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Champions Atlético de Madrid v Schalke

Posted by atleti on August 26, 2008

Second leg after a lackluster 0-1 loss in Germany!

Do or die!

More details here.

37 Responses to “Champions Atlético de Madrid v Schalke”

  1. You have said it: Do or die.

    In my blog I have spoken about the last ¿remontadas?, few ones in the last ten years.

    An embrace


  2. Mohammed said

    There’s only one way to do this, WIN!!!

    Let’s just pray that Aguirre can show some quality today.

    On other news, Banega is in, on loan that is.

  3. atleti1903 said

    Hello, is the most important game of the last 12 years, asique we must win, I hope the Atlético de Madrid, and I think we are removing the Schalke 04 tonight, come, greetings!

  4. Frosty said

    C’mon Atleti. Kun Doesn’t Perform : Neither Do We, Hopefully That Won’t Be The Case, Please Win!

  5. atleti said


    Keeping it simple. I don’t care how we win, let’s just win!!!

  6. Willen said

    I didn’t forget it todat :P

    A-tlé-ti-co! A-tlé-ti-co!

    is there any web site with radion tranmission of the game?

  7. atleti said

    1-0! Kun, assist by Perea!

  8. gf said

    1-0! El Kun. Thank the lord for that guy.

  9. atleti said

    I’m following on live text, bleahhh, better than nothing, I guess!

  10. Cesar said

    Good luck! Hope you guys do the business!

  11. Armon said

    great first half, especially if we were able to put away some of our chances, but the fact that we’re getting so many chances while still maintaining stability in the back is awesome.

    in kun we trust!!

  12. gf said

    The UEFA site doesn’t have any commentary or play-by-play. What year is this? I thought we lived in the information age.

  13. Willen said

    Damn it.. I was in a meeting.. got back from it now..

    ok.. 1×0.. now we need more!

  14. Willen said

    Forlán!!! 2×0!

  15. atleti said

    Excellent!!! I won’t feel completely secure until a third or fourth goal is scored, though!!!

  16. gf said

    Seriously, we’re in sketchy away goal territory here.

  17. atleti said


    Luis García in for Forlán.

    Assunção in for Maniche.

  18. atleti said

    3-0 Luis!

    I think we can all breathe a bit easy now.

  19. atleti said

    4-0 Maxi Penalti!

  20. Willen said

    Schalke’s Pander sent off.. 2nd half.. 5 minutes to the End….

    Weeeeeee are in the champions….. (ridiculous adapting this song, I know :-P )

  21. atleti said

    So good to get through to the next round!

  22. Mohammed said

    WOOOOOHOOOO !!! I’m so happy :)
    at last we’re in the champions

    Congrats to all rojiblancos

  23. day1star said

    Aguero was awesome, he was everywhere. How r u guys? i only got back from Spain today. We’re in the CL group stages, Congrats everyone!

  24. atleti said

    Pretty good! Looking forward to Liga’s first round of games this weekend!!!

    This victory and the start of it is a huge motivation…

    So great to finally be close to the opening of the 08/09 season.

  25. The party starts now.

    We are in the Champions. Congratulations.



  26. Mohammed said

    As Marca states, We’re back to Thiago Neves. Why not? We will be paid 15 Million Euros for qualifying for the group stage of the CL.

    Obviously, the team is nothing without Aguero as the first leg against Schalke showed. So, we really need someone who can step up if, God forbid Kun gets injured. I think Neves is that guy.

    Hopefully, he’ll sign for us.

    Either that, or get two good sidebacks instead of crappy Pernia and Seitaridis.

  27. john said

    First thing I must thank the Atletico management for allowing Kun to be part of the Beijing campaign. I’m sure not just me but every Albiceleste fan will feel this way.

    I was pretty worried after the first leg but I know Kun must have been very grateful that he will do whatever it takes to help them qualify for the Group stage.

    That is exactly what happened tonight as evidence from his man of the match performance.

    I wish both Kun & Atletico all the best and you can count on my support for them to go all the way.

    What about your thoughts on Kun’s performance and his recent gold medal campaign in Beijing? I would sure love to hear them from you guys!

  28. peter said

    The players were good but the supporters were unbelieveable.We are the best in Spain,sin duda.When we sang el himno after the third goal I’ve never heard it so loud in the Calderon.Truly memorable night.Bring on Man U!!

  29. day1star said

    We’ve signed Banega on loan, good deal!

  30. gf said

    Trying to watch the draw on the UEFA site but it’s slower than slow. I know we’ve avoided Man U since their with Villareal. Real and Juventus are together too.

  31. gf said

    oh yeah and Barcelona and Sporting Lisbon

  32. gf said

    So far:
    a: Chelsea, Roma, Bordeaux
    b: Inter, Bremen, Panathinaikos
    c: Barca, Sporting, Basel
    d: Liverpool, PSV, Marseille
    e: Manu U, Villareal, Celtic
    f: Lyon, Bayern, Steaua
    g: Arsenal, Porto, Fenerbahce
    h: Real, Juventus, Zenit

  33. gf said

    Here it is

    a: Chelsea, Roma, Bordeaux, Cluj
    b: Inter, Bremen, Panathinaikos, Anorthosis
    c: Barca, Sporting, Basel, Shaktar
    d: Liverpool, PSV, Marseille, Atletico
    e: Manu U, Villareal, Celtic, AaB
    f: Lyon, Bayern, Steaua, Fiorentina
    g: Arsenal, Porto, Fenerbahce, Kiev
    h: Real, Juventus, Zenit, BATE

  34. Willen said

    Nice group…
    Liverpool, PSV, Marseille, Atletico.

    We’ll have to face Fernando Torres :/

  35. More than one of us are to get divorce in a couple of months. This is what we will have:


    un abrazo. miguel

  36. Mohammed said

    We’ll have to be on top of our game and very brave to pass that disaster of a schedule !!

  37. Willen said

    I was reading about Thiago Neves and things are not decided.
    Hamburg has a deal with the group that owns the bigger part of the player rights. His agent has the another part and accepted Atlético’s bid.
    I don’t know if it’s for real but it says Thiago will decide his future and the fact of Atlético will play in Champions might be the main point on his decision.

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