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Jornada 6: The Horror Show

Posted by atleti on October 5, 2008


 One of the worst games I’ve seen in my life. Worst than any nightmare I had as a child.

And the worst part in all of this? Our injury list has grown by one more.


Now Maxi will be out for 10 days. Plus, Agüero has been playing non-stop since the Olympics and, despite his age, he is obviously exhausted and in need of rest. He’s also picked up a very minor knock, hence his time spent with the physio.

Grim times & slim pickings.

18 Responses to “Jornada 6: The Horror Show”

  1. peter said

    Don’t dispair,hopefully it will prove to be a freak result.The keeper and centre halfs are new to the spanish game and looked shell shocked in the camp nou against Messi and Eto’o.Real and Liverpool will,with luck,feel the backlash in a few weeks time.Forlan,Simao and Maniche will be back hopefully and lets pray that Kun is rested against Chile.

  2. Ram said

    Whatever is still an horror show. Couple of seasons ago we lost against Barca 0-6 and all lessons should have been learnt at that time itself. And the backline are all international players and have represented their country many times. No excuses there.

  3. atleti said

    That’s the only light at the end of the tunnel…that we will be getting a few players back from injury soon. Otherwise, we’re in deep trouble.

  4. atleti said

    Aguirre blames himself; Cerezo blames the players.

  5. Ram said

    I blame both.

  6. Mohammed said

    Winning against Re@l would really help.

  7. atleti said

    That would make me feel very, very good, actually…

  8. Ram said

    When was the last time we defeated them?

  9. Mohammed said

    The last time was on 31st of October 1999, and guess where? at the Santiago Bernabeu.

  10. Willen said

    I’d like if we beat Re@l… but, I don’t see this happening…
    I see Sneijder, Higuain, Robben, Van der Vaart and De la Red letting a player like Paulo Assunpção crazy… This I see…

    please, surprise me…

  11. Mohammed said

    I porbably said this before: We are horrible under pressure, the problem showed signs against Valladolid, and against Barca it manifested itself. Aguirre was right it wasn’t the FIFA virus, but if he knew the problem why didn’t he fix it?!! I hope we get someone better than him in the end of this season.

  12. Leivinha said

    I would rather see “our canteranos” play in place of some of the guys that Aguirre relies on week in and week out when our starters are injured. Why not play Camacho? He injected some needed life in to our starting 11 in last year’s Liga. Why not play the canterano attacker who was on the bench last Saturday if we need to give Aguero a rest or if Sinama is not producing in a given match? Aguirre needs to fuckin show some balls…make a bold move, take some risks. He is way too predictable. It’s always the same old, same old with him. Atleti has always taken pride in using players from the “filial”, that’s part of our tradition and DNA as a club. Aguirre some times just doesn’t get it.

  13. Ram said

    For a change FIFA virus is going to help us this time, allowing our players to get back from injury.

    Heitinga withdrew from Dutch national team due to a knee injury. I hope he is back against Real.

  14. atleti said

    Thank goodness.

    Someone please explain to me why Kun was chosen for the Argentina NT if he is recovering from a minor knock?

  15. atleti said

    Hopefully he won’t play much. I’d hate to see him sustain a more severe injury!

  16. peter said

    Kun definitely looks jaded,against Sevilla and Barca but also the second half against Marseille and apparentely he won’t be back,after a long flight,until the day before the derby.Surely the Albiceleste will use him sparingly.

  17. danny said

    What’s this breaking news? Atlti to play their home game 300 kilometres from Madrid?? Think that’s a bit harsh when they let clubs like Galatassary quite literally get away with murder or Inter are only forced behind closed doors, or fans like Lazio’s were acclaimed in the late 90’s. Shocking decision.

    Was looking for a nice trip to the Vicente Calderon, now flights have been berfed and I’m waiting on news……:(,19528,11945_4330570,00.html

    Hope the appeal is successful either way, as it’s a blatant over reaction in my opinion. Good luck, still looking forward to playing you lot :)

  18. Colchonero de Corazon said

    In addition to that they have been el Vasco Aguirre from communicating with the team for the next 2 games for “unacceptable behavior”.
    This is outragous. Why dont they just kick the team out of Champions. It seems like thats what they want to do.

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