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Thoughts on the 07/08 Season

Posted by atleti on May 19, 2008

It’s been another rollercoaster of a season, hasn’t it? Lots of highs, lots of lows, and I’m glad it’s all over because my nerves are shot…

Let’s have a look at our pre-season objectives:

-Be crowned Liga Champions. (too many dropped points)

-Win the UEFA Cup. (dumped out at the hands of rubbish Bolton)

-Win the Copa del Rey. (dumped out at the hands of rubbish Valencia)

-Qualify for Champions League football.

Well, at least we accomplished one of our goals. It’s already paid off in terms of 08/09 signings: we’ve secured the services of John Heitinga and, although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Tomáš Ujfaluši looks like he’ll be our next signing.

Speaking of transfers, I choose SIMAO as our best signing of the 07/08 season:

Worst signing of 07/08? I choose the always-injured THIAGO MOTTA.

Yes, I’d rank him as worse than Cléber and Reyes. Had he been fit, we would not have had to use Cléber so frequently. In truth, though, all three of these players were nonsensical signings.

Consistently good players this season: Raúl García & Agüero.

I’d give the industrious award to Forlán. He continually put forth a lot of effort. He can be frustrating at times when he misses absolute sitters, but he creates plenty of goal-scoring opportunities for Kun and other players.

Worst players? I’m torn on this. For me, it’s a threeway tie between Eller, Pablo,  & Pernía. Pablo, I think, takes the cake because of his disastrous own goals. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE SHOW THIS RUBBISH THE EXIT? PLEASE?

Who had a disappointing season? I choose Maxi. Not a bad season, but most definitely not a good one. There were far too many times where I felt that he should’ve been removed from the pitch. He had a horrible tendency of disappearing for long portions of some games.

Surprise mid-season addition to the squad: the promising young Ignacio Camacho. The future is bright.

Anything else to add? Any memorable moments that stick out in your mind? Any forgettable moments you want to dredge up?

[These are the players I’d like to see shown the exit now: Pablo, Pernía, Cléber, Eller, Zé Castro, Reyes, & Mista. They’re all dead weight and have proven to be good for nothing.]

And, no, I’m not happy that Aguirre will stay with the club for another season. He has proven time and time again that he is NOT a tactical genius.

24 Responses to “Thoughts on the 07/08 Season”

  1. Billie said

    In the pre-season Cerezo promised to us, one final (UEFA or Spanish Cup) and the qualify for Champions League. Greetings from Spain.

  2. day1star said

    With all the problems we’ve had this season, injuries and players off-form, we were lucky to qualify for Champions.

  3. DarkPhoenix said

    Aguirre is a nice guy, but a horrible coach. He should be shown the door. As for the (hollow) promises for next season… smoke, all smoke. Bring someone with pride and cojones, not the usual wusses that we get year after year.

  4. Armon said

    I would still give the industrious award to Aguero. In fact, there’s been several times that I’ve noticed forlan simply getting frustrated at everyone and not putting any effort. The particular example that stood out was our 3-0 loss to Villareal in one of our lowest points of the season, Forlan seemed over it while Aguero chased EVERY SINGLE BALL, thus earning absolutely all of my respect.

    I agree that Raul Garcia has been crucial to our team, but consistently good not so much, and not because he was off form or anything, but since he was required to play a more defensive role than he’s used to, there were just sooooo many times he’d get yellows for reckless challenges.

    and unfortunately, I agree that those 7 players need to be shown the door. I say unfortunately because to have 7 players on a squad that truly are absolute deadweight is embarrassing and disgusting, that’s just too many useless players.

    anyway, what a season! thank god we’re in champions league, i don’t know if i could’ve handled saying ‘maybe next year’ one more time!

  5. Willen said

    I see some comments about new keeper.. Kameni and another one..

