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Posted by atleti on May 24, 2008

…is officially here. Los Colchoneros don’t return to training until 7-July. Plenty of time for them to take it easy and enjoy their time off.

In terms of transfer rumours, it’s business as usual! Who AREN’T we linked with?!

Hopefully, the transfer market will pick up pace with rubbish players leaving the club.

On a completely unrelated note, this is where I wish I was right now…Sarasota, Florida:

Photo taken a couple weeks ago.

No work for me this weekend, so I’ll be keeping eye on transfer rumour and news. If you see any new ones that are noteworthy, definitely share!

37 Responses to “Pre-Season…”

  1. day1star said

    Heitinga has passed his medical, now we’re waiting on Ujfalusi and then all the guys we’ve been linked with.
    Aguirre says he wants Marquez of Barca, what do you guys think?

  2. atleti said

    I like Marquez. I think he would be a good addition to the squad, considering our current centre-backs…

  3. atleti said

    We’re also linked with RIISE.

  4. Armon said

    Ya I read that, and puked immediately afterwards

  5. Mohammed said

    Look at this way: Riise is one hundred light years better than Pernia.

  6. Ram said

    I dont think we need Marquez since we have got Heitinga and Ujfalusi. It would serve better if we get a good mid-fielder and a good backup striker than wasting money on Marquez.

  7. atleti said

    Definitely agreed. RIISE is far better than PERNIA!!! Plus, he has experience in Europe!

    I figure, hopefully we will let go of Eller & Ze Castro. We’ll need at least one or two more defenders. Then we can work on midfield and offence.

    We’re now linked with de la Red.

  8. Armon said

    Riise would obviously be an improvement, but I’ve watched a good amount of Liverpool games, and he’s been just plain rubbish. I don’t really like when we go after big name people in big clubs after they’ve had bad seasons, because it’s always a big gamble as to whether or not they’ll regain their form soon enough to make an impact (kind of like Reyes, and even Pernia mind you, there’s been so many times that I’ve watched an atletico game and the commentators say how good pernia is because of his performances in getafe, but now look at him). I’d rather go after smaller name people that have been proving themselves consistently (e.g. garay, but that’s too late now) than go after guys like riise. We’ll see what happens though…

  9. gf said

    Liverpool fans would love to be rid or Riise.

    Here’s a good one. Atletico as the feared Champions Legue qualifying opponent:

  10. Willen said

    We are also linked to GK Amelia –
    Gazzetta – ATLETICO MADRID, Almost done for Amelia “It seems that the two parties have already found an agreement and now the spanish club is ready to offer 6 million Euros to Livorno.”

    Isn’t it too much money???

    Continuing… Good to hear we are linked to Riise, I think we really need wingers now. It should be nice if we get backups for Defense and Attack, but I don’t think we have decent wingers at all.
    I think Rafa Marquez would be a good signing…

  11. Ram said

    Amelia is a good goalie and would be worth the money.

  12. Mohammed said

    I agree, Amelia is allright.

  13. Willen said

    Good to know that Amelia is good and the money is ok.. You guys made me happy :)
    3 “new” things for us:

    Juventus, Tiago set for exit
    Aside from buying reinforcements, Juventus is also thinking of selling. Portuguese midfieler Tiago, who was bought for 18 million Euros only a year ago, has garnered some interest from Atletico Madrid. Reportedly, the Bianconeri would like be willing to let the lusitanian go for roughly 11 million Euros.

    ATLETICO MADRID, Eller towards Brazil… (blablabla… good bye)

    Maniche coming back?
    Inter’s midfielder, Nuno Ricardo De Oliveira Ribeiro Maniche (30), seems destined to come back home; Atletico Madrid. Until there nothing of new, but for the Portuguese midfielder there is French , Enlgish and Turkey offers.
    Fenerbahce have tracked the player strongly, even if the player seems destined to return in England or France. The Portuguese player has still one year of contract with Colchoneros.

    Remembering… rumors… only rumors… :)

  14. danny said

    I’m a Liverpool fan and Atletico. Anything over £4 million for Riise would be a massive bonus for us.

    He’s been out of form for nigh on three seasons, he is poor at positioning and poor at covering. His spectacular goals gloss over his glaring deficiencies as a player. He cannot beat a man, his crosses are poor but he has got a good engine to run all day. He’s not quite a winger and not quite a full back, and you sort of end up with a weird cocktail of a player. Good servant but I think you could do better if you’re pushing to consolidate 3rd/4th now.

    How would you guys feel about Alonso going there? He will be available, I know Juventus are trying for him, but he would favour a move to Spain. Cannot see him going to Barca or Real. Offers look to be in the region of £10-£12million.

  15. Ram said

    Juve is the front runner for Alonso and agree with Riise. More like Pernia…spectacular shots and nothing else.

  16. Amelia’s case, directly from La Gazzetta dello Sport:

    “27 maggio 2008 – La destinazione futura di Marco Amelia sarà decisa solo al termine degli imminenti campionati europei. L’incontro di Carlo Pallavicino, procuratore del portiere, con i dirigenti dell’Atletico Madrid non ha prodotto la fumata bianca.”

    27th of May 2008 – Marco Amelia’s final destination will be decide at the end of the European Championship. The meeting between Carlo Pallavicino, goalkeeper`s manager, and Atlético de Madrid representatives has not been reach an agreement.

