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The Midfield

Posted by atleti on July 26, 2008


I read recently that Maniche is trying to ‘patch things up’ with Aguirre, his teammates, and club officials for his wreckless behaviour that led to his loan spell last season. Of course, we all know why he is humbling himself: He’s not attracting worthwhile offers!

I am motivated to return to work. I want to be at my best physical form so that I can have a good season.

Can we trust that he won’t act out again? I’m not so sure. Do we even need his services? He’s not in top shape at the moment and we do have Camacho, Assunção, and Motta as holding midfield options.

Meanwhile, we have less than a month before the season starts and an even shorter amount of time before Champions qualifiers begin…I worry that we still have not signed a decent playmaker.

What’s more, we still have Cléber in our ranks– I thought he would have been one of the first to make his way out of the club. I read a rumour that the club received offers for him, but nothing became of that.

Anything missing?

19 Responses to “The Midfield”

  1. Billie said

    We don’t know to sell players. To sell, has been always our problem. The director hoped to sell Reyes, Seitaridis and Maniche but is very difficult to sell expensive the players who all the world knows that you do not want. Sorry for my English ang greatings from Spain.

  2. day1star said

    It’s hard to sell players who don’t want to leave the club and have lengthy contracts, let’s face it they’re getting paid pretty well here.

  3. atleti said

    That’s the truth! It’s frustrating to see these players still in the squad when the original plan was to get rid of them. Their sales could have purchased a good playmaker.

  4. atleti said

    Another problem is, it’s difficult to give all of these players playing time, so they end up frustrated and, sometimes, unmotivated.

  5. atleti said

    This is how I think it is::::



    I have a feeling ASSUNCAO will takeover Camacho’s spot.


  6. Ram said

    I think Assuncao will be the starter.It will be something like

    Maxi —————-Simao

    If Maniche stays he will take over Raul’s place as the season goes. I don’t think the club can afford a good playmaker with these market conditions and we are really running out of time as the new guy has to come in before CL qualifying games and also settle in.

    Cleber might go on loan to either Malaga or Recre.

  7. Mohammed said

    I don’t know why do they ignore Riquelme?!! He is a genuine playmaker. He is very creative and has precise passing abilities, why not get him?! He may also come for almost nothing $.

  8. Ram said

    Maybe because of his attitude??

  9. Willen said

    Yeah.. probably because of his attitude… but, I don’t a better team for him to play with:
    -Kun from Argentina Squad
    -Maxi from Argentina Squad
    -Forlán his old teammate from Villareal

    I think it’s worthy to give him a try. If he starts to be a problem again we give him on loan to Boca.

  10. day1star said

    C’mon guys, he hasn’t got a bad attitude he’s just sensitive and shy.

  11. atleti said

    “Misunderstood”!!! ;)

    Shame that we won’t get Arteta. I think he would have been perfect. Now the rumours are that we are back to trying to sign Diego…? I remember reading he preferred a move to Serie A, no?

  12. Willen said

    I just heard in a Brazilian sports radio that Atlético is interested in:

    Thiago Neves[playmaker](Fluminense-BRA) – Wonderful player.
    Hernanes[playmaker](São Paulo-BRA) – Nice player.
    Diego(Werder-GER) – you know.
    Silva(Valencia-SPA) – you know.
    Valerie[????](Lanús-ARG) – no idea. anyone? heard he’s called “new Riquelme”.

    Again, Thiago Neves would be enough as a playmaker but he’s saying here he won’t leave Fluminense until the end of the year. Our season here starts in March and ends in December. Probably the only country in the world with this calendar. Ridiculous, but it is.

  13. Colchonero de Corazon said

    Esto vino de espndeportes:

  14. Colchonero de Corazon said

    Aguirre, DT del Atl. Madrid, perfila el once ideal para jugar la previa de la Champions. Maniche se incorporó a los entrenamientos, pero no es tenido en cuenta por el DT

    Aguirre quiere hacer una buena Champions con su equipo — El mexicano Javier Aguirre, entrenador del Atlético de Madrid, empleó la sesión vespertina para perfilar su once para la previa de la Champions de los próximos 12 ó 13 y 26 ó 27 de agosto, con el colombiano Luis Perea en el lateral derecho y el holandés John Heitinga y el checo Tomas Ujfalusi en el centro de la defensa.

    La confección de la zaga, una de las dudas de la alineación en las pruebas de la pasada gira por México y que se completa con Antonio López en el lateral zurdo, quedó clara en los ensayos del técnico en el entrenamiento de esta tarde, en el que Aguirre se centró en los movimientos ofensivos y defensivos de ese once. El equipo lo completó con el brasileño Paulo Assuncao, como medio de contención; el argentino Maxi Rodríguez, Raúl García y el portugués Simao Sabrosa, por delante en una línea de tres; y el uruguayo Diego Forlán y el francés Sinama Pongolle como delanteros, como ya había apuntado el técnico en los amistosos precedentes.

  15. day1star said

    I think you mean Diego Valeri, who i think Villareal have bought.

  16. day1star said

    Anyone know who we are playing against next and when?

  17. atleti1903 said

    Hello,I´m from Spain.We have many midfield at present myself, if Maniche and Aguirre are going to be bad, made to Maniche, Miguel de las Cuevas he gave way to another team.Y with that money, chips to David Silva, who is the player we need,greetings.

  18. atleti said

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts & blog, atleti1903. I will add it to my blogroll!!!


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