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Jornada 37: Atlético de Madrid v Deportivo

Posted by atleti on May 9, 2008

No time to write a full entry, but here’s a new one nonetheless for discussion on the game!

My summer has officially begun: I’m headed to Florida tomorrow (Saturday). I’ll be there in time to see the game, which is great. I’ll check into the blog to read and comment on the game.




33 Responses to “Jornada 37: Atlético de Madrid v Deportivo”

  1. “Primero te ignoran, después se ríen de ti, luego te atacan, entonces ganas.”

    Alguien comentó esta cita de Gandhi en los foros rojiblancos. Veamos:

    a) Ya saben que existimos. Salimos en los medios.
    b) Muchos se ríen de nosotros (medios y aficionados).
    c) A ver si pueden atacar nuestros argumentos (aquí está nuestro once titular):

    1. Robo del Club. Sentencia firme. Gil culpable.
    2. Pésimos resultados deportivos. Doce años sin títulos.
    3. Dos años en segunda división.
    4. Desmantelamiento de todas las secciones deportivas.
    5. Pérdida de prestigio social.
    6. Pre-venta del Calderón para su propio beneficio.
    7. Juntas a puerta cerrada y sin dejar participar al resto de accionistas.
    8. Desastre económico. Deuda de unos 400 millones de euros (las cuentas no están claras), pero insisten en que ponen dinero.
    9. Mala gestión (fichajes sin ton ni son, falta de continuidad en el equipo técnico, nulo trabajo de cantera…) confirmada por los malos resultados.
    10. Venta de Torres, el mejor producto de la árida cantera rojiblanca.
    11. Menosprecios al Club y a lo que simboliza (insultos a aficionados, desprecio por el entrenador…).

    Por eso quedamos una hora antes (20:00h) el próximo Domingo 11 de Mayo en la puerta 0, para gritar contra Gil y Cerezo. PACÍFICAMENTE. Con la fuerza de la palabra.

    Rojiblanco, acude, tu Club te necesita.

  2. Mohammed said

    Kameni is leaving Espanyol by the end of this season. It would be great if we get hold of him. He would solve our goal keeper problems. Although we will lose him for a month every two years for the African cup of nations.

  3. atleti said

    KAMENI is very good. Underrated a bit, no? I think he’s also linked with Roma and Spurs. Not quite sure. ABBIATI is definitely going back to Milan. I wonder if Leo Franco will stay now.

    35°C in ORLANDO, FLORIDA, by the way!

  4. miguel said

    Not surprisingly, Depor will play with 5 defenders and 3 midfielders. We will have to pay maximum attention. If not, their counterattack can make us suffer more than much.

    Wather forecast to Madrid: 10ºC, and rainy. Good weather to win.


    un abrazo

  5. Willen said

    Only dropping a news:

    >> ARSENAL, Big offer for Camacho <<

    Arsene Wenger wants to sign Atletico Madrid’s 18-year-old attacking midfielder Ignacio Camacho. He could cost Arsenal £15m, even though he only played 11 times for the Spanish club.

  6. miguel said


    Where did you get the news?

    Would you be able to post the website link for us?

    thank you in advance

    un abrazo

  7. day1star said

    It’s in the english papers, you can read it in the BBC website’s football, transfer gossip.

    Anyone know who is showing Atletico’s match?

  8. Ram said

    He can get a good experienced mid fielder for that price.

  9. atleti said

    Not sure who is showing the game, day1. The sucky part is that I won’t be able to watch it! Ugh!

    I’m still in Florida, and it’s still HOT HOT HOT!

  10. atleti said

    The game has begun!

  11. Ram said

    rojadirecta has it..

  12. Willen said

    Hello everyone…

    1 good news here..
    Ujfalusi: “This was my last game in Florence, I am moving to Atletico Madrid”
    (Sorry if someone said we already had the deal… I don’t remember it..)

    Miguel, that Camacho’s news I got from here:

    I like this website.. and it’s on my iGoogle page:

  13. atleti said

    It’ll help if Sevilla & Racing lose or draw their respective games today.

  14. day1star said

    1-0, Forlan has scored.

  15. Mohammed said

    Forlan is good for the job. Atletico 1-0 Depor

  16. day1star said

    We’re halfway there. Sevilla are also winning 1-0.

