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Personal Blog Moment: US v Argentina

Posted by atleti on June 9, 2008

Apologies for the lack of blogging since the end of the season. Regular blogging will be back to normal starting this week.

Here are a couple Atleti-centric photos from the friendly at Giants Stadium:

Kun warming up before the start of the game.

Maxi & fellow Albiceleste Mascherano in the 1st half.

I had a fantastic, first row seat in section 113. The game was a bit of a let-down, unfortunately.

Anyway, I hope to see more of Kun and Maxi in the 08/09 season as I plan to visit Spain for a couple weeks. Should be great!

5 Responses to “Personal Blog Moment: US v Argentina”

  1. day1star said

    You were at the game yesterday, the atmosphere must have been great. Aguero and Maxi both played well, but the second half was not a good one. What were your thoughts on the game?

  2. atleti said

    The game, particularly the second half, was very poor and boring, but everything else (the atmosphere and support) was fantastic.

    I understand that they were probably exhausted, jet-lagged, but friendlies are invaluable. I was most disappointed with CRUZ– what a waste of a starting spot! I would’ve much preferred to see Cavenaghi or Lisandro start over him.

  3. atleti said

    Invaluable especially since we have World Cup qualifiers coming up!!!

  4. day1star said

    Yeah, Cruz was so disappointing, he wasted chance after chance after chance.

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