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Third Qualifying Round Draw: Hallo, Schalke 04

Posted by atleti on August 1, 2008

Not an easy draw by any stretch of the imagination. has chosen us as the pick of the draw.

FIRST LEG (12/13 August): FC Schalke 04 v Club Atlético de Madrid

SECOND LEG (26/27 August): Club Atlético de Madrid v FC Schalke 04

MANAGER: Fred Rutten

As of today, this is their squad list:

GK Manuel Neuer
DF Heiko Westermann
MF Levan Kobiashvili
DF Marcelo Bordon (captain)
MF Albert Streit
MF Gustavo Varela
MF Fabian Ernst
MF Ivan Rakitić
FW Peter Løvenkrands
MF Jermaine Jones
FW Gerald Asamoah
MF Zé Roberto
FW Jefferson Farfán
DF Rafinha
FW Halil Altıntop
DF Mladen Krstajić
MF Carlos Grossmüller
FW Kevin Kurányi
DF Benedikt Höwedes
DF Christian Pander
DF Carlos Augusto Zambrano
FW Vicente Sánchez
MF Markus Heppke
MF Levan Kenia
GK Ralf Fährmann
GK Mathias Schober
GK Mohamed Amsif
MF Orlando Engelaar

Anyone out there know anything about Schalke?

13 Responses to “Third Qualifying Round Draw: Hallo, Schalke 04”

  1. gf said

    Wow! Tough draw but a fascinating matchup. I hope they put it on TV here.

  2. atleti said

    Yes, isn’t it ridiculous that all of the top sides got easy draws? Geez.

  3. Willen said

    Yeah.. ridiculous, but we are going to beat them and it will make us stronger. There´s no other possibility.

    I only know Zé Roberto for real. He was from my team in Brazil. He has incredible dribling abilities and only that. But he probably won’t be in the starting 11.

    Rafinha seems to be a wonderful player. I guess he was chosen the best winger of Germany more than once. But he’s in the Olympics. yay! =P

  4. atleti1903 said

    Va a ser un partido dificil,tanto allí como aquí,lo bueno es que la vuela es en el Vicente Calderón,y esperemos que con Agüero,ellos también van a tener bajas,como por ejemplo Rafinha,quizás el portero tambien y Rajitic también quizás,el peligro lo llevará Kuranyi,y al Altintop,pero espero que ganemos,tenemos a Forlan,Simao,Maxi…y merecemos estar en la Champions tras 12 años sin estar en ella,venga,saludos.

  5. Ram said

    Rafinha would be back for the game at the Calderon.

  6. Willen said

    Will Aguero be back also?

  7. Leivinha said

    Aguero will be back for the game at the Calderon.

    Tough draw but these are the games we need to win to if we want to be in Champions and back in the elite of Europe…at least it’s not a Mexican team!

  8. day1star said

    We need to make sure that we don’t concede in the first leg, i know that Aguero is going to fly back straight from the Olympics to Madrid, just so that he can play in the second leg and help to get us through to the group stages.

  9. fernando said

    El Atlético debe ganar al Schalke. No queda otra opción. Caer sería un desastre. Un abrazo.

  10. Mohammed said

    Just pray Aguero won’t get injured in the Olympics.

    Schalke were having a bad campaign last year. They almost sacked their coach, not sure if they did.

    Hopefully, we can beat them.

  11. Ram said

    They did sack their coach.

  12. london said

    All top sides got easy draws because they have a record in the UEFA and Champions League during the last 5 years. Something that unfortunately and well due to the gil family we do not have.

  13. Adam said

    Hello from England. Schalke have some really good players. Definately Farfan upfront. He is lethal infront of goal so Heitinga And Ulfalusi (SP) will have to watch him. Also Engelaar is very good. Should go through.

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