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UEFA at it again.

Posted by atleti on October 14, 2008

Thanks for ruining our next two home games and Torres’ return to El Vicente Calderón , UEFA!

From what I’ve read, Liverpool & Atlético are working to have them overturn this decision as it is too short notice. Like Torres, I hope that there can be a ‘solution’ to allow the game.

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20 Responses to “UEFA at it again.”

  1. peter said

    After Kun scored against Marseille and we all chanted “Kun Kun Kun” my friend said to me “I bet those idiots at UEFA think we are monkey chanting”and I replied that no-one could be that stupid!!!

  2. atleti said

    It’s absolutely ridiculous!

    This is probably one of their worst decisions, not to mention the fact that they didn’t give the clubs much notice.

  3. I apologise for writting in Spanish, but I am still atonished and I cannot find the proper words to say what happened that day. Here you are:

    Tema Carga Policial:
    Los seguidores del Olimpic (peña ULTRAS) sacan una pancarta con una calavera (prohibida por UEFA). La seguridad del Atleti les dice que tapen la calabera (igual que hizo el Frente con dos de las suyas). Los franceses se niegan. Se les dice que entonces tienen que retirar la pancarta. Los franceses se niegan. Entonces los stewards franceses van a quitarla, les sacan a empujones. Entonces piden ayuda a los Policías españoles, estos van, intentan quitarla y les empiezan a tirar botellas y sillas arrancadas (a ellos y a los aficionados que están en la grada de abajo. Entonces la Policía carga. Todo ello antes del partido ¿Cuál es el problema?

    Tema detenido francés:
    El pobrecito, le estampó una silla en la cabeza a un policía. Policía al Hospital, siete grapas en la cabeza. Es detenido y puesto a disposición judicial. El juez niega la libertad y lo mantiene detenido bajo acusación de “atentado a la autoridad y lesiones” Detenido en el momento de irse a subir al autobús, una vez finalizado el partido ¿Cuál es el problema.

    Tema Comportamiento del público:
    El árbitro principal no refleja nada en el acta. El cuarto árbitro no reflejan nada en el acta. En el informe unificado de los dos delegados de campo de la UEFA se hace constar que durante el partido una botella de agua de plástico cayó desde la zona de los aficionados del Olimpic a la zona de los aficionados del Atleti. Una coca-cola desde la zona de los aficionados del Atleti impactó contra un minusválido francés que estaba viendo el partido apartado de los españoles. Se le trasladó a la zona de los minusválidos españoles. Al finalizar el partido los aficionados del Olimpic encendieron una bengala que fue apagada inmediatamente por los stewards franceses. Punto y Final ¿dónde está el comportamiento del público?

    Esto es lo que ocurrió, el resto queda a la imaginación de la UEFA y a las mentiras de la delegación francesa.

    Un abrazo. miguel

  4. Mohammed said

    FIFA = UEFA = Bullshit

  5. One step towards the true:
    Vitorino Hilton, Brazilian belonging to Olympique Marseille, was interviewed in Radio MARCA led by Miguel Angel Mendez to talk about the great issue of the day: the closing of the Vicente Calderon. The OM’s player was very clear when the director asked him if he had heard racist shouts from the stands of the rojiblanco coliseum: “I did not hear anything. Atletico’s supporters have not done anything.”

  6. atleti said

    Thanks, Miguel, for your input!

  7. Ram said

    I think UEFA made a rash decision here. Once we appeal and get the truth in front of them they have no choice but to revoke the suspension. The official match report by refree did not refer to any racist insult by Atletico fans. The trouble started when Spanish police removed one banner of OM supporters, which the police thought as racist in nature under UEFA guidelines, and OM supporters returned the favour by throwing seats at police. The only mistake done was by police by removing the banner, but that does not merit a fight by OM supporters. Atleti is paying the fine for stupidity done by OM supporters.

  8. atleti1903 said

    Buenas,esto de la UEFA es impresionante,el Atlético de Madrid no participa en los incidentes entre seguidores del Olympique de Marsella y la policia,pero la UEFA lo arregla pronto,multa al Atlético y ya está,a ver si el recurso lo aceptan y nos dejan jugar en nuestra casa,saludos!

  9. Vadim said

    This is craziness, Uefa majors should’nt have done that. Can Atletico appeal their decision?

  10. atleti said

    They are trying, Vadim!! Atleti and Liverpool are hoping to have this overturned.


  11. Ram said

    UEFA has postponed the suspension and will allow Liverpool match to be played at the Calderon.

  12. Another good piece of news:

    According to Spanish media, UEFA is about to issue a public statement in which will formalize the postponement of the sanction of Atleti. UEFA has made its decision due to the fact that moving the match, next Wednesday at a stadium located over 300 kilometres away from Madrid, makes extremely difficult to organize it properly.

    un abrazo. miguel

  13. A great bad news:

    Torres has been injured during the ongoing match Belgium-Spain. Reports from Spanish media speak about 10-15 days minimum. So, we will no see Torres (bad) against Atleti (good).

    Un abrazo. miguel

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  15. Ram said

    He is missing the return leg also?

  16. danny said

    Could be out for ten days. However, seen this before and would expect him to have some involvement at Chelsea. He’s been patchy this season anyway, looks very tired and needs a break, hasn’t really been prominent in many games for us but recently popped up with a few goals that we needed.

    How much of an impact him missing will be seen, leaves Kuyt and Keane up front I’d expect. Maybe babel will get a chance on the wing.

  17. atleti said

    Isn’t Babel injured too??

  18. danny said

    Babel was injured for Holland yep, but I’d expect him to make a recovery :) He’ll be out for this weekends game but should be back as a sub for Chelsea and maybe a start for Atleti

  19. fernandez said

    did i hear correctly that Kun is not going to play against liverpool

    i didnt see him injured aginst real maybe tired?

  20. simplemente fenomenal, de lo mejor que se puede encontrar en la web

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