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Midweek, Late-Night Entry

Posted by atleti on April 2, 2008

I hate Reyes, you hate Reyes, we all hate Reyes, including Aguirre, who was apparently called an ‘hijo de puta’ by the Ultrerano. Yet another reason why this piece of rubbish must leave once the season is over. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for Aguirre, but players must respect the manager no matter what. You don’t hear about Luis García behaving in such a disgraceful way, for instance.

REYES: An absolute waste of 15 million, plain and simple. Nothing but a whiney trouble-maker.


Manchester United’s Piqué? (possibility)
Getafe’s Uche? (rubbish rumour)
Getafe’s Manu del Moral (Atleti canterano)? (rubbish rumour)

And, in closing, Agüero shares his thoughts on the future:
“I hope I can stay here for many years. I want to stay here for as long as the club wants me and then I hope to be able to go back to Independiente. I do not want to play in any other team.”

Kun has a busy summer ahead of him: friendlies and the Olympics in China.

Saludos y Aupa Atleti.

24 Responses to “Midweek, Late-Night Entry”

  1. Mohammed said

    I think Uche is good. He’s a menace to any opponent. He would be a good 3rd striker.

  2. Ram said

    Unfortunate for Reyes that he had to fight his place out with Simao who is a better player and hence Reyes gets very few chances. I think Reyes is kind of a player who needs a good run in the team. He is coming from a place where he suffered and needed a big boost to his confidence. Unfortunately Aguirre did not seems to help him out.

  3. jonkon said

    don’t make excuses for the whiny piece of shit.

  4. Armon said

    well said jonkon. i’d agree with you ram, but april fool’s day was yesterday

  5. atleti said

    Time for him to go!

    UCHE: the thing with him is that he can miss lots of sitters! Good vision, but still lacks that killer touch. How old is he? Still young, I think, so still a bit more time develop as a player.

    Might be interesting to see what happens to BRAULIO and BATRES this summer!

  6. atleti said

    According to Tuttosport: Juve want Maxi and will give us Serie A flop Tiago?

  7. atleti said

    While we’re at it, we should swap Abbiati for Buffon!! HAHA.

  8. Ringo said

    It’s easy to say get rid of him ,but who would want him?

  9. All hate Reyes!!
    However, I hope he had triumphed.
    About Manu del Moral I think isn,t a rubbish rumour. I want Manu or Braulio return

  10. Willenjs said


    “Mexico dreams with Aguirre as the next coach”

    What do you guys think??
    I’ll say thanks to him and bye.. But, who do we can get better?

  11. atleti said

    The good thing about Moral is he’s an ex-Atleti player!

    Actually, I could see Aguirre leaving Atleti for Mexico– it would be a good match. Not sure who we have in mind.

  12. Ram said

    We do not need any new rumour now. We need a focussed manager and team.

  13. Riquelme did not come this summer because he was a conflicting player. I hope that they do not change to Maxi by Tiago, the portuguese is very discredited in Italy now. Maxi is better. We would not to pay more than 6 or 8 millions of euros by Tiago, In Italy nobody want to buy him. Greetings from Spain.

  14. Armon said

    honestly, though i think that maxi is talented, i feel like he’s a deadweight in our scheme, or at least that we can find a much better player. however i dont think tiago is the answer. and as far as aguirre leaving, true he’s not very good tactically but i feel that by constantly changing managers again like we’ve been doing with players, it could have a detrimental effect on our short run progress (meaning next couple years), so if we did get rid of aguirre we have to be prepared for the possibility of another miserable year, which i’m not so sure i can take haha

  15. Rojiblanco:

    Acude a la Puerta O, el próximo 6 de abril, una hora antes del partido, para gritar contra Gil y Cerezo.

    Si realmente quieres al Atleti, no dejes de demostrarlo PACÍFICAMENTE. Con la fuerza de la palabra.

  16. day1star said

    I think it would be a mistake to get rid of Aguirre at this point or at the end of this season. I think that we will qualify in the top four. Maxi is starting to hit form so i think we should keep him. Cerezo went to watch Ujfalusi play last evening so that looks like a deal that might well come to fruition. If we can also get one good attacking md and one good defensive md plus one good alternative striker that would be good.
    We also need a good goalkeeper.
    We should get rid of Santana, Ze Castro, Eller, Reyes, Pernia, Perea, Motta.
    I reckon Diego Valeri is supposed to be very good and might be an ideal signing for the attacking central midfield role, to play alongside Raul Garcia.
    By the way, anyone read Marca today, they’re saying that Real Madrid are looking at buying Aguero, i reckon Marca doesn’t realise that April the 1st has gone.

  17. Ram said

    Also it seems that Aguirre and Reyes had a conversation during training yesterday and they have patched up…good for all.

  18. Mohammed said

    If Aguirre leaves by the end of this season, I would really likee to see Michael Laudrup managing the team next season. I think that he has good mentality and most importantly, AMBITION.

  19. Ram said

    Reyes is back in the squad for this weekend’ match against Almeria.

  20. Leivinha said

    Both Maxi & L. Garcia suffered serious ACL injuries which in general don’t bring players back to original form until 1 year from their return from injury. I would cut these guys some slack when measuring their performance this year as consideration for next year’s squad.

    Maxi, in his form prior to injury, was lethal and scored goals constantly. If we can get back to that next year, we would be sitting quite nicely offensively on a team that already has a strong attack.

  21. Ram said

    Everybody missed the 6-3 scoreline match. Reyes also played his part in this match

  22. atleti said

    WOW– I’ve been away for the past couple days.

    6-3 is INCREDIBLE! I’m upset I missed it, I hope they replay it later on today.

  23. Mohammed said

    I haven’t seen the whole match, only the second half, but obviously they almost blew it, if it wasn’t for Simao’s efforts.

    Anyway, let’s just finish our race because finishing in 3rd seems out of our reach now.

  24. Ram said

    actually finishing 3rd is not out of reach. it not for being Atletico we could finish in 3rd also.

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