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08/09 Liga Schedule Has Been Released!

Posted by atleti on July 16, 2008

Our first five fixtures:

Jornada 1: Atleti v Málaga

Jornada 2:
Valladolid v Atleti

Jornada 3: Atleti v Recreativo

Jornada 4: Getafe v Atleti

Jornada 5:
Atleti v Sevilla

Not a bad way to start the season, no?

57 Responses to “08/09 Liga Schedule Has Been Released!”

  1. day1star said

    Any idea what time the game is today?

  2. Ram said

    Matchtime in Mexico will be 21:00! In Europe means that, Atlético will play on 4:00 Thrsday morning.

  3. Ram said

    Did you see the rest of the matchdays…

    After Sevilla it is Barca, Real & Villareal in that order.

  4. day1star said

    Maxi, Simao and Forlan will be playing in this match.

  5. Broadly speaking, good calendar.

    October will be the most exiting month: Glory or Hell. Sevilla & R. Madrid at home, Barcelona & Villarreal away.

    So, we should win the first four games (I wish), because we could need to have remnant points, more than enough, to face the next four ones.

    Un abrazo. miguel

  6. day1star said

    Aguero has stated that he won’t be leaving in the next two seasons, he is happy at the club ad money is not important.

  7. It is the fourth time that he rejects an offer. Firstly, it was the Armed Branch of R. Madrid (Diario Marca), which launched rumour about the possibility of signing Kun for R.Madrid, the Kun´s answer was: “I will not go to R. Madrid, not even drunk”. Secondly, Chelsea offered €55M plus one player, answer: “No”. Simultaneously, Inter de Milano got in touch with Maradona (acting father in law) in order to convince Kun to speak to them, no way. Between the second and the third one, he said to the Argentinian press: “I will never play in any team which name starts by R”. And finally, the ManU´s offer was rejected immediately.

    Notwithstanding that, we have two years to build up a real European-top-ten team. If not, we will have to assume that Kun´s flying.

    We have two years, we can do it.

    Un abrazo. Miguel

  8. day1star said

    Miguel, i think that if we can get a good attacking midfielder/playmaker who can give us options in the centre of the pitch then it will give Aguero and Forlan the freedom to play anywhere in the top half of the pitch and create havoc and we will score a lot of goals. I can see us doing very well next season, but, it all hinges on the club prioritising the acquisition of a enganche/playmaker whatever the cost.

  9. Day1star,

    That´s exactly what we need. I 100% agree with you. That was in theory our first priority this year for the next season.

    un abrazo. miguel

  10. Colchonero de Corazon said

    I like the way the schedule starts out of course, whoever, I know that Atletico is playing in a lot of competitons (copa del rey, Champions/UEFA, Liga, not to mention that they have players who play for their country qualifying for the Mundial. My work is them not burning out and the subs stepping up. I think they have gotten depper in all positions this offseason, but the competitions will be fierce. The best team does not always win. I here that the team is trying to get Lucho Gonzalez from Porto to address have an attacking midfielder. Does anyone have more info on that?

  11. day1star said

    I’ve heard the same thing that we’re trying to get Lucho, i just hope we’re doing more than trying, we need this to be resolved before the first CL qualifier.

  12. Colchonero,

    According to Diario As, Atleti is trying to reach an agreement with Porto. Since 2004, Atleti has been following Lucho Gonzalez up. In April, Atleti asked price and Porto fix it in €20M, however, according to Onda Cero Radio reports, it seems to be that there is a private agreement between Lucho and Porto to release him for €15M, which is affordable by Atleti. Lucho Gonzalez is Kun and Maxi mate in their national team, and also he was playing with Assunçao in the recent past years. PRO,s: all before related. CON,s: The Assunçao dispute is under going. Assessment: Difficult but possible.

    un abrazo. miguel

  13. atleti said

    0-1 loss against Cruz Azul, but hopefully we improved our play…

    I’ve read about the Lucho link/rumour: Is he the type of midfielder that we need? Would his addition solve our playmaker dilemma?

    The key with the first five games is to gain momentum and confidence for the next five games!

  14. day1star said

    Did we play better than in the last match?

    Lucho is an attacking midfielder and maybe not strictly an enganche but can feed the ball to the front two, he’s a good passer of the ball. I think he would be a good signing.

    Atleti to build momentum you have to start winning games, that’s when the player’s start to grow in confidence. Can you imagine what will happen if we don’t win in our next two games, we will go into the CL qualifier and not perform well, same as last season and we don’t have Aguero available for that game to bail us out or lift the team.

