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Champions: FC Schalke 04 v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on August 11, 2008

[UPDATE] SUPPORTERS IN THE USA: The first leg will NOT be shown live. ESPN Deportes channel will show it delayed at 8.00pm (Eastern Time). Watch it LIVE (en vivo) on the Internet!               


 The 08/09 Premier League season will start up this weekend and undoubtedly many of us will be keeping an eye out on that, in terms of build-up…but don’t forget our FIRST LEG OF THE CHAMPIONS THIRD QUALIFYING ROUND!


Here’s the squad that will be traveling to Germany:

GK: Coupet, Leo Franco.

DF: Seitaridis, Antonio López, Pernía, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Perea, Pablo, Valera.

MF: Cléber, Raúl García, Luis García, Maxi, Assunção, Miguel, Simão, Camacho.

FW: Diego Forlán, Sinama Pongolle.

MOTTA is still recuperating from his injury and MANICHE was omitted by technical decision. In other words, we are still in search for a club for him. KUN is still participating in the Olympics, of course.

According to AS, all of our summer signings will play in this first leg, with the exception of Coupet.

Here’s what they say our starting 11 will look like:

Leo Franco, Antonio López, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Perea, Simão, Assunção, Raúl García, Maxi, Forlán, & Sinama Pongolle.

Not bad at all. The only important piece missing is Kun.

Anyone know what might be Schalke’s starting 11?

Let’s hope for the best result possible…and always:


[I might update this entry with more info as it becomes available.]

30 Responses to “Champions: FC Schalke 04 v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. peter said

    I think you will be right with the starting line-up,I just worry about the midfield.Against Rayo there was a big hole behind the forwards,a hole which has existed since Maniche was dropped.And like the end of last season Maxi and Simao drifted inside and Forlan dropped deep to try to make things happen.Raul Garcia was AWOL,we need someone to dominate that area.When Cleber came on he looked better(honestly!!!).It is clear that we need a playmaker preferably Riquelme.A score draw in Gelsinkirken would be a great result,then the atmosphere at the Calderon will be electric and Kun should make the difference.Fingers crossed.

  2. atleti1903 said

    Buenas,ahi que sacar un buen resultado para luego rematarlo en el Vicente Calderón,es un pena que no esté Agüero,pero hay que ganar sin él,confío en los demás jugadores y confío en pasar esta ronda,venga,saludos!

  3. atleti said

    We need a playmaker desperately. That’s the ONE area that we SHOULD improve on before the transfer window closes. Unfortunately, I just can’t see us finding anyone of Champions quality with such little time!

    A por los alemanes!!

  4. Ram said

    I think the board is waiting for us to qualify for the CL beofre buying a playmaker.

  5. ¡A POR ELLOS!

  6. I agree with Ram. Qualification for the CL Group phase implies not only €10M but also, probably, more qualified candidates. We cannot forget that playing CL is a must for any outstanding (crossing fingers) playmaker. Our need in such a position is so obvious that I think that our board has some agreement pending on this. I believe. I hope. I wish. …. but today: A por ellos !!!
    un abrazo. miguel

  7. According to the UEFA official website,

    “Schalke is below full-strength, particularly at the back. Rafinha is playing for Brazil at the Olympics, Krstajić is still missing with a torn thigh muscle and goalkeeper Neuer has a broken foot. Meanwhile, midfielder Streit – following a similar injury to the one that befell Krstajić – plus Løvenkrands and Varela have only just returned to training after their own lay-offs”.

    Consequently, the more than probable line-up could be:

    GK: Schober
    DF. Westernann, Bordón, Howedes and Pander
    MF: Ernst, Jones, Engelaar and Rakitic
    FW: Farfán and Kuranyi

    We must take advantage of this alleged weakness at their backline and score as much as possible.

    Reportedly, Forlan has been training alone for 30 min practicing all sorts of shoots from several positions and possible circumstances


    Un abrazo. miguel

  8. atleti said

    Good that they are under-strength!!


  9. GF said

    ESPN2 is showing Arsenal/Twente. Of course I don’t get Deportes and won’t be able to watch a stream at work. Arggghhh!

  10. GF said

    …and it’s on ESPN360 which I don’t get either.

  11. atleti said

    It doesn’t make any sense why we’re not televised. Weren’t we chosen as the game of this round by UEFA?!?!?!

  12. Armon said

    there’s a later showing on espn deportes, 5pm pacific

  13. atleti said

    Yep, I know, I wrote it up on the top of the blog entry. I meant, it’s not televised live.

    OK, it’s starting in a minute!!!

  14. atleti said

    Let’s hope for the best possible result!!!


  15. atleti said

    Perea is playing terribly at the moment.

  16. Willen said

    oh.. it’s today.. I completely forgot..

  17. atleti said

    You’re banned from the blog! :)

    Still 0-0.

  18. Willen said

    NO! Sorry :)

    Man.. the team seems to be terrible!

    “Lo único positivo de este inicio es que el Atlético no ha recibido ningún gol, pero como no espabile el Schalke va a terminar marcando.”

    Where are you following the game through?

  19. RojiBlanco said

    Quite a fysical match.

    btw. Heitinga with a shot that was never going to go in…

  20. RojiBlanco said

    Yellow for Antonio Lopez, free kick in a dangerous place.

    1-0 down, great kick.

  21. atleti said


    Time to equalise.

  22. Willen said

    I liked this comment.. Now I remember why I don’t like Aguirre.

    “Es lo que pasa cuando sales empanado a jugar un partido tan importante. Esto no es un amistoso contra un equipo mexicano ni contra el Alcalá, señores, esto es el último escollo antes de la Champions.”

  23. atleti said


  24. atleti said

  25. atleti said

    Discouraging first half.

    Still another 45 to equalise.

  26. RojiBlanco said

    Jep, let’s hope for the best. Defense (Ujfalusi) needs to defend tighter, the hole team must be prepared for the fysical match, and Sinama-Pongolle needs to finish a chance.

    A goal here would be great.

    Aupa Atleti.

  27. RojiBlanco said

    Red for Antonio Lopez. Well, means that we will have to keep it 1-0 here and finish it off at home…

  28. Jose said

    Es el momento de sufrir… (Atleti se queda con diez…) :o(

  29. RojiBlanco said

    1-0, no antonio lopez or aguero, but we still have pernia and sinama-pongolle!!

  30. Aguirre, Cagón,
    Fuera del Calderón

    Mierda de partido

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