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Jornada 28: Atlético de Madrid 3 Levante 0

Posted by atleti on March 18, 2008

Three goals scored, we’re still in Champions– a good day at the office for Atleti.

Abbiati; Antonio López, Pablo, Perea, Pernía; Cléber Santana, Raúl García (Ignacio Camacho 56’), Luis García (Miguel 62’), Simão (Jurado 83’); Forlán & Kun Agüero.

24′ Simão header
38′ Forlán, assist Simão.
52′ Forlán

Great build-up to the goals, but the finishing for two of the three was downright ugly. Still, a goal is a goal is a goal and that is all that matters.

Injured list is still short: Valera, Maxi, and Motta.

Speaking of which, Motta‘s surgery was a ‘success’ and he will now begin the recuperation process. We can only hope that he has an equally successful recuperation before the start of the 08/09 season- that way we can offload him.

Here are a couple questions that were asked to Ignacio Camacho during his interview on AS (my translation):


How do you feel after that tremendous ovation that the supporters gave you on Sunday?
How am I supposed to feel! I play amongst top players and then the supporters react like that– well, it makes one very happy. The supporters are responding, they want players from the cantera…


The supporters whistled at Cleber because he played instead of you…
I have to keep myself out of that. The people’s opinion is one thing, what the manager says is another […] Yesterday [Cleber] had a great game.


Supporters’ abuse towards Pablo and Cleber has escalated to the point where even Aguirre has mentioned in press talks, claiming it ‘unjust’ treatment. Hell, you can hear it on TV!

What I think? Let the abuse continue- these players’ times as colchoneros is running out anyway. Why should supporters pretend they appreciate their presence on the team? They’ve proven to be rubbish time and time and time again.

Anyway, here’s our next five fixtures:
-away to Sevilla
-away to Villarreal
-home to Almeria
-away to Real Valladolid
-home to Real Betis

Anything missing? A lot I’m sure!

11 Responses to “Jornada 28: Atlético de Madrid 3 Levante 0”

  1. This saturday versus Sevilla is a decisive match. The Atleti doesn’t win in Sevilla since 1992. In those days Maradona played in Sevilla… Supporter’s whistled Cleber to say Aguirre that Camacho must play. Cleber is very very bad.

  2. An easy game, but nothing more. At least 4 points between Sevilla and Villareal are needed. The time is now. Greetings.

  3. fernando said

    The At.Madrid played well against Levante, but Sevilla will be very strong. Un abrazo.

  4. day1star said

    This is a must win game, if we can win this one then we should be in good form for the Villareal game.
    My take is that we need to play to our strengths, if we play a defensive game we will end up losing because that is our weakpoint. I hope we play a very attacking game and take the game to them. Must not allow them time on the ball, most importantly must pass the ball well and not play silly buggers in our own six yard box. Hope to see Leo Franco back in goal.

  5. atleti said

    It should be a great, tough game, but I hope we’ll do the job like we did in the early part of the season against them.

    I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to have Leo in goal after such a long hiatus!!

  6. He actualizado mi blog añadiendo un enlace a tu página. Si te parece bien puedes incluir un enlace de la mía:

    Un saludo rojiblanco.


  7. atleti said

    Voy a añadir tu link a mi blogroll pronto!

    un saludo.

  8. Luiz Pereira said

    This is what I have to say:

    If we want to win, we need to swap Cleber for Camacho and we need to find a way to play Miguel de las Cuevas. Maybe with Maxi out, he may get his chance!?

  9. Ram said

    Tell me about Miguel…is he really good? Where position he plays

  10. atleti said

    Miguel plays as a central attacking mid.

    New entry up soon!

  11. atleti said

    Just read that Maxi is fit enough to play, not sure how fit. I’ll do some catch-up reading now!

    Personally, I like Miguel. Very talented and technically gifted. Sort of had his career put on hold when he got that awful injury a couple years ago.

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