  15. Mohammed said

    05 – 28/09/2008 Atlético Madrid – Sevilla
    06 – 05/10/2008 FC Barcelona – Atlético Madrid
    07 – 19/10/2008 Atlético Madrid – Real Madrid
    08 – 26/10/2008 Villarreal – Atlético Madrid

    How about that ?!!! If we begin our campaign like last season we will lose all. Winning our first 4 games is essential.

  16. Willen said

    I really like this blog.. I see all really Atletico’s fan. Reasonable people speaing and everybody respecting each other.

    I’d like someone more than Lucho. Thiago Neves from Brazil’s Fluminense is actually, maybe, the best attacking midfielder in South America. I’d like to have him in Atlético.

    I’m also concearned about our sidebacks.. for real..

    Did Maxi, Simao and Forlan play in this friendly??????? If so, it’s very bad loss.

  17. day1star said

    They all played.

  18. day1star said

    From what i’ve read we played better than in the first game, but neither Pongolle or Diego Costa seem to be able to find the back of the net.

    Most of our signings have been good but i’ve never thought that Pongolle was good enough to play for us and nothing that i’ve seen so far of him has changed my mind about him.

  19. Willen said

    There’s a news about Reyes from Marca:
    “Aguirre is not counting with him and Roma should be his destination.”

    I wanna see money to buy the playmaker and wingers. If we are going to get money from this, I think it’s good.

  20. Mohammed said

    Roma got 15 million euros from Mancini’s deal. I think they won’t be spending a lot on his replacement due to their bad financial status. 10 million for Reyes would be great, I think, although we will lose 2 million euros out of his original value.

  21. Colchonero de Corazon said

    Acaban de reportar que Atlético espera cerrar la contratación del mediocampista argentino Luis González, del FC Porto de Portugal, antes del 7 de agosto, fecha límite para la inscripción de jugadores para la ronda previa de Champions League.

  22. Leivinha said

    Our beloved team needs to urgently redesign it’s official website. It is so painful to navigate in general and all the Flash that needs to load with each click is so ridiculous and antiquated. So in order of priorities:
    1. Midfielder/Playmaker
    2. New website
    There is some good content on there but it is just so difficult to FIND any of it.

  23. day1star said

    Seems we let slip a 2-0 lead, Heitinga sored his first goal and Forlan scored the second, and then we allowed in the space of 5 minutes for Tigres to make things even and ended up with a 2-2 draw.

    That’s 2 losses and a draw so far, not a very good pre-season, we should have toasted all three.

  24. Luiz Pereira said

    Pre-season doesn’t mean anything. These are practice games that give the coach the opportunity to try the new fichajes, subs, etc. Results don’t count here, it’s how the team’s playing, who’s connecting with whom, who plays better at what position, etc.

    I didn’t see any of the games, but from what I’ve read, we need our mediocentro here asap!

  25. day1star said

    Looks like we are trying to get Riquelme again, should have bought him last year.
    We are playing better each match, but not good enough yet to win that CL qualifier 1st leg.

  26. Leivinha said

    Who is that CL qualifier 1st lega against?

  27. Mohammed said

    The draw is on the 1st of August and then we will know which team we will play against.

  28. Willen said

    People from Argentina maybe understand this better than me.
    I really like Riquelme. I think he’s smart with the ball and has a very good technique..
    I don’t understand why nobody wants him besides Boca. What happened when he was in Villareal? Only that penalty missed leaded all this?
    I do want him in Atlético. I think he’s probably the playmaker we need. What do you guys think? Anyone from Argentina to comment also?

  29. Willen said

    Marca says: “En Argentina ‘colocan’ a Solari en el Atlético” – EL ARGENTINO TERMINA SU CONTRATO CON EL INTER….

    What do you guys think? I think it’s a good one.. Even we having already a player to his position, I think it’s nice to have a strong backups.

  30. day1star said

    The reasons most teams think twice b4 signing Riquelme is that you need to build the team around him. And the players behind him have to do his defensive duties because he’s not well known for tracking back. And some people say he is too slow.

    I think that he is a great passer of the ball, has great vision, great freekick and corner taker and given the right environment could lead us to the top. He also has a great understanding with Forlan and Maxi and during the Olympics will hopefully create a good understanding with Aguero, so all in all he should fit in really well.

  31. Armon said

    riquelme or lucho i would be happy with I think. I don’t know much about Lucho but from the little I’ve seen and read I really enjoy his style and passing ability and I see him and aguero connecting beautifully. Plus he wouldn’t be as much of a defensive liability as riquelme

  32. Luiz Pereira said

    Marca’s latest rumour is that David Silva is still a possiblity for Atleti. In my opinion, this player would be the best out of all the other options (Riquelme, Lucho, etc., . . .) He’s quick, incredible touch, great passing, great shot from far away, one of my favorite players from Valencia the last 2 years & Euro2008, team-oriented, underrated, and we we know what we’re getting –a real class act. 15M Euros seems like a bargain to me.

