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John Heitinga Set to Sign for Atlético

Posted by atleti on March 25, 2008

A couple blog commentators have already mentioned this in a below entry- thanks, Derek and Mohammed!

08/09 project is officially underway: John Heitinga is set to wear Atlético kit next season. A 24 year old Dutch international & Ajax youth product. Without a doubt a step in the right direction– Heitinga can play as both centre-back & right-back, two areas that we have shown signs of weakness.

We’re rumoured to be shelling out 8 to 10 million euros for the Dutchman, due to his clause with Ajax.

Heitinga on the move (De Telegraaf):
“I am trembling with joy…This is a beautiful new phase in my career.”

Meanwhile, on a completely different note, Diego Costa, Brasilian striker who is currently on loan to Celta Vigo, has said that even though he is property of Atleti, he would be happy to stay with Celta.


11 Responses to “John Heitinga Set to Sign for Atlético”

  1. Mohammed said

    What about Ujfalusi? He’s ours, yes? or was it just a rumour?

    If Ujfalusi signs, this means the defence will be crowded. Where will Perea play? If he plays as a right back then where will Seitaridis/Valera play?

  2. atleti said

    Still a rumour, I think. But a strong one.

    I think Seitaridis will be shown the exit, at least that’s what I’ve read on AS a few days ago!

  3. day1star said

    Argentina beat Egypt 2-0. Aguero scored a great goal, and both him and Maxi played well.

  4. atleti said

    Definitely good to read.

  5. Ram said

    Simao out of Villareal clash after getting injured on duty with Portugal

  6. atleti said

    Definitely BAD to read. I hate when that happens. At least Luis is 100% fit, though.

    Meanwhile, just read that Newcastle want Reyes, but he’s already said that he never wants to play in England again…so, that’s that.

  7. Ram said

    We should not sell Reyes!!

  8. jonkon said

    never mind sell, i’d GIVE reyes away. but we need seitaridis, he’s our best defender for sure. he’s quality.

  9. atleti said

    REYES MUST GO! He’s a waste of space.

  10. Armon said

    reyes is absolute filth. just got back from a trip and read about heitinga, that’s spectacular! hopefully we can get 6 or 7 more new world class defenders before i feel totally secure!

  11. Leivinha said

    The injury to Pernia killed us. Villereal owned the left flank after Seitaridis came in and A. Lopez moved over to the left.

    Seitaridis looks horrible. On the first goal he was jogging back downfield (Pablo had to cover the flank) and on the second goal he couldn’t find a man to mark.

    You can say it was Perea’s mistake on the first goal but that could’ve happened to anybody. The goal should not have even gone through.

    We have to play a perfect game against these guys. Villereal is a very good team and it shows.

    Let’s see what we can do in the 2nd half. Aguirre – PLEASE bring on Miguel!!!!!!

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