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Champions: Schalke 1 Atlético de Madrid 0

Posted by atleti on August 14, 2008


Briefly: what a horrendous, embarassing way to begin out 08/09 Champions campaign. Once again, we are left with a bitter taste in our mouths. Again and again… and again.

Two positives in all of this? That it was only a 1-0 loss and that we will have Kun back from international duty for the second leg, in a do or die situation.

As a lot of sources have been reporting, Schalke were far more superior, particularly in the first half, with clear opportunities at goal.

ThE UGLY: We lacked attacking edge and creativity; nervous defending, especially on the flanks; and the explusion of Antonio López in the 74th minute. Anything else to add?

I am most disappointed with Forlán.


Anything missing? Any other positives? Negatives?

18 Responses to “Champions: Schalke 1 Atlético de Madrid 0”

  1. peter said

    Lopez’s performance was a disgrace, as was Raul Garcia’s, not one pass reached it’s target.Forlan was rubbish too but to be fair he has to drop deep which is not his position.At Villarreal he played right forward with Riquelme behind supplying the ammo and scored a bagful.Playmaker required pronto!

  2. atleti said


    This result isn’t the end of the world, but it’s not exactly an inspiring start, that’s for sure!

  3. atleti1903 said

    Buenas,que pena que perdimos,jugamos mal y se veía venir que ibamos a perder,habrá que remontar en el Vicente Calderón,lo bueno es que estará ya el Kun,confió solamente en él,venga,saludos!

  4. Colchonero de Corazon said

    They can turn it around, but not without a player maker. Its only obvious that need someone to create and distribute in the midfield. I think Aguirre is quality, but I do believe his time is running out. Either way his has done what no other coach has been able to do for the club in 10 years. Forlan having to come so far down is a waste of his talent. He is a finisher and he si playing out of position.

  5. Armon said

    Antonio Lopez was teh biggest disappointment, simao sucked, Raul Garcia was embarassing, and pernia amazes me yet again, by already getting a yellow in what seemed like 3 seconds of playing. Assuncao and the entire defense (less lopez) actually pleased me in the second half, they were able to play with much more solidarity and calm. I’m really worried about left back, lopez is out, pernia’s rubbish, i know it wont happen but I almost want to try out Camacho in that spot, i feel like anythings better than pernia. As far as forlan’s concerned, I actually wasn’t disappointed in him at all. I mean, he literally was like a 5th defender just because he couldn’t get any service, but it was clear that he tried to contribute however he could. He had some great dribbles and passes, but now more than ever our need for a playmaker is exposed. I don’t understand why Cerezo would wait to see if we qualify, i mean qualifying would get us better choices but even if we dont qualify, we reallllllyy need a playmaker. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…all in all, after how bad we played in the 1st half, our position isn’t tooo bad, god bless aguero

  6. Colchonero de Corazon said

    Help might be on the way.
    Diego from Werder Bremen is rumored to be a target. They say that Atletico is only 4 million euros away from an agreement. I believe they are offering 16 and Werder wants 20.

  7. Ram said

    Right now it is just a rumor and nothing else. They believe that we can get him for 20…just another journalist trying to fill up his allotted space in the paper.

  8. atleti said

    Back from another holiday again!

    Still no playmaker added…

  9. atleti said

    About two weeks until the season starts up, thankfully.

    Then there’s the Champions fixture.

    Transfer window is still open.

  10. peter said

    Interesting to see that you want Aguirre out.I think the jury is still out.On one hand I hate the Spanish disease of changing managers too often but on the other was a tour of Mexico and a game against Rayo really the way to prepare for a CL game?Should he not have demanded participation in the Emirates or Amsterdam tournaments or similar?

  11. Willen said

    let’s think together :)

    We’ll have Brazil x Argentina tomorrow.
    Brazilian Rafinha is from Schalke 04
    Argentinian Kun Aguero is from Atlético.

    If Brazil get a win, Rafinha will be more tired for Atlético x Schalke due to all the trip from China, have played one more game, blablabla. Kun could get back soon! Don’t you agree it will be if Brazil win the next game? :)

    Just kidding, of course. We’ll still have the 3rd place game match. :) Good game for everyone. And I hope no injuries specially for Kun.

  12. Armon said


    …..sorry Willen

  13. No translation today, just:

    KUN – KUN – KUN – KUN – KUN – KUN !!!!!!

    Agúero es bajito porque los güevos (balls, no doubt) que tiene no le dejan crecer.

    Un abrazo. miguel

  14. Willen said

    hehehehe… I’m happy because it was Aguero’s show =)

    It’s funny.. I was in university watching a class when I heard people louding saying goal. then I thought, Brazil’s first gol, right? No.. it was Argentina’s second. hehehehe. People here start supporting the other side when their team is awful. Maybe a feeling that when you get a huge loss things will need to change. That’s what we know that will happen now. Bye Dunga and probably old Real Madrid’s Luxemburgo now. Scolari is in Chelsea.. that’s the better choice we have.

    I won’t finish this post without a: AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! =)

  15. Colchonero de Corazon said

    This just in.
    Banega will arrive within the end of this week
    The possibilities for Sampdoria to engage Valencia midfielder Ever Banega seem to disappeared. Atletico Madrid seem in fact very close to obtain the player and an agreement could be found within the end of the week.

  16. atleti said

    Wow. 2-1 against Depor. I know it’s a friendly, but it doesn’t inspire confidence…

  17. atleti said

    Wow. 2-1 against Depor. I know it’s a friendly, but it doesn’t inspire confidence…

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