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Quick Poll

Posted by atleti on April 15, 2008

Who should be our manager for next season?

The season isn’t over, but that shouldn’t stop us from thinking about our 08/09 campaign– it’s right around the corner…

Personally, I don’t like Aguirre: it’s time for a change. But who? I’m not so sure.  I like the idea of Laudrup as the next in charge. A blog commentator brought up his name in a previous entry. There are other quality managers as well, though. It all depends on their availability, unfortunately.


Chelsea are after Kun? Apparently Abramovich has his eyes set on signing our star striker. Will it happen? I doubt it.

Seitaridis to Aston Villa…for 10 million euros?! Bizarre rumour…considering the amount.

9 Responses to “Quick Poll”

  1. Willen said

    Seitaridis for 10 million euros? good bye greek..

    Kun for any amount of money? no, thanks. Keep the south american! I don’t think it’s worthy to sell him for any money. Simple like this.

    The new manager? No idea…. completely no idea…
    Laudrup sounds good.. Where’s him? Managing any club on now?

  2. atleti said

    HAHAHA– that’s what I said when I heard the Seita rumour!!

    Laudrup is managing Getafe at the moment. He’s done a very good job with the resources given to him! Very savvy.

  3. Ram said

    Would not mind Aguirre continuing.

  4. day1star said

    I don’t mind Aguirre continuing, Laudrup is also quite rated, but i think that Atletico is a work in progress and really you should give Aguirre a chance to continue, unless that is, that we have a complete disaster in the next six weeks.

  5. Willen said

    “Aguirre met with Mexican Football Federation officials in a Madrid hotel on Monday to formally turn down their approach to take charge of the national team for a second time, and will now assume an advisory role, and they search for a coach to lead them into the 2010 World Cup following the parting of ways with Hugo Sanchez.” from

    Not the news I wanted.

    BTW, those who want to be aware of soccer transfer market, I recommend this website. All the rumors and official transaction.

  6. Armon said

    Though I would be happy with Laudrup coming over, I wouldn’t necessarily be disappointed with Aguirre staying, it’s like Torres said (ironically before leaving), we need some consistency in our club. Of course, if we end this season in disaster, then kick him to the curb

  7. Luiz Pereira said

    We haven’t seen Kun’s potential yet. Imagine this guy playing with a decent midfield. Imagine what he could do with Simao and 3 other decent passers!

  8. Antes veo en nuestro banquillo a Emery (almeria) o Marcelino (Racing) que a Laudrup…

    y respecto a los fichajes, con Giles&Cerezos SA cualquiera sabe, lo mismo acaba siendo al reves, Kun al Aston Villa por 10 millones y Seitaridis al Chelsea…

  9. Colchonero de Corazon said

    El Vasco Aguirre needs to stay. Consistency is key. They need to focus on the defense for the next transfer window. They dont need stars, just really good role players. They also need a midfielder who can create not just for Forlan and Kun up front but also for Maxi and Simao on the wings.

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