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Jornada 3: Atlético de Madrid 4 Recreativo de Huelva 0

Posted by atleti on September 20, 2008


Another masterful, comfortable victory in front of the Atleti Faithful

Coupet; Seitaridis, Ujfalusi, Perea, Antonio López; Maniche (Éver 68’), Raul García, Simão (Luis García 56’), Maxi; Sinama-Pongolle & Kun Agüero (Miguel 60’)

8′ Agüero, set-piece taken by Simao.
52′ Maniche, incredible effort.
77′ Sinama-Pongolle, sublime run by Miguel.
88′ Sinama-Pongolle, superb pass by Luis.

Solid performance all around, particularly by Maniche.

Kun continues to impress me again and again and again. And again!

Sinama is more than capable of playing in place of the injured Uruguayo. Oodles of talent, pace, and an eye for goal.

Simao— a total class act and set-piece genius. Always threatening and clever when he has the ball at his feet.

Ujfalusi— the strong Czech centre-back. What did we do without him?!

Coupet— the experienced Frenchman. Rock solid performance today.

Substitutes, Miguel and Luis in particular, continue to prove that we have depth on the bench. 

My one worry at the moment are the fullbacks.

All in all, though, I couldn’t be happier with our recent performances and style of play– fairly solid defence and attack-minded. Is this our season to achieve great things?

Our next three fixtures:
Wednesday, 24 September: away to Getafe.
Sunday, 28 September: home to Sevilla.
Wednesday, 1 October: home to Marseille.


19 Responses to “Jornada 3: Atlético de Madrid 4 Recreativo de Huelva 0”

  1. Willen said

    Hey Friends,

    man.. That contract asking price of Kun is too few for him.. We just need to compare with Robinho’s. We should raise it to something obscene :)

    I didn’t know the game was today… but get home and see a 4×0 made me very happy.

    About the two goals of Sinama.. Very classy… The last one? wonderful, the pass of Luis and the dribling and the conclusion.. I can say now that I know Sinama.. and thanks to Aguirre that chose him. Nice buying I can say now.


  2. Antoñito said

    I didn’t expect Sinama to be that good, but now Forlán is injuried Sinama really proves he can be a useful player (luckily).
    I really liked Ujfalusi, Maniche, and of course Agüero, when will he stop to amaze me?!
    Anyone knows why Heitinga didn’t play?

  3. atleti said

    I think Heitinga’s exclusion from the game was a precautionary measure, Antoñito. He had picked up minor knocks while on international duty then played for us in Champions. My guess is that the physios wanted him to rest a bit so as not to suffer a serious injury setback.

  4. atleti said

    And, yes, Sinama was very impressive!! Good work by the Frenchman.

  5. peter said

    Greetings from Marid,another 4-0 at home,another great performance from Ujfalusi,Maniche and Kun,Simao starting to find some form,the list of positives continues.But last night the best thing was the attendance,almost a full house and another brilliant atmosphere,everyone at the ground is buzzing.The next 4 games at home are Sevilla,Marseille,Real(scum) and Liverpool,mouthwatering indeed!!!

  6. Ram said

    For a change we have made some good signings this time around. Increasing the talent in the bench rather than just making up numbers.

  7. atleti1903 said

    Buenas,fuimos mejores que el Recreativo y ganamos justamente,hay que seguir así,saludos!

  8. Antoñito said

    Maybe this season we could change our name to Atlético 4-0 (like Schalke 04 :-)

  9. Me gusta la solvencia que está demostrando el equipo en casa. Ahora hay que refrendarlo en los partidos tan duros que vienen.

  10. Willen said

    Hehehe… nice one, Antoñito =)

    If we get a 4×0 against Real, we have a agreement to always call Atlético as Atlético 4-0

  11. Hal said

    AUPA! :D

  12. Armon said

    Seitaridis was just on’s team of the week as a wing back. Is this real?? Should I pinch myself? Things are going so well that I just want the season to end already! I have a couple friend here in Madrid that thing I’m too optimistic and are used to Atleti losing after good wins, but they were wronged last weekend, hopefully thisll continue!

  13. Beyond the final result, Saturday evening it there was a great atmosphere all over “El Calderón”.

    Our Frente Atlético sang a new fans´ song, which promises to be one of the most popular this season.

    You can find below the lyric, and you can also find some video in Youtube typing “Vamos Campeon”, “Nueva Cancion del Frente”, “Atleti Recre”, or, even much better, visiting my blog and clicking on the video bar.

    un abrazo. miguel

    Vamos campeón
    pon huevos que hoy ganamos
    estoy descontrolado
    yo te quiero ver campeón!!!

    Jamás jamás
    te dejará esta hinchada
    en la buenas y en las malas
    nunca deja de animar!!!

  14. Mohammed said

    There’s a team wearing the same colors of Atletico, Sporting Gijon. They’re going to play against the scum of the earth Re@l Madrid this wednesday. This should be special. I’ll cheer them once for playing against R@al and twice for having the same colors. :)

  15. Willen said

    About the same colors…

    The trailer of the new version of Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer at the end of the movie, we can see a team with exactly our colors celebrating and raising the Uefa Champions Trophy……………

    Who knows? Porto won… Why couldn’t we? Aren’t our team better than that Porto?


  16. Mohammed said

    That Porto had a certain “special one” + luck, we don’t!

  17. Willen said

    There are news about Manchester City being interested in Kun.

    I guess that everybody knows that they are more than capable of paying EUR60.000.000,00 for him.

    Now we’ll see if Atlético wants to be a big club or not.

  18. Mohammed said

    Our friend Atleti seems to be busy. I hope all is well man.

  19. atleti said

    Ugh- got busy with work! It would be so much easier if the club hired all of us! :)

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