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Jornada 27: Zaragoza v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on March 7, 2008

Remember our home game against Zaragoza in October (Click here & here)? We expected a tough, hotly contested match, but we ended up steam-rolling them, 4-0. I expect the same sort scenario: despite their current poor run of form, I predict a tight match, but I think this will completely go our away.

IF we don’t win this game, then the win against Barcelona would essentially mean nothing.

STARTING 11 [Update]: Abbiati, Valera, Perea, Pablo, Antonio López, Maxi, Cléber, Raúl García, Simão, Forlán, Kun Agüero.

SUBS: Falcón, Pernía, Zé Castro, Camacho, Miguel, Reyes,  Luis García.

Previous results for this Zaragoza v Atleti fixture:
06/07 season: 1-0 loss for us.
05/06 season: 1-0 loss for us.
04/05 season: 0-0 draw
03/04 season: 0-0 draw.

Not a particularly great fixture for us in recent seasons…however, this season might be different because…

Zaragoza’s recent 5 games:
Levante 2 Zaragoza 0
Sevilla 5 Zaragoza 0
Zaragoza 1 Barcelona 2
Osasuna 1 Zaragoza 0
Zaragoza 1 Athletic

Only one win in their last five games…desperate, humiliating times for Zaragocistas. They’re currently #17 in the league table.

Zaragoza’s chosen squad:  César, López Vallejo, Diogo, Paredes, Óscar, Ayala, Luccin, Sergio García, Juanfran, Oliveira, Gabi, Pavón, Celades, Matuzalem, Zapater, Diego Milito & Chus Herrero.

Biggest threats are Diego Milito, Sergio, & Oliviera.

Two ex-Atleti players: rubbish Luccin and Gabi.

Here’s hoping for another big win…

26 Responses to “Jornada 27: Zaragoza v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. Mohammed said

    I hope Aguirre continues with same starting 11.

    Abbiati; Antonio López, Perea, Pablo, Valera; Raúl García, Camacho, Simão, Maxi; Kun Agüero, Forlán

    On the bench: Falcón, Pernía, Cléber, Luis García, Zé Castro, Reyes, Miguel.

    Where is Mista?!

  2. atleti said

    HAHA!! I didn’t even notice Mista wasn’t listed in the squad!

    Tactical decision, maybe? The end of Mista as a player just like Cleber and Eller, maybe…

  3. Mohammed said

    I’ve read that we are going for Javi Garcia !! Come on, we have players like Camacho and Suarez who have proved themselves, and we look away for players who are inferior to them. This is unbelievable!!

    I really hope we don’t sign him.

    Camacho to rule.

  4. Willen said

    I like your blog because you say things correctly.

    “IF we don’t win this game, then the win against Barcelona would essentially mean nothing.”

    That’s the line of today.

    Great game for us!

    I want the 3rd post!

  5. atleti said

    Ya, there would be little reason to sign Javi.

    Thanks, Willen!
    The blog is 50% me, 50% blog commentators!

  6. day1star said

    Has the starting 11 been announced yet?

  7. atleti said

    Not yet, but I just read that Cleber might be chosen over Camacho.

    Wasn’t Aguirre just talking about being more consistent…? Does it make any sense to play Camacho against Barcelona and not Zaragoza? I hope this isn’t the case…

  8. atleti said

    WORDPRESS was acting weird with comments a few minutes ago. I think things are sorted out now, I had to re-post day1star’s comment.

  9. Ram said

    The starting 11 is not clear. It might be the same that started last week going by indications that are coming in. The difference this time is Zaragoza is more a midfield team that what Barcelona is. They are supposed to be playing a 4-1-4-1 with Milito playing upfront alone. The mid field would be with Luccin, Gabi, Zapater, Matuzalem & Sergio Garcia (more a forward, but operating wide right). This might be in the back of mind of Aguirre where he needs to decide whether Camacho would be able to play against more crowded mid field than the previous game.

  10. Mohammed said

    Let’s not forget that Zaragoza have changed coaches. Hopefully, this will change nothing. Although they have a good team, they don’t seem to function well.

  11. atleti said

    Still some probs with WORDPRESS.

  12. atleti said

    0-1 SIMAO


  13. Mohammed said

    How stupid can Aguirre be to play Cleber!! He is USELESS

  14. atleti said

    1-1 PABLO with another one of his own goals in the first half.


  15. Mohammed said

    STUPID Aguirre is 100% responsible for this loss. Why the hell he played Cleber over Camacho, Miguel!!

    GOD DAMN IT!! Now, I’m convinced, Aguirre must leave.

  16. atleti said

    Awful game. Poor tactical decisions.

    Please Aguirre, LEAVE…and take the rubbish with you.

  17. day1star said

    First off, is it Aguirre’s fault that Perea can’t pass the ball? Or for that matter Pernia, Simao, Forlan all kept giving possession back to the other side? Forlan and Simao both work hard but their passing today was awful. Why is Forlan our target man when it should be Aguero, we need to play through him a lot more than we do. I was pretty disgusted at some of the amateurish fooball we played, and no Camacho would not have made a difference but Miguel on earlier might have. Maxi had a good game and when Kun had the ball he had a real go, but Forlan needs to try and place the ball rather than trying to power it in, so many good opportunities wasted by Forlan. Antonio Lopez should stay but Pablo and Perea need to go, this is the third game that Pablo has cost us.

  18. day1star said

    By the way, whatever happens we will remain in 4th place.

  19. fernando said

    Aguirre very bad. Cléber Santana play very bad, while Camacho was out the tema. The win of Barcelona is a only dream.

  20. atleti said

    Pablo is an absolute joke and once again cost us the game (that own goal changed things for the worst)- did you see when he went to kick the ball in the 1st half? He kicked the air and fell on his backside! How bad was that.

    I still think mistake #1 was utilising Cleber over Camacho.

  21. Luiz Pereira said

    I was completely impressed by Miguel de las Cuevas. He brought instant energy to the team, created various dangerous opportunities, and almost saved the day. The way he played, I would even consider him over Raul Garcia and put him alongside Camacho. I know everyone who comments here loves RG, but I just don’t see the pure playmaker with the clean, accurate passing. He runs his arse off, but where are the the nice through balls going to our fowards? I could only imagine what our kun/forlan/simao trio could do if they had a real playmaker feeding them nice balls (I’d love to hear your guy’s comments on the above remark).

    This will be the last week we can “kick-back” in 4th place, we either start winning, or it’s back to UEFA-Intertoto-Middle of the Table.

    . . . as for Pablo, it wouldn’t surprise me if Aguirre started him as forward. He definitely knows how to put the ball in the net! :)

  22. Ram said

    RG is not a pure playmaker. He is more a box to box midfielder and he did have an off day against Zaragoza. And with the system that Aguirre is playing we cannot accomodate a playmaker. His double -pivote system is the best with the players we have.

  23. atleti said

    It sounds like Valera will be out injured for 3 weeks…

  24. Ram said

    Seitaridis is back in training. I hope he can play this weekend.

  25. atleti said

    Definitely good news. With Valera out, though, that means Pernia will have playing time…

  26. […] ivanisko wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptRemember our home game against Zaragoza in October (Click here & here)? We expected a tough, hotly contested match, but we ended up steam-rolling them, 4-0. I expect the same sort scenario: despite their current poor run of form, … […]

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