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Champions: Atlético de Madrid v Olympique de Marseille

Posted by atleti on September 30, 2008

Match Day 2 is upon us, finally!

Unfortunately, our injury list still contains quite a few names: Maniche, Seitaridis, Pablo, Forlán & Simão.

Here’s who we are left with:

STARTING 11: Leo Franco, Perea, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Pernía, Assunção, Raúl García, Maxi, Sinama-Pongolle & Agüero.

SUBS: Coupet, Antonio López, Domínguez, Banega, Camacho, & Keko.

The only doubt is whether Aguirre will use Luis or Miguel. Personally, I’d give Miguel a starting position, based on last weekend’s performance.

Bottom-line: Let’s win! We’re playing at home & a win would boost morale after last weekend’s tragedy.

19 Responses to “Champions: Atlético de Madrid v Olympique de Marseille”

  1. john said

    Lets put this defeat behind and look forward to the match against Marseille. A win here may put Atletico in a better position before the showdown against Liverpool.

    I’m happy that Kun wants to stay here than going elsewhere and Maxi is also back in the National team contention.

    I’m for Kun to bag another brace after that fantastic night in Eindhoven.

    What about your preview on the match today? Let me know as I would love to hear from you too.

  2. atleti said

    Must-win, definitely. Maxi’s play varies quite a bit. Some days he’s on the mark, other days he has an absolute stinker. Kun, on the other hand, rarely has off days like that, so when it does happen (as it did against Sevilla), it is a bit surprising.

  3. peter said

    The loss of Simao worries me as he is the only player we have who is world class at unpicking locked doors.We missed him last season,when he was injured our form dipped and against Sevilla it was the same story.Away from home he can seem a little lightweight but at home he gives us a genuine threat.3 points tonight will put us in a great position before the Liverpool ties.Come on boys!!!

  4. atleti said

    I definitely agree! Simao is the most missed player out of that injury list, with Forlán & Maniche as a close second.

  5. fernando said

    Todos queremos que juegue DE Las Cuevas. Mi pronóstico es: At.Madrid 2 O.Marsella 0

    un abrazo.

  6. atleti said

    Miguel was chosen, afterall!

  7. Mohammed said

    The link to the game:

  8. atleti said

    1-0 KUN, 3’…great start!

  9. Mohammed said

    If you miss enough chances you’re bound to concede !!


  10. atleti said

    1-1, poor marking

  11. atleti said

    2-1!!! Raul.

  12. atleti said

    Full-time…2-1! That was a close one.

    Mission accomplished.

  13. Mohammed said

    Congrats all!!

    I haven’t seen much of the game but the win is the important thing.

  14. Leivinha said

    A win is a win is a win! I heard Kempes today say that the rule of thumb is you should qualify with 10 points…..we already have 6!!!!

  15. Mohammed said

    Just a thought:

    We must get rid of Pernia and Seitaridis. These guys are sinking our ship at every chance they get. Plus we need another central defender to replace Ufo or Heitinga when their injured, so not to need to put the “rough” Perea in the center of defence.

    That and someone who can replace Simao effeciently. So, we need 4 more quality players, then, we can really be contenders. If only that stupid Reyes would show some heart, he would be a perfect sub for Simao.

  16. peter said

    God almighty Pernia was shit,just like Luis last Sunday!!This lack of depth is going to cost us dear.

  17. john said

    Maxi a stinker!!! Who says that were probably regretting that right now.

    That brilliant one on one move with Kun was fantastico. Now to look forward to the weekend.

    A showdown between Kun and Messi

  18. Leivinha said

    I thought Raul Garcia had a great game today!

  19. Leivinha said

    not today, Wednesday

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