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Jornada 33: Atlético de Madrid v Real Betis

Posted by atleti on April 18, 2008

#4 Atleti 54 points.
#13 Betis 41 points.

We played Betis in their stadium back in December and won them (0-2).

Now we must play them at home…

Here’s Aguirre’s starting 11:
STARTING 11: Leo Franco; Seitaridis, Pablo, Perea, Antonio López; Cléber, Raúl García, Maxi, Simão; Agüero & Forlán.

SUBS: Abbiati, Eller, Pernía, Luis García, Reyes, Miguel, Camacho.

New faces in the starting 11: Cléber & Seitaridis. Any predictions on how this will affect our play?

06/07 season: 0-0 draw.
05/06 season: Betis were in the second division.
04/05 season: 1-2 loss for us.
03/04 season: 2-1 win for us.
02/03 season: 1-0 win for us.

Betis will be without injured Edu & Caffa. Plus, their Argentine striker Pavone will be serving a suspension.

Betis’ recent five results:
Betis 0 Levante 1
Zaragoza 0 Betis 3
Betis 3 Barcelona 2
Osasuna 0 Betis 1
Racing 3 Betis 0

Fairly inconsistent run for Beticos, which explains their position in the league table.

Here’s a likely lineup:
Ricardo (or Casto), Ilic (or Damiá), Juanito, Melli, Fernando Vega; Arzu, Capi (or Juande), Odonkor, Xisco (or Babic); Sobis & Fernando.

Biggest threats, I think, are Sobis & Odonkor.

A win is crucial for us to secure a Champions spot! I don’t care how we do it… let’s just collect the three points.

In other news, it looks like Abbiati is set to return to Milan at the end of the season. A good long-term decision, I would say.

Meanwhile, Jurado could be headed to Mallorca as the club seek to improve and offload several players ahead of the 08/09 season.

Anything missing? Share!

Saludos y Aupa Atleti

44 Responses to “Jornada 33: Atlético de Madrid v Real Betis”

  1. Willen said


    just one thing I read in the Ricardo won’t play because he’s “padre” now. =)

    one thing else: Aupa Atleti! =p

  2. Luiz Pereira said

    Seitaridis is horrible and could expose us. He looked really slow, out of shape, and seemed to lack timing. I would go with Pernia instead.

    Cleber provides no value offensively and is not a crisp passer. Maybe Nacho has some maturing to go through still??? We don’t really have any other options right now.

    Edu’s absence from the Betis squad is great news for our weak defensive line –the guy’s been on fire lately.

  3. Luiz Pereira said

    One more comment:

    I am not a fan of Reyes, but he was very effective and productive in the minutes that he got from Aguirre during the last 2 games –could he be just trying to increase his value before he heads off to his next venture . . . ?

  4. Armon said

    I agree with Luiz about trying pernia in place of seitaridis. I also think that cleber starting isnt necessarily bad, because in recent games camacho hasn’t been passing or tackling very well. however, even with that in mind, he’d probably still be more productive than cleber, but one thing’s for sure, we need a playmaker. I think simply adding Diego to our squad and leaving the rest of the team the same (even the defense) would have a hugely positive impact. Of course I’d prefer our entire defense to be upgraded haha

  5. day1star said

    Diego is not a realistic target, but someone like Valeri is, might not be too expensive either or Biglia if we can get him would be a really good signing.

  6. Mohammed said

    Betis 1- 0 Atletico

    Agiurre is unbelievable. Seitaridis and Cleber !! These guys don’t know what defence means.

  7. atleti said


  8. atleti said

    Crap defending.

  9. atleti said

    I don’t understand why Aguirre felt the need to tinker with the starting 11.

  10. Mohammed said

    I don’t why he makes such stupid decisions! Even the “average Atleti joe” would know that playing Seitaridis and Cleber isn’t going to get you a good result. Yet, he chooses to start with them. Unbelivable, just Unbelivable!!

  11. Mohammed said

    Aguero to the saving. 1-1

  12. atleti said

    Agüero (24′)

    from 25 meters!

  13. atleti said

    They almost equalised just now apparently. Close call.

  14. Mohammed said

    Seems there’s something wrong with Simao. He’s out and Reyes is in. Hopefully, nothing major.

  15. Mohammed said

    Without Simao, we’re brain dead. Let’s just hope we get lucky in the second half.

  16. Mohammed said

    Man, when it rains, it pours. Atletico 1-2 Betis. Cheers to Aguirre and his losers Cleber and Seitaridis.

  17. atleti said


    Wow. Just wow.

  18. atleti said

    For the sake of our Champions spot, I hope that Racing lose or draw tomorrow. I only care about how tomorrow’s result affects us.

  19. Mohammed said

    Racing aren’t the real threat here, it’s Sevilla. If they win today, things are going to get ugly and with a stupid coach like Aguirre in charge anything can happen.

  20. day1star said

    Tactically, this game was all wrong. They played like Vallodolid last week, fast and not allowing us to settle. Where was our defence? Pretty non-existent. This was a really bad result when you consider we were playing at home. After we went a goal down, Aguero got us back into the match, but then, Simao has to go off and Reyes comes on. Why couldn’t Luis Garcia have come on for Simao rather than Reyes. He missed a golden chance and also fluffed up a lot of moves. Aguero created a lot of openings but our finishing was terrible, Forlan and Maxi were both off target on a number of occasions. We really should have won this game.

  21. day1star said

    Sevilla losing 0-1, own goal by Alves.