  17. day1star said

    By the way, Valencia our next opponents are winning 3-1.

  18. day1star said

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! We’ve done it!

  19. Mohammed said

    Congrats to all Atleti fans. At last, we’re in the Champions League.

  20. day1star said

    Congrats everyone! I feel like dancing!

  21. miguel said

    Now, we are Atleti

    Aleeeeeeti – Aleeeeeeeti – Aleeeeeeti – Aleeeeeeeti

  22. fernando said

    ya estamos en Champions!!!!!!!! Se consiguio el objetivo. Un abrazo.

  23. Armon said

    Haha this is beautiful after all these years. while we’re at it, maybe we can finish 3rd, ahead of barcelona. who would’ve guessed the season would turn out the way it did?!

  24. Ram said

    Aguirre and Cerezo are not confident of the coach continuing for next season. I think we will know clearly once the league gets over by next week.

  25. Willen said

    Which will be the team next season?
    Let’s try?

    Leo Franco,
    Pernia(?), Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Antonio López,
    Maxi, Camacho, Raul Garcia, Simão,
    Fórlan, Kun.

    Any clues?

  26. Luiz Pereira said

    ATLEEEETI, BIEN, CO/NO, BIEN! –I’m going to have to buy a rubber Neptune for my 5 year-old to play with in the bathtub!

    So, is 4th place automatic champions, or is this an intertoto-like thing for us?

    In other words, is there any difference if we qualify 3rd instead of 4th?

  27. Mohammed said

    Pernia, Cleber, Seitaridis, Ze casrto, Eller, Mista, These guys should be cleared out. Jurado and Reyes, I think they need a second chance.

    Pablo!! let me know what would you want to do with this guy. For me I would keep him on the bench.

  28. Mohammed said

    There isn’t much difference if we qualify 3rd or 4th because both positions qualify for the preliminary qualifications of the champions league. Only 1st and 2nd places qualify directly.

  29. miguel said

    Goodness of the more mediocre Liga over the past 25 years wanted to finally regain our site. But attention, although it would have been a super competitive Liga, it is not a success. Getting the qualification as a fourth, or a third or even a second, is a natural thing for any team whose aim must be, have to be, win the championship. What happened the last 12 years, with an Atleti out of Europe, was simply a long continued disaster.

    I think, “We are not yet the real Atleti”. True? What we lack? What we spare? (the latter I think what we all know)

    But for now, let’s enjoy

    Aleeeeeeti – Aleeeeeeeti – Aleeeeeeeti – Aleeeeeeeti

  30. rafael said

    best defender perea without a doubt

  31. miguel said

    To Luiz Pereira,

    The number of clubs that can be entered by an association and their entry point in the competition depends on the association’s position in UEFA’s coefficient ranking list.

    In the current format, introduced in 2003/04, after three qualifying rounds, 32 teams contest the group stage, divided into eight groups of four. The group winners and runners-up advance to the knockout stages, the eight third-placed teams move into the UEFA Cup third round, and the eight fourth-placed teams are eliminated.

    Knockout rounds: A draw determines who each of the 16 clubs will play in the first knockout stage, with ties decided over two matches on a home and away basis. The two teams that advance from the knock-out round contest the final, held as a single match in May.

    In the case of Spain, 3th and 4th in the Liga have to contest the qualifying rounds (la fase previa) in order to get into the group stage (la fase de grupos). However, 1st and 2nd are directly entered in the group stage.

    So, summarizing, the Atleti has got its qualification for “la fase previa”


    un abrazo

  32. gf said

    -3rd & 4th places go to 3rd round Champions League qualifying. That’s a tie with the winner advancing to group stage. Not sure if seeding is more favorable for 3rd. To get an idea of what to expect, for the 07/08 UCL Sevilla played AEK (Greece), Valencia played Elfsborg (Sweden). Both Spanish clubs advanced easily.

    Say what you want about Aguirre and club management but they’ve reached the top level of Europe. Sure, La Liga was weak this year but Aguirre has delivered good results in his two years as coach. Can’t blame Aguirre for getting relegated 9 years ago and selling Torres, while painful, was the right thing to do.

  33. miguel said

    Just to highlight it a little bit more:

    There is no difference between 3th and 4th. If you are eliminated in the “fase previa” (knockout format), you move into the UEFA cup

    I think it is enought, for now.


    un abrazo

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