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Simão v Seitaridis

Posted by atleti on August 2, 2008

This may or may not be significant, but…according to AS, there was a heated argument between Simão and Seitaridis over a strong challenge by the Greek during a training session. Forlán, Miguel, & Cléber prevented the argument from escalating by pushing the two players away from each other.

Predictably, the rumour is that Seitaridis is frustrated with his current situation. He knows that he doesn’t figure into Aguirre‘s 08/09 plan, but he has yet to receive an acceptable offer out of the club.

In any case, we seem to have a reputation, especially in recent seasons, of internal conflicts, whether it be player versus player, player versus manager, manager v president, manager v sporting director, or president v supporters…

Remember last season?
Reyes v Aguirre
Reyes v Forlán
Maniche v Aguirre
Aguirre v Pitarch

And those are only the ones we know about. There could very well be more tension between other players that hasn’t been exposed to the press.

Do I expect everyone to get along famously? No. That’s unrealistic.  Should they at least put their differences aside and RESPECT each other? Yes.

5 Responses to “Simão v Seitaridis”

  1. atleti1903 said

    Este Seitaridis,encima de que no juega,hace entradas fuertes,como nos lesione a alguno,esque vamos…y encima a Simao,que es pieza clave.Ahora lo importante es ganar al Schalke 04,de pronto,hemos ganado al Alcalá de Henares,0-4 jeje,a ver si hay fichajes antes o despues de la Previa,necesitamos un mediapunta,venga,saludos!

  2. atleti said

    Seitaridis es MUY MEDIOCRE…y sigue demostrando esto.

    Ah, gracias a Dios por una pre-temporada de ganar, por fin! JAJAJA.

    Y no soy perezoso … organicé mi blogroll hoy … Estoy tratando de añadir un “widget” en la barra lateral que muestra el calendario de la liga.

    Me voy a la Florida mañana, pero con mi laptop.

    Only about 4-5 weeks until Liga finally starts, thankfully!

  3. Armon said

    simao shouldn’t respect seitaridis he’s rubbish. i met seitaridis’s sister and mom at the euro game between spain and greece though and they were HOT so maybe we should keep him ;)

  4. mrx said

    he IS hot either, so if it all would be about being hot, then Atletico should definitely keep him;)

  5. Mr Reality said

    One of the best right backs in the world. Since his achilles he has been a lot softer. Simao is the one that is over hyped, not Giourkas.

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