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Jornada 6: Barcelona v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on October 3, 2008

In the words of my favourite football analyst on this side of the pond:

This game is being billed as Lionel Messi v Sergio Agüero which should not come as much of a surprise. While Messi led Argentina to an FIFA Under-20 World Cup in the Netherlands in 2005, Aguero (he was also part of the 2005 squad but saw limited playing time) matched the feat last summer in Canada.

Both players could be considered as child protégés. Messi was whisked off to Spain and made his Barcelona debut as a 16-year-old; Agüero made his debut in Argentina for Independiente before he turned 16.

The emergence of Messi at Barcelona marginalized the former idol of the Nou Camp Ronaldinho while Agüero took full advantage of Fernando Torres’ move from Atletico to Anfield and is new hero of the Vicente Calderon.

For years Atlético held an uncanny hold over Barca – Torres especially tormented Barcelona – but that came to an end when Barca whipped Atletico 6-0 in the later stages of the 2007 season. Barcelona currently holds a one point advantage on Atlético with league leaders Valencia three points ahead of the Catalan club.

Unfortunately, we are still without Forlán, Maniche, and Simao due to injury. In addition to Pablo and Seitaridis.

We’re bringing three canteranos with us: Keko (midfield), Domínguez (defence) y Joshua (midfield).

Even though Barcelona (and Guardiola) have been riding their luck so far this season, this won’t be an easy game by any stretch of the imagination! I’d be happy with 1 point. I’d scream in ecstacy if we leave with 3 points.


Luckily, this game will be televised (en vivo) on GolTV for those of us in the USA!

10 Responses to “Jornada 6: Barcelona v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. atleti said

    I love the fact that the game will be on 4.00pm here! :)

  2. Which has been your favorite Atleti-Barça?

    Tell me in Un grande sin memoria that already you never visit me.

  3. atleti said

    It’s a bad habit of mine: I read other blogs, but always forget to leave comments!

  4. Mohammed said

    It’s already over, that SOB ref.

  5. atleti said

    The bleeding won’t stop…5-1.

  6. Mohammed said

    A disaster in the making. Does Aguirre really think that his trick will work every time ?!!!

  7. Ram said

    Shame on Aguirre and shame on players. They played like a bunch of idiots..not even able to control the ball. This 4-4-2 is not going to work with Barcelona. Aguirre should have started with 3 man midfield..probably Camacho or Banega to start and dropping Luis Garcia. Perea is a joke on the right side. Ujfalusi allowed himself to be raped by Messi & Iniesta..sometimes I felt he was running away from the ball as though it is a dynamite. Assuncao was trying to figure out whether it was Xavi’ or Messi’ shadow and before he could realise even the shadows are gone. Raul Garcia showed us a film on “how to run like an headless chicken”. Sinama and Aguero did not get any they are spared. Shame that Maxi injured himself..atleast he scored. Aguirre should allow Coupet to play only in his backyard..he is no good and when Leo is on such a good form, this decision is shocking.

  8. Willen said

    I’m always happy when the team wins.. and so everyone.. Sometimes things seem to be a mirage…

    Where are the wingers?
    Where is our playmaker?
    Don’t we need like a 3rd good striker? I mean someone really good? that makes the difference?
    Is Aguirre the best coach for our team? Always making the team play the same way ALWAYS? again, ALWAYS?

    (we lost Thiago Neves for 2 million of Euros… nevermind…
    Next year he will be playing in Real Madrid or Barcelona for sure… that’s obvious…
    sometimes you only have one chance… like we got ours when signed Kun)
    Isn’t Coupet to old? Why don’t Ochoa from Mexico? nevermind… he should be playing in Real Madrid or Barcelona next year….

    Sorry, it was ridiculous.

  9. Ram said

    I think Banega, though not a playmaker, will be a good one for the future. He has a good vision and can pick players from the center. Thinking back about the match it was a nightmare for me and have decided not to watch it on TV when they telecast Atleti’ matches. The 2 times I saw them against Sevilla and the last night’ match. The international break is coming in on a good time. We can regroup and hopefully present a better picture against Liverpool & Real Madrid.

  10. Armon said

    I know, bad luck Ram but not as bad as me. I’m studying in Madrid this quarter and the only games I’ve been to was sevilla, marseille, and barcelona. Marseille I showed up late after the score was 2-1 and we got nothing going. I was disgusted so maybe I should stop wasting my money going to the games..
    I agree about banega though, he tries to do a little too much though but that’s bc he’s trying to impress, but I appreciate the fact that he has vision from the centre. (especially without maniche) we tend far too much to go down the wings to find opportunities. Anyways couldn’t agree more about the international break, hopefully we’ll improve drastically, but this is why we’re called the sufridos!

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