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Sinama-Pongolle signs for Atlético

Posted by atleti on July 3, 2008


Just as Jurado makes his way to Mallorca, Florent Sinama-Pongolle signs a four-year contract with us.

The 23 year old Frenchman, who will play as third choice striker (if we aren’t able to sign Zaragoza’s Ricardo Oliviera), adapted well to Liga after leaving Liverpool for Recreativo de Huelva in 2006.

All in all, not a bad signing. He’s got lots of pace and an eye for goal. A good attacking option, I say.

Overall, I think we’re doing fairly well in the transfer market so far, no?

Any thoughts?

6 Responses to “Sinama-Pongolle signs for Atlético”

  1. Ram said

    Good addition

  2. Atleti,
    I agree, I think that we have signed a good player, with real hungry of grewing as a footballer. Personally, I prefer Sinama instead of Oliveira.
    And, also, I concur with the Jurado’s one-year-on-loan passing to Mallorca. Jurado needs more minutes and playing complete games. None of that it could be done remaining in Atleti.
    un abrazo. miguel

  3. atleti said


    Not bad at all. I wish him, many, many, many goals scored!!!

    The good thing about Sinama is that he doesn’t occupy an extracommunitarian spot!

  4. Armon said

    and the best part about him is he’s infinitely better than filthy mist ahahha thank god he’s gone! and i’m really happy jurado was offloaded on loan because I actually like him a lot, he just needs consistent playtime as was mentioned. anyways, i guess the main need I want fulfilled now would be a big time playmaker among other things

  5. Alvaro said

    Hola,qué tal?

    Es un jugador que puede mejorar mucho todavía.

    Para mí opinión se debe de fichar otro delantero para tener 4 en vez de 3 ya que si se lesiona uno de ellos es como si tuvieramos 2 como la temporada anterior.

    Respecto a lo de si al final se quedara todo parece que sí porque las negociaciones con el Zaragoza parace que no tienen fin.


  6. atleti said

    Ya! I read that too on AS.COM: we won’t be signing Oliviera anymore. Estoy de acuerdo, necesitamos cuatro delanteros– podemos utilizar un canterano como el cuarto?

    According to AS today, we’re still on the lookout for Reyes, Seitaridis, & Maniche will be shown the door in order to buy a playmaker.

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