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Jornada 32: Real Valladolid 1 Atlético de Madrid 1

Posted by atleti on April 14, 2008

Simply: We’re still in a Champions spot…after a lacklustre performance, which led to conceding a goal in the 90th minute…

Photo says it all, really?

We’re literally scraping by . We can’t afford to drop anymore points (how many times have we said that this season?)… especially  now that only 1 point separates us from Racing:

1 Real Mandril 69
2 Barcelona 60
3 Villarreal 59
4 Atlético 54
5 Racing 53
6 Sevilla 51

It would be DISASTROUS if we ended this season without securing a Champions spot.


10 Responses to “Jornada 32: Real Valladolid 1 Atlético de Madrid 1”

  1. Ram said

    Typical Atleti season…swinging either way. Racing has Real next week and also have Sevilla in matchday 37. I believe that the bigger opponent is Sevilla and not Racing.

  2. Ram said

    Also if we had won yesterday it would have been 3 points behind Villareal…what a wasted chance.

  3. Con una primera parte como la de ayer es imposible aspirar a nada.

  4. john said

    They need to start being more consistent or else that elusive CL spot muight by snatch away

  5. day1star said

    The problem is the midfield, we don’t have any creativity there, and the link up play was just awful. I was reading an article the other day, where Aguero and Forlan were saying that because there is no link up to the forwards Forlan has been playing deep on purpose to try and create chances, which might go a long way to explaining why he’s not scoring goals.
    I’ve said it b4 and i will say it again, it was a big big mistake not signing Riquelme when we had the chance, even Forlan said something similiar.

  6. Ram said

    Yes…but too late to worry about that isn’it? If we dont make CL places by end of season this is reason no. 1

  7. atleti said

    You’re right, the strikers have to fall back a lot because the midfield cannot support them! Hopefully that will be fixed before next season.

    I just don’t want us to drop any more points!

  8. We played to win by the minim and we failed. We are playing to be 4th and… is very important to have high aspirations. Greetings from Spain.

  9. Alvaro said

    This team played very bad how we saw yesterday with few ones occasions.Una pregunta la gente americana que escribe en este blog siguen al Atleti o a toda la Liga Española en general.Si siguen al Atleti sobre todo me quedo impresionado con la gente que nos sigue al otro lado del charco.

    Un saludo de

  10. atleti said

    Alvaro: I support Atleti and I follow Liga wholeheartedly. I also watch a little English Premier.

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