  33. Mohammed said

    Liuz, Who said 15M euros ?!! Hell if he was that cheap I would buy him myself :)(just kidding). Valencia want more than 35M Euros for him, but obviously due to thier financial status, they may settle for less than that.

    I think Riquelme would be the ideal signing right now because he’s exactly what we need and his price is reasonable. Lucho is beeter than Riquelme in the defensive part but Rique is better in the creative and attacking part. Why not buy both?!!

  34. day1star said

    Villa is not a creative midfielder/playmaker he’s a striker, if we hadn’t signed Sinama-Pongolle i would love to have Villa in the team, but unless Valencia are willing to do a swap deal, we are stuck with S-Pongolle.

  35. Willen said

    I’d like to have Villa also. I could watch him playing in the Eurocup and I really liked what I saw. But I do believe he’d cost toooo much for us. I feel the same for Silva. I’d like to have both in the team, but I don’t think we have money for them plus Lucho.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that Riquelme should come pratically free. Nobody was wanting him besides Boca. I’m happy Atletico wants him to play with Aguero, Forlán, Maxi. It will be a very strong forward line summed up with Simão.

    Would that be the team? Only 1 defense midfielder?
    Forlán, Aguero
    Paulo Assunção,

    I want defense backs.. =/

  36. day1star said

    4 1 3 2 would have us leaking goals, i reckon a 4 2 3 1 would be better, but who would we leave out?

  37. Colchonero de Corazon said

    I think a 4-1-2-1-2 is better.

    -4(LBack, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, RBack)
    -1(Paulo Assunção)
    -2(Simão on Lft,Maxi on rght)
    -2(Forlán, Aguero)

    This allows a strong focus on defense, a mid recovering the ball and serving the midfielders, speed on the wings with Sima and Maxi, and the armador in el topo riquelme.

  38. day1star said

    Looks like we might be going for Augusto Fernandez of River Plate, he’s an attacking midfielder.

  39. Luiz Pereira said

    Regarding backup defensive midfielders, it’s nice to know that we have Nacho Camacho, who had a suprisingly great showing towards the end of last year. Also, our ever-injured italo-brazilian Motta seems to be recuperating. If the guy were ever healthy, he’d be a sweet backup as well.

  40. atleti said

    Has the season started yet???

    We have a little over a month before it starts. It’s taking forever…

  41. day1star said

    We’re playing Toluca today at 20.00 UK time and 21.00 if you’re in Europe, that’s in about half an hour.

    Here’s a link for today’s match: – Windows I

  42. day1star said

    Sorry, that time is totally wrong, it should be 03.00am in Europe and 02.00am in the UK.

  43. Colchonero de Corazon said

    Report out of Madrid says ATLETICO MADRID, Aguirre: “No Lucho For Us”
    Atlético Madrid coach Javier Aguirre has denied that his side are interested in landing FC Porto’s want-away midfielder Lucho Gonzalez

    Lucho has long since been linked with a move to the Spanish capital, but in fact Aguirre claims that he is unwilling to adjust the current squad too much at all.

    “Lucho Gonzalez does not have the desired profile of the player we want,” he said to Telemadrid.

    “Our team is perfect. I know that we lack Kun Agüero (with Argentina) and that we lack a midfield organiser, as they say in Spain.”

    In any case he is adamant that his side must do well in the all-important Champions League qualifiers, with or without a new midfielder.

    “We can’t give up 11 months of effort in 180 minutes,” he said.

    “The Champions League is so important for this club and we must respond to that expectation.

    “I’m not talking about the monetary aspect, which doesn’t interest me – although I know it can change the budget by several million – as for me it’s a matter or prestige.

    “All that we achieved last year – we can’t just throw it overboard.”

  44. Willen said

    Thanks, Colchonero.

    I really think it’s incredible how he seems to be satisfied with our side backs.. He does not consider buying any!?

    Let Riquelme be our organizer… =)

  45. Mohammed said

    This is the link for the game:

  46. day1star said

    2 losses and 2 draws, this might just be friendlies, but we really shouldn’t have lost any of these games.

  47. Willen said

    Two interesting things here, both in Marca’s website:

    Cerezo has said: “No veo a Riquelme este año en el Atlético de Madrid”

    and a user dropped a comment there:
    Usuario: atletico hasta la muerte
    Fecha: 24/07/2008 21:40
    “el atleti acaba de fichar a silva,,lo estoy oyendo por radio”

    I really hope Cerezo changes his mind about Riquelme, I think he would fit nice to our team the way it is now.

    And that this comment dropped there is true.

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