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Sinama-Pongolle’s Official Presentation

Posted by atleti on July 7, 2008

 Just a very quick entry to say that article and photos of Florent’s presentation & press talk are on the official website.

“I see myself winning a trophy with Atlético de Madrid this year.”

From his lips to God’s ears!

31 Responses to “Sinama-Pongolle’s Official Presentation”

  1. For the time being, what we´ve made it’s been to change Mista by Sinama, who is pretty much better. Sinama is still growing as a footballer and he was the best option at the best price. We will cross our fingers and wait for results.

    un abrazo. miguel

  2. atleti said

    Ya- crossing fingers here too!!!

  3. Armon said

    Apparently we’re not going to be able to get Arteta but we’re still after Silva. Personally I’d rather have Arteta but looks like we’ll have to keep looking…

  4. Van der Vart or Diego must come to conclude the project.

    Certainly, do you want to remember the Atletico-Ajax in Champions of 1997?

  5. EdJohanson said

    I am fancy your blog and am interesting in link exchange with it. I am running – news regarding Atletico from all around the web in the one place.
    Hope to hear you soon.

  6. atleti said

    Thanks for the info on your site, Ed. I’ll try to add your link to my blogroll before the end o the week.

    Van der Vaart would be a FANTASTIC addition!!!

  7. atleti said

    For the fun of it, I’m going to keep track of who scores goals during the pre-season. At least the ones that the official websites makes known of. Sinama scored four today during training.

  8. Atleti,

    That’s a really good news for us, four out of six, but the bad news is that one of our goalkeepers was beaten six times. Who was it?

    un abrazo. miguel

  9. Mohammed said

    The real bad news is that Cleber is going to stay as Jesus Pitarch had stated.

    If there’s an angle here…. sorry, I can’t see it.

  10. fernando said

    Espero que sepa acomodarse a ser un revulsivo para las segunda partes. Un abrazo.

  11. day1star said

    R u guys watching the match, here’s a link:

    We’re losing 1-0.

  12. day1star said

    Jeez, we’re playing crap, we need to up our game and pass a lot better.

  13. day1star said

    Here’s a new link if that one has stopped working:

  14. day1star said

    Cleber as crap as he was last season.

    Here’s the team that are playing so far:

    Leo Franco
    Juan Valera
    Pablo Ibanez
    Luis Perea
    Mariano Pernia
    Miguel de la Cuevas
    Raul Garcia
    Paulo Assuncao
    Cleber Santana
    Florent Sinama-Pongolle
    Luis Garcia

  15. day1star said

    Santana and Assuncao off, Reyes and Heitinga on.

  16. day1star said

    Ujfalusi, Diego Costa on, Raul Garcia and Pernia off.

  17. day1star said

    Sinama-Pongolle off, not sure who has replaced him.

  18. day1star said

    It was Alex Quillo, who has gone off injured and replaced by Ruben Ramos.

  19. day1star said

    How disappointing, and there not even the strongest of the Mexican teams that we are going to face. Our defence looked a lot better with Ujfalusi and Heitinga. But, the midfield, no creativity. The forwards poor composure in front of goal.

  20. day1star said

    From what i’m reading Aguero has become a father, Giannina has given birth.

  21. Mohammed said

    To lose in a friendly is better than winning, I think.

    let’s see what the next game brings.

  22. Ram said

    No..they are expecting their child in 6 month’ time.

  23. Ram said

    I have to say that Kun scores in all fields :-)

  24. day1star said

    Hahahahah! Yeah sure looks that way.

    Ram, did you watch the friendly against Puebla? If so, what did u think?

  25. Willen said

    Hey everyone..

    I read a news I didn’t like.. They could go for another player.. not Aguero.. =/

    Manchester United are still searching a new star, that could replace well the portuguese star given for leaving. Here so appear Sergio Aguero name, ace of Atletico Madris. Confirmation arrive directly from his agent Joses Seguì, that speaks of a sensational offer coming from one of the greatest clubs of England, after Chelsea. Possible that Red Devils pay all the termination clause of Aguero of 55 million euros.

  26. day1star said

    That news is everywehere, but i can’t see Kun leaving.

  27. Colchonero de Corazon said

    That whole Ronaldo thing makes me laugh. Man U tries to muscle other teams to get their players all the time. They will probably try and do the same thing for Aguero. Man U has the money so they figure that can pay any price. The only difference is that Aguero wants to stay and play in Madrid and Ronaldo does not want to stay at Man U and play there.

  28. atleti said

    Thanks for the up-to-date info while I was away!

    I will say one thing: I rather lose NOW in the pre-season than DURING the season!

  29. atleti said

    Also::: Liga’s 08/09 schedule will be released at the end of July!

  30. Ram said

    I could not watch the match. Missed it due to confusion in the time.

  31. Teocaxec said

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