    I really think we should try Ochoa from América from Mexico. The guy rocks! Probably one of the bests goalkeepers in the world.. I can’t understand why nobody in Europe got him already.. I think we should.. He would be in the first team in the place of Leo Franco when needed with no problems.. But I know that it’s a dream.. and it probably won’t happen at all..

  6. Willen said

    Btw, I agree with Amon and Atleti’s comments about the season.. you guys covered it all..

    Aren’t we going to hire any defense back?

  7. day1star said

    I agree with you Armon. I also would have given the industrious award to Aguero. Time and time again, even when we were losing games he never gave up, he would try and make things happen.
    Forlan, since he changed his role and started to play more in the midfield, gave away the ball too often, made a lot of bad passes and fluffed up some really great chances. Yes, he was up and down the field, but he didn’t actually do anything noteworthy apart from in a few games, whereas Aguero was also running up and down the pitch working hard.
    I can’t think of one game where Aguero played badly, he has been consistently good over the whole season, taking nothing away from Forlan who also played his part.

  8. Atleti,

    Taking your point of view, I agree with you.

    However, from my personal perspective, I think the worst signig of the season (taking into account price, potential, and mainly his personal actitude) has been Reyes.

    un abrazo

  9. KiKoGoL said

    In my opinion the worst signing of 07/08 is the GipsyKing, Jose Antonio Reyes, and above he is a supporter of Real Madrid, the worst sin.


  10. Mohammed said

    OFFICIAL, Ujfalusi to Atletico Madrid until 2011

    Great news!! let’s hope we get another good defender.

  11. Ram said

    We need a left defender alone now then the backline would be settled.

  12. We’ve already reinforced our backline with two brilliants defenders (Ujfalusi and Heitinga)
    One of the major problems we have, actually the biggest one, is to combine our needs with our limited budget. Consequently, we should prioritize what is most needed.
    According to my view the immediate need is a high-quality-creative midfielder.
    Then, we should look for a qualified striker to minimize the overload of Kun and Forlán. My nominees are Sinama or Negredo, chiefly this last one.
    Should Abbiati return to Milan, then we need a goalkeeper to dispute the seat with Leo Franco.

    un abrazo

  13. By the way,

    I have a blog, , and I was wondering if you all would like some kind of summary in English. I could try to do such an effort to my American collegues (even Brits)

    un abrazo

  14. Luiz Pereira said

    I would take Ricardo Oliveira without thinking twice. A offensive left defender that can throw-off the oppenent’s defence (like a Dani Alves), would be very welcomed, but not sure how that fits in Aguirre’s scheme.

    I do a agree that we urgently need a creative midfielder/playmaker. This is absolutely key to our future success. We need someone who could distribute and make accurate, clean passes on the ground, air, etc. The closest thing to this, as I commented earlier, is a Russian player that I saw play for Zenit during the UEFA cup: Andrey Arashavin.
    . . . don’t know what’s his situation, but someone like him would be ideal of Atleti . . .

  15. day1star said

    Biglia would be really good, he wants to play in Spain and i know Racing are trying to sign him, he’s a great passer and very creative, also advantage that he has played with Aguero before so will have good chemistry.

  16. day1star said

    We are now being linked with pretty much anyone and everyone!

  17. day1star said

    Atleti are u gonna watch the game 2morrow between Catalunya and Argentina u23?

  18. Mohammed said

    There are news that we’ve closed a deal with Mallorca for their goalkeeper Moya.

    A very good goalkeeper. Confident, quick and has good reactions.

  19. day1star said

    Is that official?

  20. Mohammed said

    No, not official. Yet.

  21. Armon said

    speaking of midfielders, how come we aren’t looking into ever banega? he’s got amazing overall ability even though he hasn’t been given much of a chance at valencia, and since he’s also defensively sound, raul garcia would be able to attack more often

  22. atleti said

    I’m going to see the USA v ARGENTINA in NYC next weekend! I will post photos.

  23. atleti said

    Well, not next weekend, but the first week of June, I mean.

  24. day1star said

    You’re so lucky. I’ll look forward to your pics.

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