    “28 maggio 2008 – Il Livorno è intenzionato a cedere Amelia (Atletico Madrid e Tottenham sono in vantaggio su West Ham e Bayern)”

    28th of May 2008 – Livorno has the intention of giving Amelia on loan (Atletico Madrid and Tottenham are in advantage over West Ham and Bayern).

    So, …. I think Atleti will try to get Amelia on loan (like Abbiati was), if not will contract Moya from Mallorca.

    We will see

    un abrazo

  17. fernando said

    Ahora habrá que oír y oír muchos rumores de fichajes. Luego, vendrán pocos y ya veremos como rinden. Un abrazo.

  18. atleti said

    New entry coming up soon!

  19. day1star said

    Looking forward to it.

  20. Atleti,

    I don’t know if I’ve become dalton, or my computer has crashed, or you are testing a new look to your blog

    I like it, seems more elegant

    Looking forward to your new entry (and new look)

    Un abrazo

  21. Atleti,

    By the way, the real name of my blog is “solo unos pocos” = “Just few ones”

    pocos = few

    menos = less

    un abrazo, campeón

  22. day1star said

    I was reading tha we have signed Assuncao of Porto on a free transfer for three years, is this true? Has anyone else read anything on this?

  23. Ram said

    Nothing official as yet. But he did a “Webster” to Porto and expected to sign for us in the coming days as reported by Cadena SER

  24. day1star said

    I’m getting really pee’ed off with some of these transfer rumours. If true, then we are now trying to sign Baptista another reject from Real Madrid. For God’s sake why do we want to buy players that other teams want to get rid of coz they’re crap.

  25. Mohammed said

    Baptista !! That’s just plain stupid. The player was rubbish eversince he left Sevilla.

    Paolo Assuncao?!! I haven’t heard of this guy. Is he any good? I guess if he was good, Porto wouldn’t have let him go easily!

    Anyway, Some people say that all of this rumour talk is just a publicity stunt to keep other clubs away from our main goals.

  26. day1star said

    I hope you’re right, and it is just publicity stunts.
    Assuncao is supposed to be quite good.
    Porto didn’t want him to leave, but they can’t stop him because he used the Webster rule, which states that any player under 28 on a 5 year contract can break their contract if they wish to after thay have seen out 3 years of that contract.

  27. Willen said

    Paulo Assunpção is brazilian..
    I’m Brazilian and don’t remember anything very good coming from him…
    but.. I also don’t remember good things from Amauri, Marcos Senna, Pepe, Thiago Motta, Julio Baptista and Marcos Senna is in Spain team, Amauri has been signed by Juventus..

    If Porto didn’t want him to leave, maybe he’s good.. hope so.. :)


  28. atleti said

    Sorry about the delay, but I figure I’d post up a new entry when I see the US v Argentina friendly this Sunday. Hopefully I’ll get a clear shot of Kun and Maxi! And the rest of the squad.

    Corrected your blog name, MIGUEL!

  29. atleti said

    I’m hoping that in the coming weeks we will let go of Eller and Cleber. At least then we can get a bit of a clearer idea of how 08/09 squad will look.

  30. To Willen,

    Paulo Assunção da Silva, born in Várzea Grande, Brazil, on 1980/01/25. Coming from Palmeiras, he arrived to Porto when he was 20 yo, growing up as a footballer in its lower categories. In the 2004/2005 season he played in the AEK of Athens. Since 2005/2006 season is one of the Porto pillars. He has never been part of his(your) national team.

    He is a number “5” and it is not a priority for us. As Atleti says, hopefully in few weeks we will get a clearer picture on our next season squad and we will see what will happen on that.

    To Atleti,

    I am hugely grateful for seeing my wonderful blog name in your links.

    un abrazo. miguel

  31. Hi my friend. I hope that ours players rest OK.
    By the way, I wrote about Perea that could be foreign with more matchts in Atlético de Madrid.

  32. Hi! Come and see my blog “Rey de la Furia Española”:

    I have link yours in mine and I would like you to do the same.
    Thanks a lot, and Aupa Atleti!

  33. Mohammed said

    Amelia signed for Palermo.

    Things are going slow. Apparently the club are waiting for the Euro to finish and then begin with the summer transfers.

    I just hope we get rid of the rubbish players and get Lucho or hopefully van der Vaart, and a decent third striker.

  34. Mohammed,

    Confirmed, coming from “La Gazzetta dello Sport”:

    “MILANO, 5 giugno 2008 – Fumata bianca per Marco Amelia: il portiere in uscita dal Livorno ha firmato un quadriennale da un milione di euro a stagione con i rosanero. L’ufficializzazione della trattativa è arrivata con una nota nel sito del Palermo, che ha pagato 6 milioni ai toscani per il cartellino dell’estremo difensore.”

    Agreement reached for Marco Amelia: The on-sale goalkeeper of Livorno has signed a four-year contract with the rosanero (blackpink)for € 1 M a season. The agreement has been released by the official Palermo web site, which paid € 6 M to Livorno.

    So, …. , we will see ….

    un abrazo. miguel

  35. gf said

    Atleti – come say hi if you’re by the first row section 301. I should be wearing an Atletico shirt – the half-red/half-white version.

  36. Mohammed said

    Apart from the two controversial handballs, Ujfalusi gave a solid performance in Czech’s opener in the Euro 2008. We’ll see what Heitinga will do tomorrow against Italy.

  37. Wacko said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Wacko

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