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Champions: PSV 0 Atlético de Madrid 3

Posted by atleti on September 16, 2008


Back to Champions, in style!

Leo Franco; Perea, Ujfalusi, Heitinga, Antonio López; Assunçao, Maniche (54′ Banega), Luis García, Simao; Forlán (31′ Sinama) & Agüero (63′ Raúl García).

8′ Agüero, assisted by Luis García.
35’Agüero, great effort by Sinama.
53′ Maniche, great work by Simao & Luis García.

We played solidly for large portions of the game, particularly in defence. Attack-wise, we continued to pile on the pressure. For their part, PSV’s defence was…well, wobbly, to say the least.

Forlán will be out injured for a month. I wish him a speedy recovery! Until then, here’s hoping for a potent strike partnership between Kun & Sinama.


Group D
Atlético 3
Liverpool 3
Marseille 0


17 Responses to “Champions: PSV 0 Atlético de Madrid 3”

  1. Willen said

    Great game… 3×0… so sad for Forlán… =/
    Hope Sinama play well.. He’s obviously not at the same level, surely Kun will play for both of them… we know he can.

    Aupa Atleti!

  2. peter said

    Great game but only having 3 strikers is beginning to look like a weakness.2 games a week for the next couple of months will really test the squad.Hopefully Sinama will get off the mark against his old club on Saturday.Aupa Atleti

  3. Mohammed said

    Great result. Congrats to all!

  4. day1star said

    Great stuff especially when you consider it’s an away game.

  5. atleti said

    We played some good football. Thoroughly pleased with the display!

  6. Mohammed said

    Aguero was great! Perfect positioning.

    Heitinga is back and we’re a winning team again!! This is not comforting, we must have a better defensive sideline. I hope we can get another good defender in the next tranfer window.

  7. atleti said

    Agreed! It would be good to have a more solid defending option on the bench.

  8. Luiz Pereira said

    This was the first time that I’ve seen Atleti this year. Here are my comments:

    Heitinga + Ujfalusi = The Wall –this was the most solid defensive effort that I’ve seen by Atleti since . . . 1995?

    Antonio Lopez looked a little weak and slow. Perea was all over the place.

    Banega tried to do too much in the little time he had, but this was his debut.

    I liked Assuncao.

    Maniche looked great (and I never liked him before with Atleti)

    Sinama looked surprisingly good (and fast). That run he made down the left flank to make the pass for Aguero was awesome.

    Overall, much better passing in the midfield (compared to last year). However, we still need that playmaker (Thiago Neves would have been perfect, but I won’t cry over spilled milk).

  9. john said

    What a return to the Champions League. PSV have always been proven a tough team to be at home. Atletico took the game bravely and came back with a 3 points.

    Kudos to Kun AGUERO was the star of the match. No arguement about that from me. I alwayas felt this is the stage for him to shine.

    However, most importantly what is your opinion about the team’s performance. Would love you to share them with me on my blog?

  10. Gran partido de todo el equipo, guiados por un impresionante Agüero. Mostramos solvencia también a domicilio.

  11. fernando said

    Agüero is the best player of the world. El Kun is maravellous. Viva el Atleti

    un abrazo.

  12. The only thing we can say is “thank you all, you made us fell proud to be Atleticos”. Atleti played as a real team.

    Unfortunately, Forlan will be off for 3 or 4 weeks and he will loss the following matches: Recreativo, Getafe, Sevilla, Olimpic, and Barcelona. He could be recovered to dispute against R. Madrid and Liverpool. Crossing fingers.

    But now, AUPA ATLETI !!!

    un abrazo. miguel

  13. Billie said

    Great match. The championship begin so good. This year can be a great year for us. Agüero is the one and only, simply the best. Greatings from Spain.

  14. atleti1903 said

    Buenas,jugamos un gran encuentro y fuimos justos vencedores,el Atléti promete,venga,saludos!

  15. Willen said

    Thanks for the review, Luiz.
    I didn’t have the chance to see the game and from your comments I can have an idea how everyone played. Thank you.

    “The only thing we can say is “thank you all, you made us fell proud to be Atleticos”. “

  16. Mohammed said

    Back to El Vicente Calderon. A must win game tomorrow, although Recre is a good team.

  17. janneke said

    I saw the game in the stadium.
    Atleti played really good. They played fast, and the goals were amazing.
    PSV had a poor defence (What the h*ll was Brechet doing?)
    A good start for Atleti in the CL!

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