. The ref disallowed 2 goals for Re@l. One of them, I’m sure is a legal one.

    Is it the players or is it the coach?! This is the question right now.

  14. John said

    Ouccchhh!!!! That was close from Kun…..

  15. John said

    Simao!!! Great free kick!!! Six minutes added time.

  16. John said

    Penalty!!! No!!!

  17. Mohammed said

    Life is always difficult with Atleti. Aguirre to resign, anyone? I’m for it.

  18. atleti said

    Ugh. Just…ugh.

  19. Mohammed said

    Obviously we didn’t read the fineprint: Supporting this team is a health hazard.

  20. fernandez said

    at least simao did superb

  21. Leivinha said

    We get scored on within the 1st minute of the game (have we not seen this Derby movie before?) and the merengues win by scoring on us in the final seconds of stoppage time…..need i say more about our team?

  22. Willen said


    we lost all 3 main games… Sevilla, Barcelona and Real… 2 at home…
    But things can get worse… Liverpool next game, right?
    Maybe then someone will realize we need more players… maybe wingers… playmakers….
    Sometimes it’s good to lose while we can…. it’s better to lose now than in the end of the of La Liga and on the next round of Champions….

    Aupa Aguirre, Antonio Lopez, Perea, Pernia! =/

  23. jared said

    heartbreaker. Can’t ask much more of leo franco though, he was superb. And we got a lot of breaks from the zebras….but in the end, it wasnt enough.
    Aupa Atleti

  24. Leivinha said

    He did make some great saves but one could say he was out of position on the first goal.

  25. jared said

    fair enough

  26. danny said

    Torres will not even be travelling to Madrid to watch the game:

    Fernando Torres will not be travelling to Madrid with the Liverpool squad this week to watch Liverpool face his former club at the Vicente Calderon Stadium.
    Torres has been ruled out of the match with a hamstring injury but had been offered a VIP seat at the ground by the Atletico president.

    But the Reds – in conjunction with the player – have decided his time will be better spent at Melwood continuing with his rehabilitation programme.

    “We talked with the doctor and physios, and with the player himself, and we decided it was important for him to stay here and continue with his recovery,” manager Rafael Benitez said today.

    The Liverpool squad for tomorrow morning’s flight to the Spanish capital will be boosted by the returns of Javier Mascherano and Ryan Babel, both of whom missed Saturday’s victory over Wigan.

  27. Mohammed said

    Aguirre opting for a surprise line up as (Guillem Balague) says:

    Coupet GK; Seitaridis (RB) Antonio López (LB); Domínguez and Perea (CB); Camacho and Maniche (CM); Simao and Luis Garcia down the flanks; with Diego Forlán and Sinama Pongolle in attack.

  28. Luiz Pereira said

    Happy to see Camacho being considered for this game. On the other hand, Luis Garcia’s has not contributed at all (other than 1 nice assist in the Champions League). Perea is an uncoordinated fast dude who can’t pass worth anything. In fact, that’s one of the biggest problems this team has. We can’t pass the ball. If we could only change our outside backs (Perea and Seitaridis) with some world-class players, then theoretically do a cut/paste of the Spanish National team’s midfield into Atleti’s, then we’d really see how explosive our offense could be. Look at how much better Torres is now that he has that Liverpool midfield to support him? Not to mention him on the National Team. Without a world class midfield, we won’t be able to keep Aguero much longer . . . On the positive side, Simao just made Sergio Ramos look SILLY. I would go with a starting midfield that can decently pass the ball: Simao, Maniche, Camacho, and Miguel de Las Cuevas.

  29. fernandez said

    perea has done better in games then ujfalusi heitinga pernia and pablo he may not be able to pass but dont deny his skill as a defender

  30. john said

    Hi there,

    Greeting from Mundo Albiceleste, the blog in town that talk about Argentina and Football.

    I will also be looking forward to all the games from Match Day 3. Hoping to see Carlos Tevez’s returns with a bang against Celtic. Kun Aguero to make a big night for Atletico against Javier Mascherano’s Liverpool.

    I feel Lionel Messi will want to return to his best for Barca when they take on Basel. Juve are having a bad patch and maybe Gonzalo Higuain will strike another dagger into the Old Lady heart.

    Anyway, what is that you’re looking forward from the next two days fixtures. Maybe you might want to give us your insight view on the upcoming matches? Will love to hear them.

  31. Leivinha said

    Perea is always just a card booking away from leaving his team with 10 players on the pitch given his innate skill in hacking players from the opposing team. He did the same against Brazil playing for Colombia last week.

  32. fernandez said

    thats actually seitaridis who gets the player 60 percent of the time. i would not take out perea for any reason he is always showing why he should stay compared to seitaridis and pernia who slack alot even when given the oppurtunity.

  33. Ram said

    Perea is more suited for the central role than the flanks. For me another underestimated player is Seitaridis. He brings lot more stability to the right side than anybody else.

  34. fernandez said

    yea i agree perea playing better in the center but i dont get why everyone thinks he’s a waiste seitaridis is definitly not underestimated he has more bad then good games

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