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Coupet signs for Atlético

Posted by atleti on July 4, 2008

Another Frenchman! According to Lyon’s official website, Grégory Coupet signed a 2-season contract worth 1.5 million euros with us. There is an additional 500,000 available in the contract if we qualify for Champions this season and in 09/10.

I think he’s another good addition to the squad and will prove to be of better quality than Abbiati.

Très bien!

14 Responses to “Coupet signs for Atlético”

  1. Alvaro said

    Para mí gusto me gusta más Coupet según le he podido ver en esta recién acabada Eurocopa de la que hemos sido CAMPEONES!!!

    Saludos desde España

  2. Willen said

    Alvaro, it’s nice to talk to a spanish! I’ve bet with some friends and won like US$50 with Spain… Great.. =)

    It’s always nice to have a good keeper in the team. I’d prefer someone younger and good, but only good is better than not good… crazy talk.. =)

    Nice to have him… Atleti, do you think he’s better than Leo Franco? is it going to be a good fight for the position?


  3. day1star said

    I’m not sure if he’s better than Franco, but competition for places is good, players tend to give more when they know that their place in the first team is under threat.

  4. atleti said

    I don’t know if he’s better than Leo Franco- we’ll have to wait and see!!

    I do think he’s a very good keeper and I agree that it’ll be good for us to have healthy competition for first choice goalkeeper.

  5. Nate said

    I hope he doesn’t stop De Gea on his progress…

    Do you know of any good bar to watch Atleti in NYC?

  6. Ram said

    De Gea will be with the youth team for the next 2 years and by that time he is ready for first team either of Leo or Coupet will move out.

  7. In the goalkeeper topic, I think there are two different issues, wich should be differentiated: the first one would be if we needed a goalkeeper to dispute the post to Leo, or not. All believe that De Gea has enough quality to do so, even to be the holder. Another different question is, once it has made the decision that we need a good goalkeeper (at good price), Coupet is the ideal one?

    Coupet has been the holder goalkeeper in the French Olympic of Lyon and he has been champion of the France league during the last 7 years, playing the Europe Champions League, accordingly, the last 7 years. On the other hand, he has been the second of the French goalkeeper Barthez in his national team, until his retirement, becoming the holder of France during the last two years.

    But, if someone thinks it’s the Domenech’s “boyfriend”, he has been nominated as the best goalkeeper in France (which is really big) in 2007 (the 2008 is still on progress).

    In short, Coupet is a great goalkeeper and its price is really good.

    un abrazo. miguel

  8. atleti said

    Agreed! Very good bit of business.

    Speaking of France, I can’t believe Domenech still has his job!!!

  9. atleti said

    Zé Castro looks like the next one to be out of the club.

  10. Latest rumours from Spain: Atleti has launch a €15M bid for Mikel Arteta (Everton).

    This rumour sounds consistent with some public release from Cerezo: “we will sign a white man, who speaks four languages, who did not play in the Champions,….”

    Mikel Arteta speaks Spanish, English, French, and Italian. He is a mildfield playmaker, which is what we need from the beginning. It price is around €15M, which is within our capabilities. Gil Marín wanted him last summer, but Aguirre considered Raúl García more necessary at that time. Mikel Arteta, 26 yo, last summer said he would love to play for Atletico one day. So, it could be more than a simple summer rumour.

    Although Everton’s manager David Moyes has always stressed how important the impish Spaniard is to his Everton side and handed him a five-year deal last summer. Moyes may find Atletico’s offer too good to turn down as he looks to finance his own spending plans, and he’s already eyeing up Real Zaragoza’s Pablo Aimar, an ideal replacement.

    Style of Play:
    His style of play is characterised by excellent close control and dribbling, which coupled with short bursts of acceleration allows him to eliminate defenders with relative ease. This ability to beat his man has made him an increasingly difficult opponent for opposition defenders, exemplified by the fact that with 100 fouls committed against him last year he is the most fouled player in the Premier League. Arteta is considered by many to be Everton’s most skillful player since the days of “The Holy Trinity” (Harvey, Kendall and Ball) and “The School of Science”. He has proved an extremely potent creative force thanks mainly to his pinpoint crossing ability and propensity for the killer pass.

    Scottish Premier League: 2003
    Scottish Cup: 2003
    Scottish League Cup: 2003
    Everton Player of the Season: 2006, 2007
    Everton Player’s Player of the Season: 2006 Midfielder of the Year: 2007
    North West Player of the Year: 2007

    I think, if true, it is another good news for us.

    un abrazo. miguel

  11. atleti said

    Yes, I read that this morning, too!

    Quality player that deserves Champions football, I hope that he can be persuaded to join the club. Extremely good news, if it happens!!!

  12. Willen said

    I know that, in fact, they are only more rumours but:
    Atlético de Madrid: 22 milhões de Euros por Silva

    Thiago Neves está en los planes de futuro de Pitarch
    This guy is great. For the first time in the history, scored 3 times in one game of Copa Libertadores’ final. He’s playing nice here.
    I really would like to have him in Atlético..

  13. Ram said

    We have signed Paulo Assuncao who had earlier terminated his contract with Porto. He will join in the preseason training tomorrow.

  14. atleti said


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