  22. day1star said

    2-0 to Almeria.

  23. day1star said

    3-0 to Almeria.

  24. day1star said

    Well u can forget about Sevilla, they’ve pretty much been toasted by Almeria. Let’s hope the same thing happens to Racing, that way we’ll be in the same position as today, then maybe we can win next week.

  25. Leivinha said

    We will probably still finish in 4th after this weekend in spite of our incompetence. I would still fire Aguirre regardless although I believe he is guaranteed 1 year more if he qualifies us for Champions, ugghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  26. day1star said

    Not if he qualifies for Champions, if he qualifies in the european spots whic means top 6.

  27. Armon said

    i cant take this anymore. after we conceded the 3rd i just turned off the tv and stopped watching, our defense and midfield were not even paying attention and never once showed the desire to win the game. we lacked too many things that we shouldnt be lacking this far into the season

  28. Mohammed said

    I think it’s plain simple. If you have a winning team, why change it?!! It’s not like we’re playing in two different competitions. Aguirre could have avoided this disaster by just keeping the same starting eleven as Almeria’s game. Yes, Franco shouldn’t start! I think Abbiati was doing OK. Aguirre is spineless. Abbiati has been giving all he’s got, and once Mr. Franco comes back, Abbiati gets sidelined! How low is that?!

    Same shit, every time. I hope we get a better manager next season(s).

  29. Kent said

    As a Betis fan, I’d like to point out that 2005/06 Betis were not in the Second Division and tied 1-1 Atletico at the Calderon and at Benito Villamarin (I can’t bring myself to call it the DeLopera). By the way, this is one crazy league. After we’ve lost both times to Levante, I didn’t expect much from this game…but I’ll take the victory. Sevilla getting their ass kicked makes for an extra fine weekend. Now, if only Real Franco would lose from this point further. I can hope, right?

    !Musho Betis!

  30. jagsolla said

    Atletico de Madrid RIP

  31. day1star said

    We’re still alive, we’re still in fourth, so let’s not get rattled. Aguirre has to play to the teams strength which is our attack not our defense. We must go out in the remaining fixtures and attack the opposition from the start, we can’t do what we did against Betis, we were’nt in the game til Aguero scored, that’s just not good enough. A 19 year old boy, no matter how good can’t do everything by himself, even though he does try, the rest of the players need to wake up and take some of the responsibility off him. I think the threat of a wage cut for players who don’t perform maybe a good idea.

  32. day1star said

    Some good news, it’s official we’ve signed Heitinga on a five year deal.

  33. Mohammed said

    It is good news. I would be happier if Ujfalusi’s deal goes through. I’ve been watching him play for a while now. He’s really a good defender. He has a great fighting spirit and does not make a lot of mistakes.

  34. Willen said

    As a brazilian I remember before the last world cup how much I wanted before it that Brazil had lost every single game in order to the old coach Parreira got fired.. it didn’t happen and Brazil showed to all the world a terrible soccer in the world cup ending losing the game to France without any shot to the goal. A team with Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo, Robinho…. and that damn dumb in the bench called Parreira.

    Now I feel the same way about el Atleti. Sometimes I think our team should lose all the spots to any european championship so we can get Aguirre out of our team! I can’t believe there is noone better coach than him… He’s so not smart and we have to see Cleber Santana(a sign nobody believed in Brazil) playing terrible every single game. I don’t think we need continuity, I think we only need a better coach. Let a couch like Scollari(from Portugal) to coach Atleti and we’ll see continuity is not a answer. A better coach is.

  35. day1star said

    Ujfalusi i think won’t decide for another couple of weeks what he wants to do. Just hope we stay in a position which attracts good players. We can do without some of the mdiocre signings which were made last season.
    Is it me or does Forlan look out of form?

  36. day1star said

    I think last summer we spent a lot of money bolstering the midfield, and didn’t pay enough attention to strengthening the defence. We signed players who seem to be injury prone and players who are not of the class of player that we should be aiming to bring in. Santana and Eller both bad signings, Motta has spent most of the time injured, Reyes well off form, Luis Garcia out of sorts.
    But, all things considered, i don’t think Aguirre has done that badly, some of the blame has to go to the players who sometimes just don’t turn up in matches. If we can get some good defenders in and a couple of creative players, we could create havoc next season.
    I think Aguirre’s fault is that sometimes his tactics are very predictable, against a 4 5 1 formation, you have to play a very strong midfield that can impose itself on the other or use the same tactics against them and play 4 5 1 also. He didn’t do either and our midfield was inept, that’s why you could see Aguero playing deep trying to create chances which were then wasted.

  37. day1star said

    And if we were to get rid of Aguirre at the end of the season, i would like us to bring in Unai Emery of Almeria, he’s done an absolutely brilliant job with Almeria.

  38. Ram said

    Just stick with the same coach..we have another 5 matches to go and thankfully Sevilla slipped up yesterday. We need to get a good DM in the summer cause we are not able to control the midfield.

  39. fernando said

    un desastre. Horrible partido del At.Madrid. Así, no se irá a la Champions. Un abrazo.

  40. day1star said

    Racing are losing 1-0

  41. Ram said

    Racing lost and we still are in 4th.

  42. day1star said

    That’s what you call luck!

  43. Ram said

    That luck was more with the Sevilla-Almeria game. I never thought that Sevilla would give away 4 goals.

  44. atleti said

    It’s crazy how much we’re riding on lady luck…and gettting away with it.

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