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Jornada 4: Getafe 1 Atlético de Madrid 2

Posted by atleti on September 24, 2008

A forgettable performance, but a win nonetheless and that’s all that matters, especially when considering the sub-quality of the back-line (with the exception of Ujfa, of course). Our only goal was scored by Sinama, thanks to long effort by Ujfa.

The bad (besides the awful performance, I mean)? Maniche & Simao are injured. Maniche will not play against Sevilla this Sunday. Simao’s injury will be assessed tomorrow by the physios.

In other news,  special thanks to Miguel, the writer of the always excellent Sólo Unos Pocos blog, for bringing to my attention a new song by Frente Atlético.

Vamos campeón
pon güevos que hoy ganamos
estoy descontrolado
yo te quiero ver campeón!!!

Jamás jamás
te dejará esta hinchada
en la buenas y en las malas
nunca deja de animar!!!

Great song, and what a fantastic atmosphere in the stadium!

10 Responses to “Jornada 4: Getafe 1 Atlético de Madrid 2”

  1. peter said

    atletico1903demadrid.blogspot also has a video on youtube of us singing el himno against Recreativo last week,check it out.The atmosphere this season in the Calderon is unbelieveable.
    As for Kun going to City,obviously I don’t want him to go but I was surprised he stayed this season hopefully he will surprise us again.
    Aupa Atleti

  2. The thing goes
    A greeting from Un grande sin memoria

  3. Mohammed said

    Bad news!

    Simao is out for 3 weeks. Just when we needed him the most!! :(
    Is there somebody who can “really” replace him?

    I think we’ll lose a lot in the creativity department, unless Aguirre comes up with something really smart.

    Great song btw.

  4. atleti said

    Very bad news.

  5. Ram said

    Simao’ injury is a real blow. I think Luis Garica will move to the left side and Miguel would be the substitute and probably Ruben Ramos from B Team would be the substitute for strikers.

  6. Billie said

    Very bad match but the most important: the victory. Nine points and Sunday Sevilla. Greatings from Spain.

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  8. Leivinha said

    Would love to see Miguel start in place of the injured Simao since he (Miguel) is playing much more like a flanker/winger than he did last year. He has been taking guys on and has great skill (and thus would fill some of the skill void)!!! He’s put in some productive minutes and deserves a start in my opinion….having said that, Aguirre will probably start Luis Garcia & Maxi.

    The good news is Heitinga will be back for Sunday. Would then want to see Perea on the right, AL on the left and R Garcia & Camacho as DMs (although Aguirre will play Assuncao instead of Camacho). Banega comes off the bench.

    In order to rotate, Coupet will probably start in goal. And of course Kun and Sinama up front.

    Aupa Atleti!!!!! Tough game though!

  9. Mohammed said

    Lucky Barca, Lucky Re@l and ugly Betis. Man how lucky can they be!!! It’s near frustrating :(

    Oh and Villareal won also. I hope we can keep up.

  10. Mohammed said

    Maaaan, I posted that post before knowing the Barca result, and they proved how lucky they are. I heard they got a penalty in the last minute from a very questionable situation.

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