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Jornada 2: Real Valladolid v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on September 11, 2008

Liga is finally back, thankfully, after a week of World Cup qualifiers.

Atleti players who served for their respective national teams (8 in total): Ujfalusi, Kun, Forlán, Perea, Seitaridis, Maniche, Simao, Heitinga. Plus, Raúl García has been active with the Spain U-21 team.

A LOT of key players will be returning to Spain exhausted from international duty, particularly those who had to travel to South America. The press suggests that Aguirre will tinker with the starting 11 to give certain players a rest. For instance, Sinama & Luis García might start in place of Kun & Forlán. Seitaridis might find himself in the starting 11 as well. Raúl García is certain to occupy a midfield spot alongside Maniche or Assunçao. Ujfalusi, Heitinga & Simao should be set to maintain their starting 11 positions.

All of this should be confirmed soon enough!

For their part, Valladolid are coming off of a 1-0 away loss to Espanyol. They will be without  García Calvo & Iñaki Bea due to injury.

[UPDATE, 12-September]
Coupet, Seitaridis, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Pernía, Assunçao, Maniche, Maxi & Simão.

Luís García, Kun, and/or Sinama will be selected as strikers, as expected.

SUBS: Antonio López, Pernía, Raúl García, Miguel, Perea, Pablo, Camacho, Leo Franco.


Heitinga & Ujfalusi arrived to training with minor knocks picked up from international duty, according to Aguirre.

37 Responses to “Jornada 2: Real Valladolid v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. Ram said

    Garcia Calvo is their central defender.

  2. atleti said

    Oops! That’s what I get for writing that at night.

  3. atleti1903 said

    Buenas,aunque no jugarán ni Agüero,Forlán y Perea,pero confío en ganar en Pucela,venga,saludos!

  4. This is the price that we have to pay for having a high quality squad, and dispute 3 different competitions. Some names will be missed out, some key players will have to rest, other will be penalised, other injured, and, after all, no time to prepare matches.

    However, I like this. un abrazo. miguel

  5. Billie said

    It is so important to win in Valladolid to confirm our aspirations. It will be a dificult match because the Real Valladolid will be in better physical form and very motivated.

  6. atleti said

    I hope for a victory too! Valladolid are physically fit and well-rested, but our quality should be enough to win.


  7. atleti said

    Also! PEOPLE IN THE USA::: The game will be “DELAYED” on GolTV channel. 4.00pm, EASTERN TIME.

  8. Mohammed said

    We’re in it to win it. Let’s hope things go smoothly.

    Atleeeti !! Atleeeti !!

  9. Armon said

    I’m going to be studying abroad in Madrid from September 19th to December 20th.
    Alguien puede ir a los partidos conmigo?

  10. day1star said

    You’re so lucky, Armon, are you going to watch any of our matches?
    Anyone have any links for the match?

  11. day1star said

    By the way, Aguero is starting.

  12. Hello friend:

    In Madrid we are voting the one who is the best foreigner in the history of the Athletic one.

    I wait for your vote, which much does that you do not visit my blog.


  13. Hello friend:

    In ‘Un grande sin memoria’ we are voting who is the best foreigner in the history of the Atlético de Madrid.

    I wait for your vote, which much does that you do not visit my blog.


  14. Ram said

    Heitinga is also ruled out. So it would be either the jaded Perea or Pablo who will be playing.

  15. Mohammed said

    Starting with Aguero! I don’t think that’s a wise move. I hope he doesn’t get injured.

  16. Mohammed said

    That piece of shit Seitaridis !!! OMG

    Unbelievable !!

    0-2 down

  17. atleti said

    Wow. Just…wow. 2-0. There’s still time and they’re down to 10 men.

    KUN is on the bench. Sinama & Luis up front.

  18. atleti said

    Now they’re down to 9!!!

  19. Mohammed said

    One change in our defensive line and we’re screwed !!!

    Seitaridis opened a highway for their players. Not to mention the primitive mistakes from Perea!!

    Also Coupet was stupid with that dive!! and on top of that, the ref is Cantalejo “the prima donna”

  20. Mohammed said

    No Atleti, it’s the Coach who was red carded.

  21. atleti said

    Truly revealing how a couple changes in the defence makes us play like crap.

  22. day1star said

    Big mistake not to start with Aguero, get a lead and then take him off, that’s what Aguirre should have done. Now, he’s going to have to bring him on in the second half, when we’re 2-0 down. Very isappointing first half.

  23. day1star said

    Aguero on for Assuncao

  24. atleti said

    Defensive mid off, striker on.

    Do or die.

  25. atleti said

    2-1 KUN

  26. atleti said

    Still time to win this!!!

  27. atleti said

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…10 minutes to go.

  28. day1star said

    Forget it we’ve lost, i’m too angry for words.

  29. Mohammed said

    Another dodgy performance. It meakes wonder really!!

    I guess the FIFA virus is to blame for this one. Next week, there will be no exuses!

  30. atleti said


  31. Mohammed said

    We’re used to this kind of torture anyway! Let’s forget this one and hope for the next game.

  32. Armon said

    perea was filth, seitaridis questionable, maxi nonexistent, pongolle SUCKS ASS I NEVER WANT TO SEE HIM WEAR OUR COLORS AGAIN, and luis garcia was amazingly out of focused and disappointing, right after he calls for the team to ‘maintain focus’ in a press conference. i say miguel gets more chances, kid’s got potential

    god so frustrating

    and day1star, i plan on going to every game humanly possible, and using as much of my savings as necessary! is there anyone in madrid that would like to watch the games with me?

  33. peter said

    Hey Armon,me and my friend have season tickets so you couldnt sit with us but if we can help in any way,with tickets or life in Madrid in general,just ask.After the Saturday night games we go for a few beers and post match analysis.

  34. day1star said

    Heitinga has recovered and Forlan is back, and they have both been named along with Banega in the squad that will face PSV in the CL group game on Tuesday.
    Hopefully, on Tuesday the boys will remember how to pass the ball to each other rather than the opposition, and will also remember how to keep possession.

  35. Mohammed said

    @Armon: Good Luck man

  36. Armon said

    Thanks, and good luck to us all against PSV this tuesday!

    PETER, muchas gracias para la invitacion (I don’t know how to insert accents on the computer). Mi espanol es muy malo a contra de su ingles! En la escuela secundaria solamente leiamos y escribiamos en espanol, pero no hablabamos mucho. Si puedas ayudarme y beber muchas cervezas en madrid conmigo, este estaria magnifico! (Ahora siento los sentimientos de Fernando Torres cuando el habla ingles!) Muchas gracias.

    Anyways hopefully that made sense, and I will do my best to remember to contact you once I settle in. Looking forward to going to many games!

    Aupa Atleti!

  37. peter said

    Armon,I am from Belfast and an English teacher in Madrid.Your Spanish is probably better than mine!!Aupa Atleti

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